May 23, 2022
Success is the first part of the word Successor. As I wind down this Administration as your President, my duties dwindle to things I can count on with just my two hands. Quick bytes have become a part of my Sunday mornings for the past two years, and although you may hear from me time to time on something related to Facebook …the truth is: I am walking away from this job and leaving it in the capable hands of another: my Successor.
Barbara has been given all my paperwork via email, passwords & Keys, she has been copied on Contracts I have signed, and we spoke twice or more weekly in the last two years. In other words, I have openly shared my job and process with her so that she may mold her job into what she wants with the outline of how I fulfilled my responsibilities. I want her to succeed! I shared with her all my processes, and I hope that all our leaders leaving their jobs, whatever they may be, are doing the same. Afterall, Success is the first part of the word Successor!
What we do in our positions of Federation at all levels is never a secret. I have been saying that since my journey began, over and over. Some may be tired of the statement, but if we are to remain strong in our membership, strong in our leadership we need to remember that there are no secrets and the individual members in our clubs are the true apex atop our leadership triangle. For without the member, we are dust as leaders.
Share openly with your successor, make sure they know the ins, outs, pros, cons, and that they are becoming the change that is beautiful in the General Federation. Let them know they may do it differently from you. The Successors have their own ideas to share and that is truly one of the most wonderful things about the transfer of leadership I have ever seen. When a Successor spreads their wings to fly, it is a beautiful thing to watch.
We are each part of a bigger picture in the World. We must succeed at Club, District, Area, and State Federation levels to help create the World as a better place. We must succeed to help our home communities become the best they can be. If we touch one person with our journey in volunteerism, we spread love. Love is what so many need right now to heal the wounds caused by the havoc of covid confusion.
Next week I shall share my goodbyes, but for now, I am in a place of letting go of what has been and planting a fertile seed in myself that will grow into whatever life holds for me next. I love this period; I call it the Death Maiden; I have been through it many times and I am always surprised and in awe of what grows and blooms from the seed planted in my Sprit. It is an amazing time of transformation for me because Change is Beautiful!
Luv, Pam 

2022 Convention Updates
As many of you have heard, we did have eleven members that attended the Convention test positive for covid. As stated, before in the May 19, 2022, Quick Byte special notice, if you are experiencing symptoms, please do not wait to be tested. We want to make sure that each of our members are healthy and for those that have tested positive we wish you a swift recovery. We want to thank those CFWC District Presidents who have been instrumental in getting the word out to their members that attended the Convention as well. Not everyone gets Quick Bytes, so the personal touch from those that know who came from their District has been appreciated.

Convention Photos
Sonja Hults, our CFWC photographer, is still busy editing the photos from convention. We hope to have the information for you to access them in a special QuickBytes this week.
A note to Officers and Chairmen : One last reminder

CFWC Chairmen and Officers please notice Standing Rule # 19 states, "Chairmen and Officers not presenting bills before the close of the club year, May 31, shall forfeit payment of same.”

I am asking that any bill be sent sooner so that I can have them paid by May 31. The Finance Team would like to have the books closed at the end of our Fiscal year without any outstanding bills. 
A second request would be to PLEASE cash the checks upon receipt. 
Thanks for your help.
Reggie Mattox
CFWC Director of Finance
Military & Veterans      Yolanda Petroski, Chair                       
Serving as the CE&O Chair these past two years has been a pleasure. It was so inspiring to read the accomplishments of the wonderful members of the CFWC. Diane Waterhouse will bring to this chairmanship the enthusiasm and dedication that she did to that CSP with the incredibly long name.
At 3 PM local time on Memorial Day, the Memorial Day Foundation asks for 60 seconds of silence to remember all service personnel and their sacrifices for our country.
We pause to remember those who died
With so much courage, so much pride.
They’ll never come back but memories endure
To remind us of freedom: fragile, pure.
We’re worthy of their sacrifice
If we pause each day
Not just on
The last Monday in May.

John T. Bird

We thank Colleen Janssen for sharing this with us...

Office Depot Modifies In-Store Purchasing
Office Depot is adapting the way they do business to ensure they can continue to meet the business needs of an ever-changing world. As part of this change, the Office Depot Business Solutions Division will be rebranded to ODP Business Solutions, and the in-store purchasing process will look different going forward.
These changes include:
  • The current Store Purchasing Card Program is being replaced by the new Store Discount Program. If a member currently has a Store Purchasing Card (SPC), the card will be switched over to the new Store Discount Program starting May 1, 2022.
  • A member can continue to use an SPC temporarily to access the new Store Discount Program, but the SPC will be discontinued in approximately 13 months.
  • A member can register online for the Store Discount Program by logging into their existing account or register via the GFWC Office Depot Savings Program page on the GFWC website.
  • The Store Discount Program will now offer a standard discount on certain product categories when you identify yourself as a program member; however, the SPC will no longer provide access to your discounted contract pricing. Members can continue to get their full contract pricing by placing orders online.
  • Members will need to download the business mobile app to access the digital QR Code to present at check-out in an Office Depot® or OfficeMax® store in place of the SPC. If the member already has the Office Depot Business mobile app, it will soon be re-branded ODP Business Solutions. Once a member has registered online for the Store Discount Program, the member will be able to access the digital QR Code in the app.
Visit the GFWC Office Depot Savings Program page to shop great deals online. Orders placed online can be delivered to a home or business address, or members can place orders online for pick up at their favorite Office Depot or Office Max store.

Just a thought ......

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"
Warren Bennis