October 25, 2021
Chicken Soup for the Soul…what a terrific book to read, and I did, I enjoyed it immensely. However, the last few weekends have brought the pages of that book to life, specifically, my life.
This past weekend I was in Riverside for the Area D Meeting. It was, like the others in Area C and Area B: perfection! Wendy Curran, CFWC Area D Vice President did a phenomenal job in planning and execution. I know from experience that there are countless hands when it comes to putting these events together, it is, after all, a Membership Conference. As members and leaders, we reach out and ask for assistance to find willing hands to reach back and help. However, leading through this event, being present and making things shine is not easy and Area D was delightful…it was, indeed, Chicken Soup for my Soul. I have been blessed to be part of the last three Area meetings and congratulate not only our CFWC Area Vice Presidents, but the many members that made them happen: Thank You!
As I drove to Riverside it rained quite heavily, we so desperately need the rain in Southern California and it was like passing through a cleansing channel where I, safe in my car listening to Tibetan Bell music was warm and safe, truly cleansed of what the outside World of covid has wrecked for the past 20 months of my life. Chicken Soup for the Soul, the rain fed my Soul and when I arrived to find so many friends from Zoom and pre-covid, I drank it all in.
Over 125 Members attended the Area D Meeting, creating yet another special bond between us. There were members from Area D, Members from Area C, and Members from Area B. How fabulous that we as a State Membership can easily walk into a room and feel at home with others. Of course, the food, the vendors, (no I did not buy a purse although I was tempted), the Federation shares on Membership and Reporting, Reports from CFWC Chairs, the frivolity, and the friendships were present for all of us. What a wonderful way to spend my Saturday and I am sure the pictures will be posted on Facebook soon so that each of you may enjoy the camaraderie of Area D.
Especially delightful Soul-Food has been for me the meeting of the members that I have met on Zoom for the first 15 months of this Administration. Such kindness I find in meeting them and seeing them fully and in-person, I cannot describe the serendipity of that moment when someone comes up to me and says I was at your Zoom Workshop, Open House, or Meeting, and I found it fun and informative. Thank you, each of you for the opportunity to be your President at this time of such burden and trial.
Next weekend will find me in Tracy for Area A where a lovely member has opened her home for both Barbara and I to stay in. I know this event will be just as special as the other three and I look forward to meeting and greeting the many members of Area A. I know that the meetings have been like returning to a family gathering for so many of us and I am profoundly grateful to be part of this large and loving family. See you in Tracy at Area A!
Luv, Pam

The time has arrived - it's THIS week,
and not too late to do at least one project !

October 24 to October 30

What project is your club planning for GFWC ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN WEEK coming up October 24 to October 30? Although our clubs do many things for children all year, one special week in October is designated by GFWC to reach out to the children of our communities, our nation and the world. The Giraffe award will be presented at the 2022 GFWC convention during the Junior Business Session to the one club that enters a service project that does the most for children during Advocates for Children Week. This is a Challenge Project. So, “Stick Your Neck Out” and do a special project for the children the last week of October and try for the Giraffe Award. The application for the Giraffe Award is in the 2020-2022 GFWC Club Manual or contact me for a copy.
Carol Burkhart. Chair
Advocates for Children
Once again it is time for GFWC clubwomen to urge Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The General Federation of Women's Clubs has long supported local domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers even before the first Violence Against Women Act was passed by Congress in 1994. Today, we continue to support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking with our advocacy, time, energy, donations, resources, scholarships, and commitment to education and prevention.
 Take Action

General Federation of Women's Clubs
1734 N St NW
Washington, DC 20036

As we are well aware, October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One of the things it does is let survivors of abuse know that they are not alone. Anyone can be a victim. It does not discriminate against race, age, religion or gender.
 California Federation clubs are already the GFWC leaders in awareness AND action!
We can create Awareness campaigns (so many of you are already!)
One way:
    Create cards to hand out with NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE info:
        800-799-7233 thehotline.org  or Text “START” to 88788
As we near the end of Domestic Violence Awareness month, remember the upcoming Awareness months and events:
November:  American Indian Heritage Month
January:     National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  January 11 is National Human Trafficking Day
April:        Child Abuse Prevention Month
April:        Sexual Assault Awareness Month
June:        Elder Abuse Awareness Month
We thank CFWC Domestic Violence Awareness Chair, Diane Waterhouse,
for providing the above information .

