The battle against COVID-19 continues in our country. With the number of positive cases and resulting deaths rising in India every day, a lot more people are in need of support and care. In addition, building resilience of the care givers is crucial to sustain the battle. To address this situation, CHAI had conducted a rapid survey among the hospitals within the network, in order to figure out the capacity to provide care to patients, and the materials required for the same.

As a follow up of the rapid Survey, with the generous support of some of our funding partners, CHAI Directorate is providing PPE support for 49 of our institutions for a period of 3 to 6 months(click for details). Compared to the needs of a massive network like CHAI, what we are providing is only a small fraction. In order to promote efficiency and transparency, we are using an innovation, an online platform called medigate, for rolling out this project (click for details). In addition to this, CHAI in collaboration with Tata Trust, supported 14 of our hospitals with PPE, directly delivered by Tata Trust (click for details). The Items included in the PPE kit are: Face Masks, 3ply Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Alcohol Swabs, Hand Gloves Latex, Hand Gloves Nitrile, N95 Masks, PPE suites and IR Temperature Guns.

As of today, 72 of our Member institutions are involved in COVID care at different levels, some of them having formal collaboration with the local government authorities (click for details). We are also in the process of developing a new project to support about 50 Sister Doctors, in collaboration with Sister Doctors Forum of India (SDFI).

We express our sincere gratitude to all our member institutions that are involved in COVID care, our tech partner Intent health, and our funding partners (Misereor - Begeca, Hilton Foundation, Italian Bishop Conference, Hilton Fund of Sisters, Artma Foundation, other donors through appeal letters), for all the support.   
Thanking you,

Rev Dr Mathew Abraham, C.Ss.R
Director General, CHAI