June/July 2017: News and Updates
A monthly newsletter from the Center of Human Health and the Environment
Upcoming Events
7/18 - CHHE Special Summer Seminar
John Schjenken, Adelaide Medical School "Seminal Fluid Signaling in the Female Reproductive Tract: Implications for Reproductive Success and Offspring Health"

Toxicology Building Auditorium 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Welcome New Members

Carressa Gerald, Dept. of Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences, NCCU 
Anagha Malur, Dept. of Internal Medicine, BSOM Pulmonary, ECU
Mary Jane Thomassen, Dept. of Internal Medicine, BSOM Pulmonary, ECU
Pei-Li Yao, Dept. of Biological Sciences, NCSU

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Interest Groups
We’ve created six cross-cutting interest groups for CHHE members to get involved with.  Join one or more to get involved. Check out the CHHE calendar for upcoming Interest Group meetings.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Group

Leaders: Jerry Heindel and Carol Kwaitkowski

The Environmental Epigenetics Interest Group

Leaders: David Aylor and Mike Cowley

Exposome/Mixtures Group

Leader: Jane Hoppin

Neuroscience Group

Leader: Heather Patisaul

Pulmonary Interest Group

Leaders: Kym Gowdy and Jane Hoppin

Zebrafish Group

Leader: Heather Shive

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Congratulations to Carolyn Mattingly for receiving her R01 competitive renewal (2017-2022) for her Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) from NIEHS/NIH!

Greg Kearney is the recipient of the 2017 Asthma Champion award from the Asthma Alliance of NC.

Congratulations to Greg Kearney for receiving a BC/BS of NC $375K grant with community partners to address environmental triggers of asthma in children! 

Way to go Heather Patisaul for your piece in the New York Times article "The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese"!   Read more
Career Development
All investigators but particularly Early Stage Investigators are encouraged to work with the Career Development Core in development of their grants.  Talk to Chris McGahan to set up a chalk talk to help organize ideas for your next proposal. 
Beer-reviewed Science
On Monday 6/26 the COEC hosted its first "Beer-reviewed Science" event at Raleigh Brewing Company. More than 40 people showed up to learn about endocrine disrupting compounds, personal care products, and how to make smart choices at the store. Bonus: many of the attendees were not scientists and genuinely wanted to hang out with a beer while learning something new. Big shout out to Heather Patisaul and Scott Belcher for stepping up and being our first speakers, and really engaging the crowd. 

COEC Update
C HHE has put out its second call for proposals to its Community Mini Grant Program. This year, CHHE will be able to provide up to $8,000 to nonprofits and community-based organizations working on environmental health issues at the local level. Topics may include: air, soil, or water quality, traffic impacts, healthy homes, greenspace, and more! Contact Katy May for more information ( kmay2@ncsu.edu). 

Remember to cite our CHHE grant P30ES025128 in publications if CHHE has provided you services, facility core use, seed/pilot project funds etc. NIH tracks this as an important CHHE metric. 

CHHE Resources and Facilities Page for NIH Grants is available on the CHHE website.

PINS: Remember when submitting your grants, be sure to select "Center for Human Health and the Environment" as a center in PINS.

CHHE Cited Publications 
Eight publications have cited the CHHE this year - click here to check them out!