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Volume 50 Issue: 4
April Special Capital Campaign Edition 2017
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Time for the 50th!
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This is a Special Edition of CHIPPEWA SIG focused entirely on our Capital Campaign.  

Below is a letter from the Campaign Committee with a special appeal.  We are close to our goals, we've paid off the house mortgage and we need your help now to complete the Quest.

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Another Newsletter will be coming soon with details of our 50th Anniversary.  The Deadline for Registration for the 50th on April 21-22 is April 7.  If you've not done so, a registration form is linked below.

For the Good of the Order,
In Hoc Signo Vinces,
T. R. Shaw, '82
Alumni Chapter Editor
Campaign Goal Near; We Need Your Help To Reach the Summit
Pledges and Donations Still Needed!

My Brothers:
The time is at hand for the Zeta Rho 50th Anniversary celebration!   It is also a key rung in the ladder of the Zeta Rho Capital Campaign "Commitment to Our Future 50 Years and Beyond".
Your support is now needed more than ever!
We are asking the tough question of how much was your Sigma Chi experience worth?
  • Do you remember your Sigma Chi training, your Magister, Norman Shield, the Founders and the important meaning of Sigma Chi? What impact has that had on your life?
  • How about the ritual, the Quest, the lifelong striving to be a better Man? How did you feel when you took the oath and received your White Cross badge?
  • What about the relationships, dynamics and the learning you developed with your pledge bros and all the Zeta Rho brothers?
  • How about the good times, the creative parties, formal dances, sports, and lifelong friendships?
  • What about the chapter meetings knowing that in a very developmental time in your young life, you were surrounded by strong arms and true friends.
  • What is this worth?
We are at the point of making our final push and are asking for money. Part of our oath and lifelong commitment to Sigma Chi was financial and we hope that you will join us in making a financial donation and commitment.
The big news is that we have paid the Mortgage Off!  We have also set aside $30,000 in reserve funds for future unexpected repairs and emergencies. 
However, our campaign goal of $350,000 is not yet achieved!   While we have made great progress, a large majority of our 1,100+ brothers have not made commitment; in fact only 74 of us have.   We are now calling on all brothers to give and lend their financial support and help "carry the log."  We need brothers to step forward to help with the final push of this campaign.
If you've been to the house you know it needs repairs and improvements.  We need to raise another $125,000 to make improvements in the house that have long been needed. In priority order they are:
  • Remodel 2/3 bathrooms          estimated cost $ 35,000
  • Remodel the kitchen               estimated cost $ 25,000
  • Flooring                                   estimated cost $ 20,000
  • Laundry Room                        estimated cost $   5,000
  • Brotherhood Room                 estimated cost $ 10,000
  • Energy & Insulation               estimated cost $ 25,000
  • Security and Door Work         estimated cost $   5,000
  • Total Remodeling Costs                                $125,000
This third step to improve the house will allow us to rent a compliant, safe, and comfortable house to our active brothers. We will also be able to use the positive cash flow to help with chapter finances and to begin saving for a future, more expansive housing solutions.  The corporation bylaws were recently changed as to not allow ZPHC to refinance the house in support of any required capital improvements. This change protects our equity in the house. ALL funds raised from this point will go into supporting and improvements needed to the house! 
We absolutely need your help to accomplish this very important step in the Capital Campaign.  We ask you to dig deep and help us reach our goal.   We believe we've proven ourselves worthy and accountable.  If you already have made a commitment, we thank you and ask that you get your final funds and payments in.  We also urge you to reach out and contact other brothers who could also help. Any amounts are appreciated and encouraged! We just want to get as many brothers participating as possible. Please complete the "Commitment to Our Future 50 Years and Beyond" and send your payment in. We also have a PayPal account set up for ease of payments.
The log has become much lighter, thanks to the efforts of a few brothers, but it still needs to be carried.  Please give what you can and help us reach the summit.  We are closer than we've ever been in the history of the Zeta Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi and now are the time!  We have proven ourselves worthy of your investment.
If you have any question about the house, the remodeling plans or the Capital Campaign please contact Kurt Feight at 989-560-1120 or
We hope to see you at the 50th Anniversary in Mt. Pleasant April 21-23 as we Celebrate 50 Years of Zeta Rho and recognize those brothers that supported our worthy cause. Join us as we finally burn the mortgage!
In Hoc,
Kurt Feight
ZP Housing Corp President
Rick Vanden Heuvel
ZP Housing Corp Vice-President
Paul Miele
ZP Fundraising Chairman
Along with Commitment to our Future Committee Members;
Don Fergle, T. R. Shaw, Scott Cartwright, Clay McAndrews, Mike Covington, Evan Vallis, Gary DuBois, Scott Jackson, Joe Brandell, Marc Kalinowski, Jim Barrett, Al Stolpe, Pat Gardner, Dan Klekner, Randy Payne, Kevin Holland, Jim Stowe, Dave Wegener, Dan Blatt, Joe Durand, Jeff Hoomaian, Todd Russell, Eric Whipple, Tony Benvenuti, Tay Jackson, Mike Vozar (Site contains link for Pay Pal payment)

