June 14, 2021


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Welcome June! The year has literally flown by for me, and every day, week and month bring new opportunities and lovely memories in the making! I hope you are saying the same for this time in your life as well. As the adage goes time flies when you are having fun, and I for one am having a lot of fun!
This month begins our Summertime Back to the Basics and I am so happy to get the first offering off this coming week with a special 2-hour Workshop on Tuesday, June 15th at 10am - noon featuring Rita Aleman, CFWC Recording Secretary and Toni Lima, CFWC past Corresponding Secretary. These special ladies will be sharing and speaking to us regarding SECRETARIES: RECORDING AND CORRESPONDING.
In special recognition for the start of the series I had sent a questionnaire to several past CFWC Recording Secretaries asking 4 questions. I have made this an attachment in this week’s Quick Byte for your reading pleasure. Be sure to click on the link and read it all at leisure.
The job of each Secretary is varied between each of the Clubs, Districts and State organizations. We need to embrace what these Officers each do for all levels, they are an important part of our valuable record keeping and hopefully you are looking forward to the workshop as much as I. Especially now, with hybrid skills coming into play, we need to embrace what the written or typed as our best means of records and have fun while doing the job.
See you there and do not forget to have those questions ready; see you on Tuesday morning and have a lovely Monday!
Luv, Pam

A few months ago, I sent an email out requesting a few answers on the position of Recording Secretary. I am thrilled with the response and hope you will take the time to click on the link to hear the answers provided by these 4 lades who have all served in the position. Thank you to Jean Lash, Sharie Meyer, Joyce Opjorden, and Ann Skowbo for making this publication possible. CLICK HERE

Sunshine and Shadows:
It is with heavy heart that we share the passing of Anne Wolf, past CFWC California Commission on the Status of Women Chairman. Anne, a member of the 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock, served in 2016 – 2018 as the Chairman of the President’s Special Project on the Status of Women. Services for Anne were held on June 2nd and her family has asked that donations in her name be sent to: fostercareproject.org

Send reservation inquiries to: reservationscfwc@gmail.com
I hope that many of you will join us for the sessions, working hard to provide you with training is a pleasure for those of us planning these and we want to make sure as many of you as possible can join in the fun! These are open for all our Federation members.
June 2021
Tuesday, June 15 from 10 am - noon: SECRETARIES; RECORDING & CORRESPONDING
Friday, June 18 from 10 am – noon: NEW CLUB PRESIDENTS & PRESIDENTS-ELECT
Monday, June 25 from 10 am – noon: PRESIDENT’S OPEN FORUM
July 2021
Thursday, July 1 from 1 – 3 pm: CLUB & DISTRICT FINANCE
Tuesday, July 13 from 1 – 3 pm: AMENITIES, PROTOCOL & PRESIDENT’S AIDE
Sunday, July 18 from 1 – 3 pm: COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR MEMBERS
Monday, July 19 from 1 – 3 pm: COMBINING IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL MEETINGS
Tuesday, July 27 from 1 – 3 pm: KEEPING PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES
August 2021
Friday, August 6 from 10 am – noon: THE ROLES OF A CLUB & DISTRICT DEAN
Wednesday, August 11 from 10am – noon: THE CHAIRMEN
Saturday, August 14 from 1 pm – 3 pm: NAVIGATING WITHIN GFWC
Tuesday, August 17 from 1 pm – 3 pm: THE MEMBERSHIP OFFICERS
Monday, August 23 from 6 – 8 pm: WALKING AWAY & LOOKING AHEAD
We carefully put this series together with just the right balance of training session and workshops, hopefully you will be attending all of them as they are FREE!
Also, just a quick reminder that we shall be continuing our Open Houses for all members on the 16th of every month this summer between 5 – 7 pm. See you there!
ENVIRONMENT Jane Thomey, Chairman

