August 2017: News and Updates
A monthly newsletter from the Center of Human Health and the Environment
Upcoming Events
8/24 -  Environmental Epigenetics Interest Group Meeting -  John House will share his ideas for an R01 application concerning maternal diet, childhood behavior and epigenetics. David Aylor will select a couple of recent papers to discuss that are relevant to this topic. Toxicology Bldg Auditorium, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

8/28  - Neuroscience Interest Group Meeting - This group will focus on questions and activities related to neurodevelopment and neurotoxicology.
Toxicology Bldg Auditorium 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

8/28 - Beer-Reviewed Science
6:30 - 7:30 at Raleigh Brewing Company

8/30 & 8/31 - CLC Training Workshop
Toxicology Auditorium (Toxicology Building, rm 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Stephens Room (Thomas Hall, rm 3503) 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Send email here to register.

8/31 - Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Interest Group Meeting, Frontier, RTP 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

9/19 - CHHE & Toxicology Program Co-sponsored Seminar - Aaron Barchowsky, University of Pittsburgh "Arsenic impact on mitochondria corrupts epigenetic memory, stem cell fate, and muscle regenerative capacity"
Toxicology Bldg Auditorium 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Congratulations to the 2017 Pilot Project Awardees!
CHHE received 23 pilot project submissions during the 2017 Spring RFA. We were able to award 11 outstanding proposals! Due to the number of awards granted this around, there will not be a Fall RFA. Be on the lookout for a December 2017 pilot proposal call. 

Interest Groups
We’ve created six cross-cutting interest groups for CHHE members to get involved with. Join one or more to get involved. Check out the CHHE calendar for upcoming Interest Group meetings.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Group
The Environmental Epigenetics Interest Group
Leaders: David Aylor and Mike Cowley
Exposome/Mixtures Group
Leader: Jane Hoppin
Neuroscience Group
Pulmonary Interest Group
Leaders: Kym Gowdy and Jane Hoppin
Zebrafish Group
Leader: Heather Shive
Congratulations to Heather Patisaul for receiving a NIH/NIEHS R01 award (2017-2022) entitled "The placenta: a novel target of sex specific neurotoxicity by fire retardants" ($2,607,819).

Congratulations to Cathrine Hoyo for receiving a NIH/NIEHS award (2017-2019) entitled "Identification of human imprint regulatory regions associated with obesity in children" (227,250)/

Congratulations to Michael Bereman and UNC researchers for teaming up to make an important discovery for understanding ALS. Read more...

Heather Patisaul was awarded from DoD Autism Research Program 2016 (2017-2020) entitled "Environmental contaminants and autism risk" ( $570,771). Congratulations again!

Cathrine Hoyo was awarded a NIH/NIEHS R01 award (2017-2022) entitled "Social adversities, epigenetics, and the obesity epidemic" ($844,134). Congratulations again!
Career Development
All investigators but particularly Early Stage Investigators are encouraged to work with the Career Development Core in development of their grants. Talk to Chris McGahan to set up a chalk talk to help organize ideas for your next proposal. 
2017 International Society of Exposure Science
It's October 15-19, 2017, held in RTP at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel.  Jane Hoppin is one of the co-chairs and CHHE members Jamie DeWitt, Chris Frey, Aaron Hipp, Carolyn Mattingly, Katy May, and David Reif are among the presenters. The meeting features a diverse set of plenary speakers including NCSU Chancellor Randy Woodson and Karletta Chief of the Navajo Nation talking about indigenous peoples response to climate change. The meeting will highlight the diversity of research in exposure assessment topics, including risk assessment, exposure modeling, toxicological modeling, epidemiology, and science communication. We're hoping to have more community partners at the meeting; community partners can register at the student rate.
Come for a day or for the whole meeting. Early registration ends September 5, 2017. Click here for more information.
Beer-reviewed Science
We had another great Beer-Reviewed Science event at  Raleigh Brewing Company  this month! Close to 30 people showed up to hear CHHE scientists and our community partner from  Cape Fear River Watch  talk about drinking water contamination issues and solutions. Community members had a lot of good questions about heavy metals and perfluorinated compounds in drinking water, and quite a few stuck around to talk with our speakers after the event. Next date 8/28.

COEC Update
The COEC has been working with community partners and collaborators in Wilmington, NC to address GenX in the drinking water. We invited Kemp Burdette, the Cape Fear Riverkeeper, to speak at July's Beer-Reviewed Science event, and then helped organize a "Water Wednesday" forum in Wilmington. The forum brought CHHE scientists and community members together to talk about GenX and perfluorinated compounds in the Cape Fear and local drinking water supplies, effective filtration methods, and overarching concepts of toxicity and exposure. Close to 90 community members attended, and Jamie DeWitt and Jane Hoppin were interviewed by the local news station ( watch here)!
Contact Katy May for more information ( 
Remember to cite our CHHE grant P30ES025128 in publications if CHHE has provided you services, facility core use, seed/pilot project funds etc. NIH tracks this as an important CHHE metric. 
CHHE Resources and Facilities Page for NIH Grants is available on the CHHE  website.
PINS: Remember when submitting your grants, be sure to select "Center for Human Health and the Environment" as a center in PINS.

CHHE Cited Publications 
Nine publications have cited the CHHE this year - click here to check them out!