March 2021 | Center for Human Health and the Environment
Note from the Director
Rob Smart will be stepping down as the Director of CHHE in Fall 2021 in order to dedicate more time to his research program. A search committee of a new CHHE DIrector has been formed with Co-chairs Cathrine Hoyo and Mike Cowley and the job announcement has been posted

This national search is open to external and internal candidates. If you know someone that is a good fit for this position, please send them the link to the job posting! Review of applications will begin on April 15, 2021.
Upcoming Events
3/30/2021 - CHHE and the Toxicology Program Co-sponsored Seminar: Eric Tokar, NIEHS - "Arsenic in Developmental Toxicology and Carcinogenesis" 4:00pm zoom link:

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The Fifth Annual CHHE Symposium - "Celebrating the CHHE"
The 5th Annual CHHE symposium will be an unconventional symposium due to COVID-19 and will be presented in four individual parts over the course of the Spring 2021 semester. The symposium will celebrate how CHHE enables research, community engagement and interdisciplinary collaborations. The symposium is open to anyone that would like to attend.
Welcome New Members
Angela Harris - Dept. of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Astrid Schnetzer - Dept. of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Kudos: People Making a Difference
Congratulations to Katy May, CEC Co-director for receiving the Outstanding Engagement
Award from the Office of Outreach and Engagement!

Congratulations to Kurt Marsden for receiving an R01 from NIH/NINDS entitled "Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Acoustic Startle Threshold Regulation"
2021 total $1,868,238

Congratulations to Erin Baker for being named one of the inaugural cohort of Impact Scholars!
Career Development
All investigators, especially Early Stage Investigators, are encouraged to work with the Career Development Core to develop and refine their grants. Talk to Nanette Nascone-Yoder to set up a chalk talk to help organize ideas for your next proposal.
Remember to cite our CHHE grant P30ES025128 in publications if CHHE has provided any services, facility core use, seed/pilot project funds etc. NIH tracks this as an important CHHE metric.
CHHE Resources and Facilities Page for NIH Grants is available on the CHHE website.
PINS: Remember when submitting your grants, be sure to select "Center for Human Health and the Environment" as a center in PINS. Link to Additional Resources
CHHE Cited Publications
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