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November 2016 Newsletter
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As part of our new site, we have integrated detailed information about multiple types of environmental exposures and their related health endpoints.

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The Launch of CHE's New Website!

Elise Miller, MEd

Imagine: You want to find out what in the environment might be contributing to a health issue you or your loved ones are facing. You come across this highly integrated, science-based, straightforward, streamlined, easy-to-navigate website. 

On one page, it not only provides a comprehensive summary of your topic of interest, but links to calls with leading researchers, useful publications, insightful blog posts and an up-to-date newsfeed. In addition, everything you find is interconnected with other relevant information if you wish to deepen your understanding. 

Good News: 
You no longer have to imagine - 
CHE's new website is here!

On our site you will find the latest research and analysis on the relationship between exposures and disease for:

You can also access:
  • 400 recorded presentations with leading researchers covering the latest science on exposures and health outcomes.
  • Topic-specific news feed with links to respective scientific publications.
  • A calendar of relevant meetings, conferences and other events.
  • 16 topic-based ScienceServs where new studies are shared and discussed.
  • Blog posts on key concerns.
  • Science-based publications, including the award-winning A Story of Health.
  • Scientific consensus statements that have impacted major fields of study.
  • Our highly lauded Toxicant and Disease Database and much more....

We welcome your questions, comments and feedback and hope this will prove to be an invaluable resource for you and your colleagues.

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