Their Self-Titled Single Is a Fun and Dance-Inducing Track That Represents The Cross-Cultural Ideals Behind This Unique Musical Project   
Los Angeles, CA. (January 11, 2019.) WAPEA , a cleverly named duo created by Cuban-American,  Jovany Barreto and Singaporean,  Tat Tong , is a multicultural music project that aims to harness the talent and experience of these two acclaimed producers to create a refreshing new cross-cultural sound for the 21 st century. 

The name  WAPEA is an acronym for the phrase ‘ When Are People Evolving Again? ’ which humorously captures the essence of the artists’ philosophy of transforming existing rhythms into boundary-pushing new creations channeling their raw emotions. 

Barreto and Tong started working as a producer-songwriter collective in 2012 under the name of  The Swaggernautz . Together they have produced over sixty  Top 20 hits, including twenty #1 hits worldwide and over ten certified platinum singles. Their discography has charted at #1 across five continents in sixty-six countries including: U.S., Mexico, Australia, Philippines, China, among others. They have worked with influential artists such as Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato, CNCO, Troye Sivan, CD9, Jorge Blanco, Show Luo, Aitana, Anahí, Elefante, among many others.

As  WAPEA , the duo debuts with a self-titled single, a fun and dance-inducing track that represents the cross-cultural ideals behind this unique musical project. The name  “WAPEA” carries an empowering meaning, as it’s also Caribbean slang for  “work it, do ya thing,” a mantra that speaks to what the musicians want to put out into the world. Their philosophy was inspired by Afro-Latina star Cardi B, more specifically her realness and fearlessness in being who she is regardless of what others say.  “She embodies the spirit of our group and what we aspire to be,”  said WAPEA about Cardi B. 

The cultural mix that Barreto and Tong bring into WAPEA is profoundly reflected in their sound. For this first cut, they combined Caribbean rhythms with a line from an iconic Chinese folk tune titled  “Horse Racing,” played on the erhu (Chinese 2-string fiddle). This fusion creates a fascinating and vibrant new musical product unlike anything audiences have heard before. 

Benji Estrada, who’s worked with important acts such as Carla Morrison, and Natalia Lafourcade, directed the music video for this revolutionary party song. This single will be released via  Rebeleon Entertainment,  the record label that has become a leader in Latin music worldwide and that has an extraordinary list of artists and producers in different genres.

The video combines amusing stop-motion, 2D animation, vibrant and colorful sets, and dancers, to satirize the different ideas that could have been considered to represent the song visually. It is a video as original as the duo’s sound that will become just as unforgettable as the track itself.  
WAPEA - “Wapea” (Official Video)

Proudly representing their hometowns Singapore, Cuba, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, WAPEA makes uncompromising music that defies classification. They are not tied to one sound or genre, but only to their endless creativity, a quality that’s quickly opening doors for them as they step into the spotlight after a long career making hits that have defined the industry in recent years.

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