JUNE 2020
Message from the Executive Director
No human being, black, white, Left wing or Right wing, could watch the agonizing death of George Floyd without feeling outrage against the officers who perpetrated this crime. Protests have justifiably erupted around the country against police brutality. After the protests, it is incumbent on every one of us to promote racial equity in our own lives.  
Governor Cuomo on Sunday articulated the “core issues” of inequality as education, child poverty and affordable housing. Now that we have the attention of the nation, it is time to finally address the disparities. Recently,  Newsday  revealed the extent to which African-American homebuyers are steered to high-minority, high poverty neighborhoods, laws have been passed to make discrimination on the basis of source of income illegal, and there has been sweeping state legislation that limits rent increases and makes it harder to evict tenants. But these measures will not change the culture. The famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “ Culture eats strategy  for breakfast.” That too can be said of laws. Source of income laws are circumvented by credit check qualifications.   Affordable housing requirements are circumvented by redefining “affordable housing” as rents $300 per month higher than the Fair Market Rents.  

THANK YOU to Stephanie Lunch-Loscalzo , who made masks for our clients at CHI's Wading River Supervised Family Residence (seen here).
CHI’s Board of Directors
Welcomes Two New Members
Community Housing Innovations is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors — Quwane Johnson and Carolyn B. Stevens

Steven Gifford, CHI’s Board Chair, stated, “I am delighted to welcome Quwane and Carolyn onto the CHI Board. Their personal and professional backgrounds and positive energy are true assets for CHI.”
Quwane Johnson
“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. As a community proponent, I am excited to be on the board of a great organization such as Community Housing Innovations. I look to bring my banking knowledge and experience, as well as learn from a great team of professionals.”
Carolyn B. Stevens
“The work CHI is doing... is admirable and more important than ever, especially in these times of Covid-19 and as we strive for a more just society. All people need and deserve safe and decent housing. I am eager to apply my experience with issues related to housing in service to this dynamic agency.“
Finding Success with CHI’s
Supervised Family Residence Program!
We are delighted to share an ongoing success story involving Crystal, a client at CHI’s Port Jefferson Station Supervised Family Residence (SFR), who r ecently enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program at Hunter Business School (HBS) where she will receive a medical assistant certification in seven months. Crystal's education will be fully funded by HBS, and she has been given an iPad to be used to complete her coursework. Classes began June 1, and Crystal is off to a running start.

This is the story of a motivated and determined homeless single mom, who has faced many obstacles, but continues to drive herself forward to attain her goals. This is also a story that demonstrates the power of CHI’s unique SFR program and the CHI staff that make it work. This scattered-site model for homeless housing, which is provided within existing houses and coupled with attentive one-on-one case management provided by Shelter Managers, gives SFR families the stability and resources they need to achieve social and economic independence.
CHI Awarded New $440,000 Grant
for First Time Homebuyers
CHI has been awarded a new down payment Assistance / Rehab grant for $440,000 from NY State’s Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC) to continue its First-Time Homebuyer Grant Program. CHI’s Homeownership Department expects to provide approximately 10 to 15 grants to prospective homebuyers in Westchester County with these funds.

CHI thanks the Sachem School District , which has been bringing food for ALL of the children at one of our local Supervised Family Residences -- not just those enrolled in their schools
Give to the Hand Up Fund
 The Hand Up Fund allows you, our donors, to have a direct impact in bettering the lives of others. Every donation, no matter the size, has a profound and lasting impact. The Hand Up Fund meets the immediate needs of families living in emergency housing to enable them to become more financially self-sufficient. This includes costs associated with gaining employment, furthering education, participating in vocational programs, after-school activities for children, transportation or rental application fees -- expenses not covered by government programs. We have covered costs for hard-working clients to sit for Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant exams or re-certifications, attend driving classes, obtain uniforms for a new job or enable children to participate in after-school or sports activities. 

Changing a little can change a lot. Click below to see how far a donation to the Hand Up Fund can go. Please consider donating now .