The Healthy Nudge
October 2019
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Penn Roybal Center Hosts 11th Annual Retreat
The 2019 Penn Roybal Center Retreat – on the heels of Rosh Hashanah – was an opportune time to reflect on sweetness and renewal. The retreat, which took place this month in Hershey, PA, brought together faculty associated with Penn's CHIBE, Carnegie Mellon University, and 5 other universities. Read our story to learn more about the presentations, keynote, workshops, and more, and view photos from the event here .
How the anti-vax sentiment took hold in the U.S.
Alison Buttenheim, PhD, MBA, Interim Director of CHIBE, was quoted in a front-page story in The New York Times. In this article about how the anti-vaccine sentiment took hold in the United States, Dr. Buttenheim discussed the behavioral reasons why some people choose to not get vaccinated, including omission bias and ambiguity aversion. Photo credit: Heather Hazzan
RFA Announced for CTSA Pilot Program
In partnership with the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, CHIBE is inviting proposals for Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) pilot projects from ITMAT Members and Associate Members addressing 1.) improvement of enrollment and retention in clinical trials and 2.) improvement of population health outcomes or health behavior through the use of connected health interventions. Applications focusing on reducing the risks from opioid addiction or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and applications exploring innovative ways of capturing patient reported outcomes in clinical and non-clinical settings or behavioral phenotyping in behavioral interventions will receive special consideration. CHIBE strongly encourages proposals to use the Way to Health platform. Proposals are due by Friday, November 22, 2019, for a proposal start date of January 1, 2020.
CHIBE Profile: Ravi Parikh, MD, MPP
Ravi B. Parikh, MD, MPP , is an Instructor in Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and Staff Physician at the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center. He is a practicing oncologist with expertise in delivery system reform and informatics . Read the full Q&A here.
What projects are you currently involved in?
I am currently leading the integration of a machine learning-based prognostic tool in oncology practices at Penn, evaluating its accuracy and impact on prompting conversations between physicians and patients about treatment goals and end-of-life wishes. I am also leading two “big data” projects using electronic health record data from the VA – one examining racial disparities among patients with prostate cancer, and the other using machine learning to phenotype high-cost primary care patients. Finally, I am using recently available real-world data sources to study treatment outcomes for patients with cancer who are not well-represented in clinical trials. Aside from this work, I am working on ongoing projects as part of the newly formed Healthcare Transformation Institute, where we develop clinician-focused interventions based on behavioral economics to solve problems that health systems and payers face.

What made you want to be a columnist for Medscape, and what do you get out of that experience?
I love to write for popular press, not only as a way of venting and de-stressing, but also because it forces you to translate complex ideas that you wrestle with as a researcher for the general public. I felt that my time in oncology fellowship gave me a lot of powerful stories, both about the trials that patients with cancer face, but also the ways that our health system could do better. I don’t want those stories to live in a vacuum, and writing for Medscape, with a readership that extends from physicians, to policymakers, to patients, to entrepreneurs, allows me to bring stories to light.
CHIBE In the News
Scott Halpern Wins Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
Congratulations to Scott Halpern, MD, PhD, MBE (a member of CHIBE's leadership team), who has received the Arthur K. Asbury Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award from Penn Medicine. "This award is truly humbling – and probably more important to me than any other I’ve received,” Dr. Halpern said. David Asch, MD, MBA, his nominator wrote: “Scott Halpern is a naturally gifted mentor, but what distinguishes him is how he pursues it actively and advances the approach.” Read our story on the award here.
Two CHIBE Members Win Leadership Awards
Congratulations to Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA , who has been recognized with two leadership awards, including the Steven E. Weinberger Award for Physician Executives/Leaders from the American College of Physicians (ACP). She will also receive the University of Iowa School of Public Health’s Richard and Barbara Hansen Leadership Award and present a lecture entitled “Lessons Learned While Building a Culture of Health" on November 19, 2019. This annual award honors people who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the public health field. Read more about what Dr. Lavizzo-Mourey has to say about the awards here.

Congratulations to Ravi Parikh, MD, MPP, who has received the Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award from the American College of Physicians (ACP). The award, according to the ACP's website, "recognizes a Resident/Fellow Member of the College who has demonstrated qualities that exemplify the College's mission 'to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.'"
Penn Hosts 2nd Nudges in Health Care Symposium
Sixteen institutions from 10 states and 2 countries (the U.S. and Saudi Arabia) came together for the 2nd annual Nudges in Health Care Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania September 16-17. Led by CHIBE’s Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA, MS, director of the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit , the symposium featured speakers with CHIBE affiliations, such as Mohan Balachandran, MA, MS, who spoke about the Nudge Collaborative; and Rinad Beidas, PhD ; Justin Bekelman, MD; and Kit Delgado, MD, MS, who spoke on a panel about implementing nudges on the front line. Read more here .
New Publications
The Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE) at the University of Pennsylvania conducts behavioral economics research aimed at reducing the disease burden from major U.S. public health problems. Originally founded within the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics , our mission is to inform health policy, improve health care delivery, and increase healthy behavior.