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4/13/21 - CHHE and the Toxicology Program Co-sponsored Seminar: Kirk Pappan, Owlstone Medical Ltd. - “Waiting to
Exhale: Breath Biopsy and Non-Invasive Sampling for Breath Biomarker Identification and Application”
4/16/21 - CHHE 5th Annual Symposium: Part 3: Celebrating Success in Environmental Epigenetics and Genetics  
4/20/21 - CHHE and the Toxicology Program Co-sponsored Seminar: Delores Grant, NC Central University - "Epigenetic Dysregulation of Liver Detoxification Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma"
4/27/21 - CHHE and the Toxicology Program Co-sponsored Seminar: Danielle Purifoy, UNC-Chapel Hill - "Unnatural Causes: Environmental Justice and Public Health"

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The Fifth Annual CHHE Symposium - "Celebrating the CHHE"
The 5th Annual CHHE symposium will be an unconventional symposium due to COVID-19 and will be presented in four individual parts over the course of the Spring 2021 semester. The symposium will celebrate how CHHE enables research, community engagement and interdisciplinary collaborations. The symposium is open to anyone that would like to attend.
Congratulations 2021 Spring Pilot Project Awardees!

Title: Wireless, spinal cord-interfaced, subdermal microsensors for studying the effects of environmental factors on atopic dermatitis-induced neural signaling
PI: Amay Bandodkar, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State and
PI: Santosh Mishra, Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, NC State

Title: Investigating the effects of secondhand smoke from E-cigarettes on mice lungs through 3D-imaging and novel exposure generation system
PI: Alon Greenbaum, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, NC State
Collaborator: Kenneth Adler, Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, NC State

Title: Investigating the impact of environmental greenspace exposure on telomere length
PI: Aaron Hipp, Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management , NC State
Co-I: Scott Ogletree, Dept.of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, NC State
Co-I: David Reif, Dept. of Biological Sciences, NC State
Co-I: Lin Yang, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Alberta Health Servi

Title: Using zebrafish chemical screens to assess impact of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on accelerating the aging process
PI: TinChung Leung, Dept. of Biological & Biomedical Sciences, NCCU
PI: Deepak Kumar, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, NCCU
Co-I: Derek Norford, Animal Resources Complex, NCCU

Title: Environmental effects on placenta-to-brain communication
PI: Balaji Rao, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NC State
PI: Albert Keung, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NC State

Title: Cyanotoxin exposure from shellfish consumption in NC coastal waters
PI: Astrid Schnetzer, Dept. of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Science, NC State
Co-I: Tal Ben-Horin, Dept. of Clinical Sciences, NC State

Title: Identifying uterine specific enhancer and transcription machinery for leukemia inhibitory factor
PI: Xiaoqiu Wang, Dept. of Animal Science, NC State

Title: An analysis platform to predict health-related outcomes from Ion mobility-mass spectrometry profiles
PI: Yi-Hui Zhou, Dept. of Biological Sciences, NC State
Co-I: Erin Baker, Dept. of Chemistry, NC State
Co-I: Heather Patisaul, Dept. of Biological Sciences, NC State
Welcome to Dr. Hannah Atkins, the new Associate Director the Comparative Pathology Core (CPC).
Dr. Atkins is a board certified anatomic veterinary pathologist. She received her BS degree from Penn State, DVM from Texas A&M and PhD from Wake Forest University. From 2016-2021 she was an Assistant Professor at the Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Atkins’s new position is a shared positon between UNC-CH, CHHE and NC State’s CVM. She is now an Assistant Professor, Dept. Pathology at UNC CH, Adjunct Assistant Professor at NC State's CVM and Associate Director of the CHHE's Comparative Pathology Core. Her long-term career goals are to use her expertise and technology to collaborate with scientists and advance our knowledge of disease mechanisms. Hannah can be contacted for your pathology questions and/or consultations through the CPC email chhe-cpcore@ncsu.edu.
Career Development
All investigators, especially Early Stage Investigators, are encouraged to work with the Career Development Core to develop and refine their grants. Talk to Nanette Nascone-Yoder to set up a chalk talk to help organize ideas for your next proposal.
Remember to cite our CHHE grant P30ES025128 in publications if CHHE has provided any services, facility core use, seed/pilot project funds etc. NIH tracks this as an important CHHE metric.
CHHE Resources and Facilities Page for NIH Grants is available on the CHHE website.
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