Spring 2020
We Stand in Solidarity
The City Heights Business Association stands in solidarity with those who are peacefully speaking out against racism and injustice in our nation. We must not remain silent. We are committed to continue our efforts in collaboration with City Heights residents, business owners, community leaders, and government officials to advance positive change in our own community for people of all races and ethnicities.
Supporting Local Businesses During Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do business throughout the world. Here in City Heights, businesses have been working hard to adapt their practices to follow new social distancing guidelines, and in some cases have even pivoted their business model to provide needed products and services to the community. 
Throughout the crisis, the CHBA has been working hard to keep businesses informed about new policies, available resources, and loan opportunities. We created a Covid-19 resource page with a running list of local, state, federal, and private resources available for businesses during the pandemic. Resources vary from loan and grant applications to webinars providing guidance on new laws and regulations for small businesses. We also compiled a running list of open businesses within City Heights and shared information on how to best support these establishments during the stay-at-home order. 
Helping Our Community Stay Healthy & Safe
The pandemic has created new opportunities for the CHBA to support local businesses in the community. One way we have been doing this is by partnering with businesses to donate meals and supplies to community members affected by the virus. This spring we partnered with Super Cocina on two occasions to donate meals to City Heights families negatively impacted by Covid-19 . This not only provided a helpful meal to families in need, but also helped Super Cocina maintain their business by providing additional work hours to their staff. Earlier this month we purchased 150 hand-crafted facemasks from local designers to give away for free at the City Heights facemask distribution event .
Our Clean & Safe Program Continues
Throughout these uncertain times, we have continued our maintenance services provided through the Clean & Safe Program . Knowing that clean city streets can directly support the health, wellness, and overall safety of our community, we viewed this as an essential service and are grateful to our maintenance staff for their ongoing commitment.
Online Maintenance Request Form Now Available
I n March, the CHBA launched a new webpage for submitting maintenance requests online . This webpage includes helpful information about the different services available through the CHBA Clean & Safe Program, as well as a map outlining the Maintenance Assessment District. Also available online are formal authorization forms that may be needed in order for our team to complete a request on your private property. 
Homeless Outreach Program Update
Since 2019, the CHBA has been working collaboratively with other local community associations, City Councilmembers Chris Ward and Georgette Gomez, Price Philanthropies, and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to implement a new approach to homeless outreach. This new model, which shifts outreach efforts away from city police officers and to social workers who are trained in community outreach techniques and tend to be well-received by the homeless community, has been highly successful in City Heights and North Park. Under this new approach, an outreach specialist works to build relationships with homeless persons in the area and subsequently connect them to housing, services, and other supports within the community. With the documented success of this new approach, a recent San Diego Union-Tribune article highlights how Councilmembers Ward and Gomez are now pushing to implement a similar program throughout San Diego.
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