May 18, 2021
WOWWEEEEEE…what a fabulous few days I have had! The GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs 118th Annual Convention has ended. Meetings began on the 5th of May and just kept coming. The pre-day meetings ran beautifully, and I was happy to see so many happy smiles attending. Thursday, May 13the we open the Convention with a Call to Order and kept things moving all the way through to Saturday, May 15 just before 3 pm.
On Sunday, May 16, we held our date night with the CFWC Open House session, anyone is invited to attend…I can honestly say I am tired.
I would like to shout out to the Convention Team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes and those that worked in the line of fire. Please give a thank you to the following CFWC Members that helped to make our Zoom Convention Experience one for the record books: Lu Arredondo, Valerie Barnes, Priscilla Bolinder, Peggy Baughman, Barbara Briley-Beard, Vicki Holden, Sonja Hults, Jean Lash, Sonya Matties, Reggie Mattox, Joyce Opjorden, Debbie Pietraszko, Janice Petrosino, Linda Queen, Mickie Reid, Edie Seger, Lynne Youngstrom, and Stephanie Zichichi. Without the help of these members, we would have had a different Convention. Each had their job assignment and did it beautifully. We are already planning to meet and go-over what can be better the next time even though we are planning an in-person event.
Thank you to all that attended, I think we can all agree that although a Zoom Convention was not conventional in any way, we had a splendid time together and enjoyed the videos, the debate, the voting, the speeches, and the presentations. Planning the event took many hours and a lot of creative thinking, but each of us was up for the challenge. We are so happy you were open to the idea and joined us for the fun!
Luv, Pam
Convention 2022
As announced at the end of the Convention Saturday, May 15, 2021 the CFWC Executive Committee has discussed the rebalance of the location for the May 2022 Convention, which brings with it an election of a new slate of CFWC Officers for 2022 – 2024.
Attached is the sheet we based our discussion and decision on to rebalance the elections between Northern and Southern California around the pandemic. See you soon for another fabulous Convention next year in Southern California.
We've had requests for a copy of the speech President Pam gave on Saturday afternoon. Her response "As I said before, I just outline for zoom speeches so that my face stays towards the camera and doesn't much move. I can speak from my heart much better that way too." We thank her for sharing the outline with us.
In addition, we thank Wendy Carriker for sharing her inspiring speech which was given Saturday, May 15th. Keynote Speech at CFWC Convention 2021 by Wendy Carriker, GFWC 2nd VP.
GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS)
Congratulations to Tamra Feito who was chosen to be the LEADS representative from California and will attend the GFWC Convention in Atlanta in August. She is a member of the Moorpark Fortnightly Club in Tierra Adorada District.
Congratulations to Connie Biggers. from Tierra Adorada District, for being selected as the nominee from California for the Jennie June Award. Her nomination was submitted by the Ojai Valley Women's Club for her outstanding work in not only Federation but her community as well. The selection is based on the totality and scope of her work. Her application will be sent on to Western States Region to be judged with nominees from the other 10 states in WSR. We're proud of you Connie and we wish you well as your information travels on to the next step.
We are proud to announce the chartering a new club into CFWC.
These young people are being sponsored by the Woman's Club of Indio, with Mickie Reid serving as their advisor. The new club, GFWC HOPE, was formed by a group of high school students who saw a need to help fellow classmates deal with student issues.
To date: they have recruited new members: designed and registered their logo: written their bylaws: and worked with two high schools in the area to be designated as an official club on campus In addition to other projects, they are in the process of planning a White Ribbon Campaign which is part of the GFWC Signature Project.
We wish them well and are happy to report that Mickie tells us that they are subscribers of QuickBytes. Mickie has also offered to send articles of the club's activities and we encourage the club to send us articles as well.
Information and copies of the workshop handouts by Wendy Carriket, GFWC 2nd VP; Jane Thomey, Environment; and Yolanda Petroski, Civic Engagement and Outreach were published in the Convention Highlights sent Sunday, May 16th.
Correction: We apologize to Julie Cooke for the misprint in listing her book in one of our Convention Highlights. The complete title is, of course, "Come Fly the World: The Jet-Age Story of the Women of Pan Am".

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