Dear friends:

As we enter our second week of the COVID-19 Relief Campaign, we continue to be amazed by the dedication and hard work of CHI's On-The-Ground team as they work tirelessly on behalf of vulnerable children and their families. We applaud them for their commitment and compassion.
CHI Protects New Delhi
Families And Children In Distress
In New Delhi, Children's Hope Prayas serves more than 1,000 children, whose parents are rickshaw pullers, street performers, and domestic laborers. Our program provides a lifeline to education, healthcare, nutrition, and vocational training.

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus and resulting shutdown, the needs of these children are more urgent than ever.

Critical Sustenance For Vulnerable Children
Anticipating the impact of social distancing on such an impoverished community, on Mar. 21 we gathered nearby families to distribute healthy meals. We provided families with 525 food packets that included nutritional biscuits, fruit, and easy-to-cook meals.

Empowering The Community With Information
During the International Women's Day celebration on Mar. 8, the Prayas team
gathered women and girls from Anand Parbat to discuss the global outbreak and demonstrate recommended hygiene like handwashing. Daily instruction continued during school assemblies and students were counseled to stay indoors and encourage their parents to do the same.

Sharing Urgent Hygiene Supplies
Finally, community members were provided with much-needed supplies such as Dettol soap and sanitizers to encourage strong hygiene practices.
We are proud to report such positive change as a result of Children's Hope India programming during a time of such uncertainty, and thank our programs in India for their inspiring work.

Be well,
Executive Director, Children’s Hope India 

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