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During this challenging time, it is important that we make health the number one priority with tools to maintain a strong immune system, manage emotions, and think clearly.

This week, we are thrilled to bring you our next installment of CHI and You... Alone Together , featuring Tina Sodhi. Some of you may know Tina from her fantastic TEDx talk called Art of Breathing , where she discussed how to use your breath to fight stress and find calm.
The Power of Breath:
Transforming Anxiety into Calm
Tina Sodhi developed her Art of Breathing Meditation after she went from working nonstop on Wall Street, feeling helpless and frustrated, to transforming her own life through regulated breath.

Join Tina's Art of Breathing Meditation session and turn inwards by practicing mindful breathing. Learn techniques that act quickly to release stress, manage anxiety, and calm the mind. Practice effective breathing to naturally boost immunity, balance emotions, increase mental clarity, and elevate your mood.

Watch Tina's full video (at left) to learn more and try these tips to get started:

... Exhale!
Always make your exhale longer than your inhale.

Start Slow
At first, try holding your breath for just a couple of seconds before you work your way up to 10 seconds.

You can also join Tina every Monday evening at 5:15pm EST, for a free 15 minute Zoom session (tune in here) .
Tina Sodhi is a partner at Triago, a global private equity advisory firm. Tina is responsible for fundraising for private equity funds and venture funds.
She is also the founder of Art of Breathing , a riveting business she developed in 2017 teaching employees of companies how to manage stress, stay energized, and maintain balance through simple breathing techniques
that can be easily applied in today's busy lifestyle. Her clients have included Carnegie Corporation and BNP Paribas. Her passion is to share these tools that enable each of us to thrive and live an empowered life. She is a certified kundalini yoga instructor and teaches classes in NYC, a WAVE Board member and a TEDx speaker. 

Find out more at and @artofbreathingnyc on Facebook and Instagram.
On behalf of the board and staff of Children's Hope India, we do hope that Tina's tips will help you achieve a sense of calm amid the storm, and open your smile during this new week.

Be well,

CHI Executive Board & Team

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