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Penn State National Science Foundation Center for Health Organization Transformation
(Penn State CHOT) - An Industry-University Cooperative Research Center
The CHOT introductions and project kickoff meeting was held on August 24.  From left to right: Farhad Imani, Fariha Azhar, Chonghan Lee, Sakthi Arul, Rajeev Bhatt, Dr. Conrad Tucker, Liang Xu, Lindsay Mitchell, and Dr. Hui Yang. Missing from photo: Dr. Andrea Yevchak, Dr. Chris DeFlitch, Dr. Hui Zhao, Dr. Mary Frecker, Dr. Melissa Boltz, Dr. Nilam Ram, Dr. Prasenjit Mitra, Dr. Steven Schiff, Christian Lopez, Dillon Madrigal, Mallory Peterson, Scott Tucker, Thanh Le, and Xiao Yang. 
2018 CHOT Publications
Scott Tucker - Fracture Fixation Biomechanics and Biomaterials
Surgical fracture fixation is an important part of modern orthopedic care. Implants are designed by engineers, and selected and applied by surgeons, with careful consideration of clinical, biological, biomechanical, and biomaterials principles. Clinically, a large variety of screws, plates, intramedullary nails, and external fixation devices are used. Fracture healing is a biologically complex process that may proceed down one of multiple possible pathways. Successful fracture healing, as well as implant survival, is dependent on three-dimensional biomechanics as the patient resumes activity. These biomechanics are dependent on patient variables as well as the fracture fixation construct chosen by the surgeon. Implant biomaterials must satisfy stringent biomechanical and biocompatibility requirements. Experimental and computational models enable advances in implant design, as well as our understanding of how surgeons may best apply these implants for each patient.  
The publisher is Springer and more information about the book can be found here.  
Introducing Our New 2018/2019 CHOT Scholars
Dillon Madrigal - M.S. Student
(College of Nursing)
Dillon Madrigal is a second-year master's student in the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program. He obtained his undergraduate degree in nursing from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. After completing his undergraduate work, he accepted a position in the Medical Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System. During his work in the Medical Respiratory ICU, he participated in several quality improvement projects on the unit, including the development of a standardized screening tool for recognizing intimate partner violence.  
After working for two years in the ICU, Dillon began work as a travel nurse, where he gained experience in a variety of health care specialties including trauma, organ transplantation, cardiovascular care, and cardio-thoracic surgery.  Dillon is excited to be a part of the CHOT program and looks forward to aiding in the development of tools that will assist in the recognition of delirium by health care providers and family members at the bedside.
Research Adviser: Andrea Yevchak
The August 2018 CHOT scholar highlighted above will join the CHOT scholars that were announced in the previous CHOT newsletters.
2018/2019 CHOT Scholars can be found in the previous CHOT newsletters here.

Upcoming Event
Fall 2018 IAB Meeting
Hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT)

Date: Thurs., October 11, 2018 and Fri., October 12, 2018
Location: MITRE Building, 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102

More information about the event can be found here.