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Aloha, Republicans:

HIRA's mailbox exploded in the past 48 hours!!
The #2 most commented story was how 'The RINO Seven' led by Beth Fukumoto in the State House partnered with liberal Democrats to push Obama's amnesty agenda by giv ing driver's licenses to 40,000+ illegal aliens in Hawaii; licenses which help 'illegals' steal jobs from law-abiding Americans, congest our highways going to/from those stolen jobs, driving up rental housing prices for all residents, and prohibiting law enforcement from questioning illegals about their immigration status.  These RINO's are laughing at you and our immigration laws by encouraging and enabling the importation of cheap foreign labor to Hawaii.
The #1 cause for commotion since yesterday 
was perennial candidate
Charles Djou's decision to draw attention to himself so he could attack anti-establishment candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump while publicly endorsing RINO presidential candidate John Kasich whose liberal positions rival that of Barack Obama and Charles Djou himself .  Djou's blunder was so obvious that the lead political editorial from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser is simply:  " Djou Disappoints His Audience ".

Here's a snapshot of Kasich's progressive platform which Djou unquestioningly embraces and wants to inflict on you and our country . . .
  • Amnesty for illegal aliens (the so-called 'path to citizenship')
  • Federal Common Core public education agenda
  • Severe gun restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights
  • Same-Sex Weddings (starting with support for civil unions in 2013)
  • Expanding Medicaid while preserving Obamacare
Kasich even compares his fight against conservatives who oppose Obamacare to fighting the terrorists at ISIS.  Yup, that's Djou's guy.
The minds of many Hawaii Republicans were blown today by Djou's enthusiastic announcement.  However, it all makes sense to Republicans who know Djou best:

REALITY CHECK:  Djou, Kasich, and Obama have a LOT in common.  While shocking, it's important to remember Djou's voting recordThe very first vote he cast in Congress during his brief, accidental 2010 stint was in support of Obama's progressive policy to require the U.S. Military to publicly embrace all forms of 'open' homosexuality.  Djou happily joined liberals in forcing the military to be used as a social experiment for liberal ideology rather than a fighting machine to defend our country.
As Djou said:  "I was the most independent member of Hawaii's congressional delegation and broke ranks with pretty much almost any - more so than almost any other Republican and I'm proud of that."

Also in Congress, Djou supported comprehensive immigration reform and was one of only eight Republicans who voted for the Obama-Clinton endorsed "DREAM Act" -- the nightmarish legislation which puts the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of those of law-abiding Americans and would hurt millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, are under-employed or are threatened with layoffs by encourages and rewards unauthorized immigration; acting as a "magnet" attracting more undocumented immigrants and creating a chain migration by family members.  Like make-believe conservative Republican Marco Rubio and his "Gang of Eight" amnesty agenda, Djou's true liberal colors were on display during his few weeks in Congress .
Prior to that, Djou joined with liberal Democrats in supporting the Clinton/Obama/Abercrombie racist policy of dividing Hawaii along ethnic lines and creating a racially discriminatory new government in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and repeated U.S. Supreme Court rulings against racism.  That's right, while serving on the Honolulu City Council Djou voted in lockstep with Democrats to support the "Akaka Bill" which was designed to make government bigger and more expensive by letting OHA transform into a full-fledged government for part-Hawaiians only; imposing a giant and costly new bureaucracy which would duplicate existing departments, agencies and programs of the county, state and federal governments.  Aren't Republicans supposed to favor LIMITED government?
At the Hawaii GOP, it comes as no surprise that Djou has long supported the strategy of liberal Republicans to keep the state party's official platform neutral on every issue.  Neutral on racism .  Neutral on government waste .  Neutral on life .  Neutral on taxes .  Neutral on illegal immigration and Syrian refugees And so on .  Djou and other RINO's who exploit the Hawaii GOP for ballot access, campaign cash, and stamp licking volunteers have infinite 'room to wiggle' on the issues while pretending to be Republicans .
Yes, the HIRA mailbox has been exploding.  The last time we saw this much message traffic from Republicans statewide about faux Republican Charles Djou was October 2015 when Djou attacked crazy conservatives, crazy tea partiers, and crazy 'far righters'.

The real Charles Djou despises conservatives and Tea Party Republicans.  Just like Obama.    Just like   Mark Takai.  Just like Hillary.  Just like a RINO.

Pretending to be conservative, RINO Djou spoke at Honolulu's 2009 Tea Party
while barely disguising his loathing for the 2,000 "crazies" in attendance.

Now, in response to Djou's revealing tirade against real Republicans, dozens spoke out about the 'RINO mentality' espoused by Kasich and wholeheartedly embraced by Djou:

Conservatives like these commenters understand how liberal politicians in the GOP play the game.  RINO's take your vote for granted and hope that you never look too closely at their actual voting records.  In fact, a RINO's entire career in politics depends on you making the reasonable assumption that Republican elected officials actually behave like Republicans once in office.  That's the heart of the con.  And Hawaii's GOP has been hijacked by smooth-talking liberals who have a knack for conning desperate island Republicans.  The familiar names of these liberals -- names synonymous with defeat and surrender -- are etched on the wall at the Hawaii GOP's Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters:  Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing, Ted Liu, Pat Saiki, Barbara Marumoto . . . most of whom are using their positions at the party to back the flailing candidacy of RINO Jeb Bush.
That's why HIRA's forthcoming 2015 Legislative Scorecard takes the mystery out of how your elected officials at the State Capitol have been voting.  You deserve better than patriotic platitudes in speeches and red/white/blue balloon dropsHawaii Republicans deserve the truth.
Hopefully, Charles Djou's "news" makes sense now, if it didn't already.
If anything, today's HIRA newsletter sheds light on WHY our Hawaii GOP doesn't take on the Democrats.  Simply put, because RINOs and Democrats agree on the issues.  The trick is duping enough Republican voters and party members and financial contributors into believing that they aren't getting screwed by these phony Rs.
As mentioned above, stay tuned for HIRA's Scorecard.  Like the widely touted scorecards from Heritage Action, the American Conservative Union, FreedomWorks and others, HIRA's Legislative Scorecard makes it plain to see that Republicans and all voters and taxpayers in Hawaii are being shortchanged.  The disturbing information might cause you to start demanding better results from your senators and representatives.  And that's the idea.
The pro-establishment, anti-conservative liberals who've hijacked the troubled Hawaii GOP recently put progressive political ally Charles Djou in charge of selling tickets to the state party's Lincoln Day fundraiser.  As part of the arrangement for this visible opportunity, it's clear that Djou will continue turning a blind eye to the documented corruption, embezzlement and fraud at the Hawaii GOP by partnering with corrupt party leaders in their ongoing conspiracy to con donors.
Proceeds from that event are used by party leaders to advance progressive ideology and block conservative solutions.  Indeed, Djou's liberalism speaks volumes about how your money will be used; undoubtedly continuing to help Democrats by pushing for liberal policies rather than conservative Republican policiesHIRA thought you should know before you blow $150 per person in support of the agenda of Obama, Kasich, Hillary, and Djou.  It's the kind of liberal nonsense which makes Hawaii's Republican party a joke nationally.  Let's support REAL Republicans and take back our party from these closet Democrats!!  2016 is the year we start cleaning house.


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