September 14, 2020
Change. Take a nice breath and say it out loud: C H A N G E! Dance around a bit and let the word change lay itself smart into your heart and soul. Change is here, change is now, and the truth of the matter is that when we speak of change, we must accept that it is both essential and inevitable, for time does not march on without change.
Change is something that does not come easily to some. The very idea that something could change is a hard concept for those that cannot see that change is our fuel, the fuel that can create an idea out of necessity, fuel that can generate something unexpectedly fabulous from transformation. Change is a release to make a difference with a new way of coming at something with a whole new perspective. Change is and most certainly a positive thing when we work with it.
There is adversity to change, especially from the way we have always done something or believed to be the one and only way. For some, the very idea to change the way we have always done something is distant and disdainful. Why must some hold onto not changing how we do things? Yes, there are members who hear the word change and become apoplectic.
I believe that resistance to change is a byproduct of fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and it can fan the fire of so many different things, especially in leadership situations. You may disagree, and it is only my thoughts on paper, but changing how we do a project, program, election, fundraiser, or, even how we hold a meeting is something that must happen if we are to evolve. We cannot keep doing things the same way and grow, if we keep doing things the same way we come to a halt.
Change is especially suitable at this time of covid. We have all changed because of covid, but how we change is an authentic telling of a new way, a new path, a new idea of how we can come together and meet to do what we do best: volunteer.
We can change. We must change, nothing will ever go back the way it was before. However, we can embrace change and all the challenges it brings our way. So, are you afraid of change, or do you embrace change as I do, allowing change to add dimension to its many ideas and facets? Here is what I say: Change is Beautiful.
Luv, Pam

Sunshine and Shadows:
It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Beverly Ulis. Beverly was the GFWC California Music Scholarship Chairmen for the Administrations through 2 CFWC Presidents during 2014 – 2018. A Woodland Hills Woman’s Club member, Beverly died peacefully due to reasons that were not covid related. At the moment there are no immediate plans for a Service, but Beverly’s daughter Caryn will keep us appraised. Cards may be sent to the family at:
Caryn Pola
19518 Nashville
Northridge, CA. 91326
GFWC Social Media Buzz
Have you joined the newest group on Face Book for the GFWC Advancement Programs? It is easy to join and it is going to be fun with a lot of new information shared by the GFWC Advancement Program Chairs. To join on Face Book search for:
Ø GFWC Advancements and Programs Forum
Ø Answer and submit the questions about your club membership
Ø Wait for entry
This will be a new and fun way we can stay on top of communication with our International Chairs at this time.
In case you've misplaced your copy!! Meeting is this week !!!

California Fires
We continue to keep those affected by the fires in our thoughts and prayers.
Again, I ask for any of the District Presidents to let me know if new victims in their Districts become affected by fire.
If you have contacted me already, thank you, we have the information. If something new arises, send me a quick email.
Jane Thomey
CFWC Environment Chair

The California forests are burning in a relentless fury causing great suffering and loss in the path of the wild fires. According to the US Forest Service, California’s national forests cover some 20 million acres, or about 1/5 of our state. The more than 3 million acres that have already been destroyed would represent approximately 1/15th of all our forests. 
The California Federation of Women’s Club has supported the Penny Pines program which, since its inception in 1941, has contributed to the restoration of forest areas decimated by natural and manmade fire, diseases and pests. Given the scope and intensity of the fires raging now, the need for Penny Pines’ intervention has never been greater.  
 Penny Pines lends a helping providing funds to prepare plantation sites for new trees and planting seedlings. Seedlings are grown from local seeds and acorns and are replanted near areas where they were collected to improve their chances for survival.  The funds may also be used to improve habitat for wild life that have survived the fires. It contributes greatly to the rebuilding of our forests and to the animals who inhabit them.
Your continued projects and donations supporting this vital organization are needed more than ever.  An important update:  Because of the Covid-19 restrictions and the wildfire events throughout the state all US Forest Services offices are closed. You are asked NOT to send contributions at this time. Please continue to collect funds and hold them until the offices are open to receive them.

WSR logo
Western States Region (WSR):
WSR will be held remotely this year on September 26th. There is a hint of something for Friday night the 25th as well...that information will be forthcoming.
The CALL, 3rd paragraph has a typo mentioning the date as September 29th. The event is actually the 26th! I have sent an email to let WSR know.
Hope you can attend, there is a fee of $35.00 to attend and the platform for the virtual meeting will be held on Big Marker.
It is time to register for the Western States Region Conference! The WSR Conference will be held virtually though the Big Marker platform and cost $35.00. The Conference is 9 am – 1 pm PST on Saturday, September 26, 2020. (please note the flier attached states “Saturday, September 29th and this is a typo). You may register for the WSR Conference through the Member Portal at See you there!

From Sonya Matthies,
CFWC Second Vice President/Membership 
and the Honey Bunch (Cindy, Patsy, Marcia, Wendy)
BZZZZZZ – Can you feel it? That’s right – just around the corner is our CFWC Membership Workshop, “Helping Your Hive to Thrive”. This workshop is for the 18 District 2nd Vice Presidents (Membership). The format is a bit different – we’re doing a 2-day workshop via ZOOM. Starting with Part 1 Thursday, September 17th and completing with Part 2 Saturday, September 19th, both scheduled for 10:00 am – 11:30 am. Each District representative will have a “barrel-full” of ideas to “plant” in their own Membership Gardens helping their Club Hives to also thrive.
Okay, busy bees (District Membership 2nd VPs), “BEE” watching for the electronic invites from Sonya Matthies, CFWC 2nd VP. Your Area VPs are “buzzing” with excitement and look forward to Helping Your Hive to Thrive.                                 
Ready, Set, Shop !!
The CFWC Marketplace is now open on the website at, just click on the "Marketplace" tab to find details about what we have for sale. We urge you check often as we may have new items or notifications of low inventory levels.
If you have questions about any products or orders, please contact our chairman, Gail Fitzpatrick at
Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention 
Diane Waterhouse – Chair
Under the Signature Program are eight focus areas, one of them being
Intimate Partner Violence.
One in four US women experience Violence by a partner at some point in their life
 and on average, at least 3 women are murdered every day.
As some crimes have dropped during the Covid pandemic, domestic violence is increasing. As a result, some counties have had an increase as high as 43%, with an overall average of 25-35%.
Social workers said domestic violence shelters are seeing a sharp increase in phone calls.
Among the consequences of domestic abuse:  victims are more likely to have a stroke, have heart disease, have asthma, or have a drinking problem.
Use # GFWC # Break the Silence on your social media page to bring awareness to Intimate Partner Abuse.
Put the GFWC “Break the Silence template on your profile pic during Domestic Violence Awareness month in October.
National Domestic Violence Hotline. 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Fall is Flu Shot Time - HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURS YET ?

Just a thought ......
"Those who cannot change their minds
cannot change anything"
George Bernard Shaw