Dear friends:

In the face of the global outbreak of COVID-19 and many disheartening news reports, we are excited to share some of the excellent work and impact being made by our on-the-ground programs.

We are also proud to report that, since the start of our COVID-19 Relief campaign, we've already provided over 7,000 meals to families and children in need in India, as well as the healthcare and emergency services workers in New York who are working so hard right now.
CHI Empowers Girl Students
In Need
In Bhopal, the Children's Hope India Girls School provides an educational lifeline to girls who would not otherwise be able to attend school.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting closures, the already-impoverished families in the school community are facing even greater need. CHI is responding with a comprehensive program of support.

Girl Students and Their Moms Sew and Distribute 6,000+ Masks
Replicating the successful program created by refugee women in Jodhpur ( see Forbes coverage here ), CHI provided families with raw materials and purchased 6 sewing machines, in order to launch at-home mask production. Coupled with local donations, the school has already provided 6,000+ masks to the community and is gearing up to make hospital gowns and scrubs. We have also donated soaps and sanitizers to students.

1,238 Healthy Meals Provided to Families
CHI distributed food allowances for the families of 275 students in order to cover the needs of entire households. Students were also provided with immune-boosting vitamins.

At-Home Learning Made Possible for 300 Students
Despite school closures, CHI has continued to provide students with remote learning opportunities. We have given students web links with video-based lessons and learning activities.
As always, we are honored to be a part of the Children's Hope India community, a dedicated group of compassionate and generous individuals--and inspired to know that together, we can deepen our impact.

Be well,
Executive Director, Children’s Hope India 

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