Downloadable Contribution Form  (Download, Fill Out and Mail with Check)


Commitment to Our Future - 50 Years and Beyond"  

In closing, we want to call out and give special thanks to those Brothers that have already committed support to the ZPHC:

Kirk Albert, David Antil, Jimmy Bell, Anthony Benvenuti, Chris Beresford, Don Bertsch, Ron Bindi, Daniel Blatt, Gordon Blatt, Joe Brandell, Brian Bremer, Geoff Brown, Robert Burger, Conner Cartwright, Scott Cartwright, Cory Cole, Stephen Combes,  Steve Discher, David Drain, Gary DuBois, Mike Dudash, Joe Durand, Grant Elliott, Kurt Feight, Don Fergle, John Ferguson, Dave Fishbaugh, Brian Fix, John Foster, Kent France, Roger Fultz, Jeff Gabrielson, Larry Gandee, Pat Gardner, Bill Gervasi, Jon Greenawalt, Joel Gruenberg, Ron Gush, John Hayes, Ted Heidloff, Kevin Holland, Jeff Hoomaian, James Hunter, Norm Innes, Scott Jackson, James Jilek, Jim Kalina, Marc Kalinowski, James Kaminski, John Ketelhut, Eric Kinnie, Daniel Klekner, Al Kracker, Sean Landis, Jim Laskowicz, Chip Latta, Bill Lint, Brian Livingston, Kenny Maier, Larry Maisner, Tom McNally, Paul Miele, Michael Miele, James Mollema, Jeff Nemens, Rick Newman, Jeff Nosek, Randall Payne, Ed Pitrago, Kim Poineau, Frank Polehanke, James Prior, Scott Rader, Robert Ribble, Brad Robinson, Don Romain, Al Rose, Todd Russell, Jim Sanford, Eric Scott, Jim Seidman, T.R. Shaw, William Simonson, Mike Smith, Tracy Steen, Craig Stephan, Al Stolpe, Brandon Stolpe, James Stowe, Hank Strackbein, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Tedder, Dave Tofolo, Lee Torrey, Mark Van Faussien, Richard Vanden Heuvel, Denny Venn, Mike Vozar, Dave Wegener, Eric Whipple, David Winans, Jeremy Zarotney, John Zych.

Thank You Brothers, It's truly great to be a SIG!

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We hope you enjoyed this edition and look for more to follow as we progress.  Our goal is to keep you informed and up to date on the chapter and what's happening at CMU.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is an item you'd like the alumni to know about.  I look forward to keeping you informed.


In Hoc,


T. R. Shaw, '82, Alumni Chapter Editor,

269-209-5555 (C),

269-965-2979 (H)