Dear friends:

This week, the world watched as the New York Metro Area, where so many members of our CHI community live and work, became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. And, CHI's dedicated and passionate volunteers didn't miss a beat, stepping up and stepping in to help bring supplies, food, and gratitude to some of the people who need it the most.

We commend them on their enthusiastic work!
Dedicated CH2 and CH3 Volunteers Deliver Much-Needed Relief to
First Responders at Epicenter
CH3 at Nassau County P.D. (masks removed for photo)
The NYU Winthrop Emergency Trauma Unit
CH3 delivering meals to first responders
In the face of the developing crisis, CHI's two main volunteer groups--CH2 young professionals and CH3 high school students--responded with their skills and resources.

Bollywood Dance Therapy For 91 Hard Working Staff at Mt. Sinai
Doctors, nurses and employees of hospitals have been under extreme stress and grueling schedules as they work to save lives. CH2 member Namrata held a live-streamed Bollywood cardio dance class for
91 employees at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Northwell Hospital.

Meals and Gratitude Delivered to 375 NY Area First Responders
CHI's Sunita Manjrekar led the CH3 volunteer team to gather up snack-packs and meals to 375 first responders at Mercy Hospital, Nassau County Police Department, NYU Winthrop Emergency Trauma Unit, and Island Harvest. CH3 members personalized each delivery with a note expressing gratitude for their service.

2,000 Gloves Donated to Hard-Hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens
Resourceful CH2 members surveyed their networks to gather donations for a hospital the center of the outbreak. They were able to deliver 2,000 gloves for Elmhurst emergency room staff.

This week, our team will be working to gather up more resources in order to deliver additional meals to people in need, particularly in Queens, New York.
On behalf of the board and staff, I want to extend our sincere thanks to Sunita, Namrata and every member of CH2 and CH3, and their families, for the work they are doing.

In the words of Mother Teresa, "we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

Be well,
Executive Director, Children’s Hope India 

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