Dear friends:

Many of us are now coming to terms with the new "normal" of unpredictability and in many cases, health and economic insecurity brought on by COVID-19.

At Children's Hope India, we want to open your smile and give something back to you --friends, neighbors, members of the CHI community . Today we are launching a new series called "CHI and You... Alone Together" to share some of the wonderful resources of our dedicated and talented CHI community .
Navigating Fear and Confusion:
Lessons in Strength and Tranquility
This short video discusses advice for staying calm and maintaining even-mindedness. It also includes a two-minute meditation.
Sharmila Sani, an active supporter of Children's Hope India, shares a message of hope, strength, and guidance from her studies of Indian philosophy. She has been teaching spirituality and stress management classes for adults and children for close to 20 years.

Here are two tips from the video.

Everything Passes
Sharmila discusses how to stay calm and resist overreacting.

Do Your Best (& Leave The Rest)
She reminds us to maintain a positive attitude and focus instead on your best effort.

Please watch this video and try the meditation. We find it very helpful.

Sharmila will be hosting a Zoom class on Sunday, Apr. 12 at 4pm; please click here to register.
On behalf of the board and staff of Children's Hope India, we do hope that this weekly email will bring you a few minutes of peace and faith in a positive outcome . Thank you for being a part of this community.

Be well,

CHI Executive Board & Team

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