Summer is here with longer days for outdoor projects.  A number of our clubs took on outdoor activities this past year that had the effect of improving their communities and the environment. The projects ranged from maintenance of park trails, paths, rose garden and parks. Several clubs adopted roads and were instrumental in organizing community trash removal days.
 Members of the GFWC South San Francisco Woman’s Club provided much of the labor in renovating the landscaping of their club house with the primary purpose of mitigating a drainage issue. With completion this month, the club will be in the eye of the community as part of the City’s Historical Tour Marker 3.
A Memorial Garden to recognize club members who passed with an area for contemplation was on the “wish list” of the Corralitos Woman’s Club. Only reused plants and materials were used.  With one exception there was no expense to the club.
The Baldwin Park Woman’s Club partnered with the Water District to replace their landscaping with underground irrigation and drought tolerant plantings at no cost to the club. The makeover space will serve as a demonstration garden for commercial properties.
The Barber City Woman’s Club erected a functional and attractive garden space on their property. The height of the planters was designed to assist individuals who have difficulties with functional bending and reaching. The produce will be used for club meals and will also be provided to the local veterans’ residence.
Members of the Ojai Valley Woman’s Club and the GFWC Oak View Woman’s Club devote hours to restore Nordhoff Cemetery, the resting place of Civil War soldiers and other deceased Valley residents.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & OUTREACH    Yolanda Petroski, Chairman                                     
 Plans are underway to establish a national holiday honoring fallen law enforcement officers on October 7. Since the first recorded police death in 1786, more than 24,000 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. There is a beautiful museum – The National Law Enforcement Memorial - in Washington, DC that should be on your “To Do” list once it re-opens. Names are added to the listing each year in conjunction with National Police Week activities. 394 names were added this year! Currently there are observances to honor peace officers in May, but this proposal is to establish a national holiday to recognize the fallen and injured. An online petition is posted on Change.org by its organizer Jennifer Miller. There are instructions on how you can sign online, create your own petition to gather signatures or make a donation. Headquartered in San Francisco, Change.org is a petition website which offers users the ability to promote the petitions they care about to potential signers. Let’s hope this draws the attention of our legislators who can make this issue a reality.
CFWC Health and Wellness Program    Myrna Binford, Chairman
To start with, a shout out to the Civic Engagement and Outreach Program on this our country’s Flag Day. We should be very proud of our country especially what we have gone through the past year.
Today’s subject is scamming. I would bet we have all had some contact with this subject and the calls are getting more frequent. Mine came when a scammer called acting as my grandson who needed money to post bail to somewhere in Mexico. First of all, I had contact with my grandson just a couple days before and he was at college in Montana, but I told the scammer I would pay (not really) if he could tell me how many siblings he had and what their names were. CLICK! The next was from a “fake” Dori (yes, our Dori) who needed money for her niece who had money stolen, was in Hawaii, and needed money to come home. I knew Dori wouldn’t call asking for money. So, when I said no, I hung up and called Dori. She answered the phone with, “I know, I’ve been scammed!” I would think that other CFWC members also got this same call. First of all, don’t answer the phone if you don’t know who it is. If it is someone who wants to talk to you, they will leave a message. I have also been able to look on the internet to see what the latest scams are and most times the calls I’ve receive from someone I don’t know asking for something are on there.
The one I am working on now (with the FBI) is a little different. My husband gets gift cards for most celebratory occasions. He saves them for some time and then goes to the Apple store to get a new “I” something or other. He came home several months ago saying that three of his cards had zero balances and he hadn’t used them (they were in the original packaging, unopened). I did some research on the internet and on two of them found out who they were registered to(unknown) and where they had been spent. The third was older and info wasn’t there except where it had been bought. I found out all three were purchased at the grocery where my daughter shops. I assumed she had bought them and then given them to my husband for birthday, Christmas, etc. I called the grocery store who said they only put them out, I would have to call the parent company, Kroger. Kroger said that the store needed to get involved (which they wouldn’t). Did I have the cash register receipt and authorizing receipt? Nope and neither did my daughter. Then they couldn’t help me. I finally called the local FBI (fraud division). They told me to send them everything I had and they would “look into it” (so far nothing). This was just three VISAS. I don’t know how many other people who bought cards at this grocery store were affected. I did learn a valuable lesson through: 1) Keep your authorization receipt, 2) Register the card right away, 3) Use your card as soon as possible.
Per AARP, $1.8 billion was recovered in Federal Civil Health Care Froud cases in the fiscal year 2020.
I went to an FBI lecture several years ago for seniors at one of the clubs in our District that was really good. Perhaps you could have a guest speaker from the local FBI or better yet schedule an event with a senior care center or community center to spread the word.
In case you missed it in a recent GFWC News & Notes...
Electronic Summer Magazine Now Available for Download

GFWC’s first ever electronic magazine is now available for download in the Member Portal’s Digital Library within the “C” Resources folder for Clubwoman. 
All of the articles in this environment-themed issue are filled with tools for you to plan projects that encourage outdoor learning, reduce plastic waste, have some fun in nature, and more. For fall, Clubwoman will revert to a printed issue, as the Executive Committee and GFWC Staff continue to evaluate the future design and content of the magazine. 
Enjoy the 2021 summer issue, and join our efforts to protect and preserve our earth. Download the 2021 summer magazine from the Member Portal’s Digital Library now.

You'll find a number of familiar names. Congratulations to each of them!!
Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients 
Club Anniversaries 
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GFWC Flint Jills Woman’s Club (Kansas)
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GFWC Women’s Club of Duquesne (Pennsylvania) 
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GFWC Woman’s Club of Vinton (Virginia) 
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GFWC Woman’s Club North of the River (California)
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GFWC Wasco Woman’s Club (California)
Janet Grundt
GFWC Wasco Junior Woman’s Club (California)
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GFWC Fig Garden Woman’s Club (California) 
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GFWC Amity Study Club of Atlanta (Texas) 
Margaret Shiels
GFWC Clover Club of Kaufman (Texas) 
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GFWC Acord Club of Seaford (Delaware)
Clara McNutt
GFWC Chilhowee Club (Tennessee)
Dixie Jarrott
GFWC Woman’s Study Club (Texas) 
Barbara Baronak
GFWC Curwensville Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania) 
Connie Wetzel
GFWC Curwensville Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania) 
Barbara Black 
GFWC Barbourville Women’s Study Club (Kentucky)
Carolyn Congelton
GFWC Barbourville Women’s Study Club (Kentucky)
Jane Huddleston
GFWC Fidelis Inter Se of Celina (Texas)
Lola Bower
GFWC Women’s Improvement Club of Roseville (California)
Priscilla Bolinder
GFWC Alliance of Federated Women (California) 
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GFWC Newman Woman’s Club (Illinois)
Pat Young
GFWC Newman Woman’s Club (Illinois) 
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GFWC Palos Heights Woman’s Club (Illinois)
Kathleen Jurgens
GFWC Palos Heights Woman’s Club (Illinois) 
Betty Radtke
GFWC Palos Hieghts Woman’s Club (Illinois) 
Shirley Hann
GFWC Franklin Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois) 
Sue Brinkley
GFWC Friday Women’s Club of Whitewright (Texas)
Mable Vestal 
GFWC Friday Women’s Club of Whitewright (Texas) 


Just a thought ......
"Failure is delay, but not defeat.
It is a temporary detour, not a dead-end street."
– William Arthur Ward