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Yesterday was a major milestone for CHESS. NY State Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul and Deputy Director Joseph Roman from New York State’s Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council were joined by a host of representatives of federal, state, and local governmental officials, representatives of the CHESS-U’s industrial partners, and Cornell University’s Administration for the official celebration of the successful completion of the CHESS-U project. Cornell University’s Vice-President for University Relations led the festivities which focused on the scientific importance of CHESS-U, the impact of CHESS-U on the local economy and the developing public/private partnerships in the region. A tour of the new facility and a reception capped off the event.

It was a great opportunity to thank both the State of New York for its visionary investment in CHESS-U and the laboratory staff and industrial partners for their hard work over these past many months. We’ve completely re-built the laboratory. I can’t wait for our users to return and utilize our new facility!

Joel Brock, Director
Crews Finish $15M Upgrades at CHESS.
“The capital upgrades as part of the Upstate Revitalization Initiative ensure the advancement of innovative technologies at the research facility, securing its position as one of the top of its kind in the world. This investment continues the growth of the high-tech industry and the economy of the entire region.” Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said ....
Predicting X-ray solution scattering from flexible macromolecules. Proteins are molecular machines that participate in the vast majority of activities that occur in any living system. To carry out their functions, they undergo dynamic changes in structure and shape and interact with other molecular systems. Characterizing these intramolecular motions provides insight into the molecular basis of protein function and, in turn, can result in a deeper understanding of a vast range of physiological functions.
The 2019 CHESS Users' Meeting will be held June 4-5, 2019 at Cornell University.
Save the Date! This is an exciting year, watch for announcements on future workshops, vendor show and so much more!
Intermittent plasticity in individual grains: A study using high energy x-ray diffraction. 
Understanding the behavior of metals undergoing deformation is critical to design for fuel efficiency, performance and safety/ crashworthiness. Traditional engineering analysis treats metal deformation as a smooth motion, like a fluid, when in reality the flow is intermittent at finer length scales.  Use of a new detector enabled the study of these intermittent bursts of deformation at the scale of individual crystals in a loaded test sample.
Now Accepting Applications for SERCCS Program. CHESS offers a special internship program for students at New York State community colleges to prepare for technical careers or continue into bachelors programs and achieve their educational goals...
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