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In addition to the health crisis taking place around the world, we have all been impacted by resulting economic changes and market uncertainty. In this week's edition of CHI and You... Alone Together , we are thrilled to bring you one of our dedicated Children's Hope India advisory board members, Sarat Sethi. As many of you know Sarat is a leader in the asset management sector and can often be seen on CNBC sharing his insights into what's happening in the markets.
Financial Planning and Investing
During Economic Uncertainty
Sarat Sethi, dedicated Children's Hope India Advisory Board Member and Managing Partner at Douglas C. Lane & Associates, shares his expert tips for financial planning and investments in economically uncertain times. 
CHI advisory board member, financial planning expert and regular on CNBC, Sarat Sethi shares his advice for navigating the economic climate created by the global COVID-19 outbreak. Check out Sarat's video (see left) and his four tips (below):

Start With Your Allocation
The first step Sarat recommends is reviewing and understanding how your investments are currently allocated.

Look Into Your Retirement
Explore the choices available to you regarding retirement accounts--from shifting your IRA to a ROTH, to skipping your annual distribution.

Consider Charitable Giving
Consider giving any appreciated stock to charities. This donation can help build their investments while providing a tax savings to you.

Resist Panic Selling
Markets are known to rebound so if you can survive the current volatility without selling off investments, do so.

Dedicated Children's Hope India supporter and advisory board member, Sarat graduated magna cum laude from Lehigh University and earned a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, is a Chartered Investment Counselor and a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. He also regularly appears on CNBC as an on-air contributor providing market commentary and equity analysis. Sarat became a partner of DCLA in 2001, a Managing Director in 2013 and a Managing Partner in 2016. Prior to that, he worked for JP Morgan in the Mergers & Acquisition/Corporate Finance area. Sarat serves on Lehigh University’s Board of Trustees, is the President of the Martindale Society and is Chair of the University’s Endowment Investment Committee. He was also President of the Lehigh University Alumni Association.
We thank Sarat for sharing his advice and insights with our community. We do hope that this week's email helps give you financial guidance for you and your family during this uncertain time.

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