2022 Primary Elections Voter Guide

  Charleston | Berkeley | Dorchester

Election Day: Tuesday, June 14th

Attached and below is your 2022 Home Builders Primary Elections Voter Guide. Each candidate was evaluated by the Association on their positions related to the HBA's legislative agenda. Based on our conversations and their voting history, the following recommendations represent those who will serve the CHBA's best interests.

For more information regarding your voter registration status, polling location or sample ballot - please visit www.SCVotes.org.

State House District 97

Robby Robbins (i) [R] – Endorsed

Candace Jennings [R] – Withdrew

Glenn Posey [R] – Declined Interview

Damian Daly [D] – Declined Interview

ReZsaun Lewis [D] – Qualified


State House District 98

Chris Murphy (i) [R] – Endorsed

Gregory Ford [R] – Declined Interview

Sydney Clinton [D] – Not Interviewed


State House District 101

Roger Kirby [D] – Endorsed

Cezar Knight [D] – Qualified

William Wallace [D] – Qualified


State House District 102

Joe Jefferson (i) [D] – Endorsed

Collin Holloway [D] – Declined Interview

Ralph Elsey [R] – Not Interviewed


State House District 112

Joe Bustos (i) [R] – Endorsed

Jacqueline Edgerton [R] – Qualified

Ross Ward [R] – Declined Interview

David Stanley Artushin [D] – Qualified

Stephen Hilton [D] – Qualified


State House District 116

Chardale Murray (i) [D] – Endorsed

Matthew Leber [R] – Declined Interview

Dixie Button [R] – Qualified

Charleston County Council District 8

Anna Johnson (i) [D] – Endorsed

Joe Boykin [D] – Declined Interview

Ronald Ladsen [D] – Qualified


Charleston County Register of Deeds

Michael Miller (i) [D] – Opposed

Karen Hollings [D] – Endorsed

Rob MacIntire [R] – Qualified


Berkeley County Council District 4

Tommy Newell (i) [R] – Endorsed

Terry Hess [R] – Declined Interview

Tony Sims [D] – Not Interviewed


Berkeley County Council District 5

Chris Davenport [R] – Endorsed

Amy Stern [R] – Qualify


Berkeley County Council District 6

Robert Jeffcoat [R] – Qualified

Art Nichols [R] – Declined Interview

Marshal West [R] – Qualified


Berkeley County Council District 8

Steve Davis (i) [D] – Endorsed

Billy Conyers [R] – Declined Interview

Darrel Wadford [R] – Declined Interview


Dorchester County Council District 1

Harriet Holman (i) [D] – Endorsed

Tim Lewis [D] – Qualified

Wayne Reeves [R] – Qualified

About the ratings: Endorsed represents those most likely to protect the HBA’s interests, Qualified hold all the qualities necessary to fulfill the role or no one candidate stands out in a race, Not Interviewed means a candidate was unable to participate, Declined Interview means a candidate chose not to participate or was non-responsive, and Opposed are those that would serve against the Association’s interests or are deemed unfit for office.