March 2020
COVID-19: How can we be helpful during this crisis?
Dear Partners and Friends,

How can we be helpful? This is the question many of us are asking as we grapple with the uncertain implications of COVID-19. Over the past few weeks many families have adapted by working from home as their kids learn remotely. For many other families, however, the changes have resulted in financial loss or insecurity, increased stress, and disruptions in needed supports and services. Our partners in health care service delivery are on the front lines of this crisis providing needed health and behavioral health services to families. Despite being under incredible stress of their own, they have emerged as heroes, along with school teachers, public servants, volunteers, and so many others.
So how can CHDI be helpful? First, during these trying times, we can connect provider organizations and families to helpful health, safety and social services information and resources, many of which were developed by our partners throughout the state and the country. Second, we can continue our collective work to improve the health and well-being of children. Times like this remind us of the critical need for ensuring all children and families have access to a comprehensive, accessible, high quality, equitable, and integrated health and behavioral health system.
Together we will get through this. Please stay connected and reach out if we can offer support. CHDI staff can be reached by email .
Jeffrey Vanderploeg
President and CEO
CHDI's COVID-19 Resource List

CHDI, and our parent organization (the Children's Fund of Connecticut), have compiled a COVID-19 resource list , which will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. The list currently includes:

  • Donations and Volunteers
  • Health and Safety Information
  • CARES Act Information
  • Food, Economic and Social Services Resources
  • Supporting Children's Emotional Well-Being
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Resources
  • Domestic Violence Resources
  • Resources for Health and Behavioral Health Providers
  • Resources for Educators and Child Care Providers
  • Resources for Funders and Nonprofits
National Summit Aims to Accelerate Children's Behavioral Health System Change
Representatives from children’s hospitals and community behavioral health providers across the country gathered together in Ohio earlier this month to talk about innovative approaches for addressing the behavioral health needs of youth. Participants shared strategies that included ways for better weaving together hospital- and community-based services and supports to form more cohesive systems of care. Connecticut’s delegation for the Behavioral Health Summit included CHDI’s President and CEO Jeffrey Vanderploeg , along with representatives from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. Connecticut is working to better coordinate and integrate the efforts of multiple child-serving systems into a Network of Care, through the SAMHSA-funded  CONNECTing Children and Families to Care initiative . This work is also guided by the vision laid out in the  Behavioral Health Plan for Children .
Transforming Child Health Services to Enhance Well-Being 
On March 3, CHDI's Lisa Honigfeld  delivered the annual Paul H. Dworkin lecture at Grand Rounds at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Lisa reviewed research and current thinking on transforming child health services to increase their contribution to children's longterm well-being, equity, and overall population health. She identified pediatric primary care as an optimal starting place for rethinking child health services highlighting themes from A Framework for Child Health Services , co-authored by Lisa Honigfeld and Paul H. Dworkin.

The lecture cited three critical elements for reforming primary care: 1) integration of health and community services, 2) recognition of new outcomes that better describe children's well-being, and 3) payment reform. These elements are also outlined in CHDI's and Connecticut Health Foundation's joint report: Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health .
For more information, read Lisa's Advancing Kids blog: Child Health Providers Should Focus on Child Well-Being or visit our website .
Children’s Behavioral Health Help During the Pandemic
This is a time of stress and anxiety for many children and families; however, there is help available to support children's behavioral health needs.

Working Remotely? Access Free Early Childhood Online Training
Eastern Connecticut State University’s Center for Early Childhood Education posted nine online professional development training modules and added 100 new clips to their Early Childhood Video Clip Library for Faculty and Trainers. The modules were developed for home visitors who work with families with young children, but they contain information and strategies of interest to others working in early care and education. CHDI staff helped develop content for the trauma-informed care module.

*Access to the library and online training are both free.
Join the Team: CHDI is Hiring!
CHDI is looking to expand our team. We are seeking candidates with the education, experience, and dedication to contribute to effective policies, systems, and practices that improve children's health and well-being. 

CHDI is currently hiring for the following positions: 

CHDI is committed to providing equal access to our employment environment and ensures that all employment-related decisions are in accord with the principles of equal opportunity.
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