If you haven't had your mammogram yet this year ,
there's still time to
for the near future.
We'll count is as your contribution
to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Military & Veterans - Yolanda Petroski, Chair 
With Veterans Day approaching, there are many ways to honor our military as November is designated as Veterans and Military Families Month.   A presidential proclamation is issued each year by the federal government. Ask for one from your local community as the GFWC Monday Alpha Club of Sutter District is doing.
Obtain a packet of project ideas provided by the Armed Service YMCA at www.asymca.org. Order business cards from www.dearamericanhero.com to hand out to those in uniform thanking them for their service. 100 cards can be requested for a minimum $25 donation from a true American Hero, Richard Glasgow, who offers immediate turnaround and doesn’t charge postage. Order coffee at www.cupofjoeforajoe.com for deployed personnel for $2.50 a cup. You can even include a message and/or opt to become pen pals. During October, Green Beans Coffee, the sponsor of Cup of Joe, is making a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness for each donation. Kudos to all the restaurants and businesses offering discounts during November. Thank them for doing so when you shop or dine. There are many, many ways to honor our Veterans this month….and….they deserve it and more!

Environment - Jane Thomey, Chair

Drinking Water.   Before it reaches your kitchen tap it has been tested, filtered, cleansed and tested over and over to remove harmful contaminants.   One such contaminant that has been garnering attention recently is PFAS, a group of manmade chemicals, the composition of which produces one of the strongest bonds in nature.  They were designed to simplify our lives, but now they have become a serious problem. They do not degrade; they persist in the environment and accumulate in our bodies.  
Since their invention in the 1940’s they have been used to resist oil, stains, water and heat. They can be identified on product labels as “fluoro’ or “perfluoro.” For your protection avoid using packaging of foods that contain grease-repellent coatings such as microwave popcorn bags and fast-food wrappers and boxes. PFAS are found in stain- and water- resistance treatments on furniture, carpeting, outerwear, sportswear, luggage and camping equipment. Non-stick cookware should be avoided. 
PFAS chemicals were widely used in firefighting foams on military bases, airports and firefighting training facilities. They are also found in landfills affecting the water supply.
The chemicals probably enter our bodies through the food we eat and more often the water we drink. It is estimated that 98% of Americans have detectable levels of PFAS in their blood. Studies have shown that excessive exposure to PFAS links to serious health problems affecting all organs. 
There are federal and state regulations for monitoring acceptable levels of PFAS in the water supply. In California, as in other parts of the country, water districts are spending money to build new treatment facilities to filter out PFAS.  Among them is the Orange County Water District that has just opened the first of 25 planned treatment facilities to remove PFAS. The District maintains a state of the art system to recycle record amounts of wastewater into drinking water. 
The Marina District has submitted a proposal to CFWC for a resolution that will support educating the public on stopping the use of PFAS. 

Three done and one to go!!!

Photos from the conferences will be found on our Facebook page..
Area A Spooktacular
     October 30, 2021
Coffee at 9am, call to order at 9:30am
    Northgate Village, Banquet Hall,
El Patio Restaurant in Tracy, California

Mission Accomplished

All reports from those in attendance agreed
that the conference was fantastic!

Mission Accomplished

From the pictures at the Wasco Women's Club Clubhouse, everyone seemed to be having a great time !

Area D Update
Mission Accomplished


Report of the event have reached this desk and it appears that over 125 attendees enjoyed the day and
learned a lot of great information to share

Are you ready to write your 2021 Reports ?
Our CFWC President Pam Ament, 1st Vice President Barbara Briley-Beard
and the Communications Team have recently prepared a video to help you.


Just a thought ......

"Don't wait.
The time will never be just right.
Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command,
and better tools will be found as you go along"
Napoleon Hill