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Penn State National Science Foundation Center for Health Organization Transformation
(Penn State CHOT) - An Industry-University Cooperative Research Center
JULY  2018
Penn State CHOT Welcomes
Susan G. KomenĀ® as a new CHOT Industry Member
Susan G. KomenĀ®
Susan G. Komen is the world's largest breast cancer organization, funding more breast cancer research than any other nonprofit outside of the federal government while providing real-time help to those facing the disease. Since its founding in 1982, Komen has funded more than $956 million in research and provided more than $2.1 billion in funding to screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs in more than 60 countries worldwide. Komen was founded by Nancy G. Brinker, who promised her sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would end the disease that claimed Susan's life.  Visit for more information and connect with Komen on social media at

Komen's Big Data for Breast Cancer (BD4BC) Initiative aims to use big data to fuel scientific discoveries and accelerate the delivery of equitable, patient-focused care. Realizing that big data holds great promise for advancing research and improving breast cancer patient care and outcomes, Komen started the big data for breast cancer conversation in 2015 by convening more than 130 experts representing approximately 100 organizations, both non- and for-profit, to explore the opportunities and challenges of incorporating big data applications into breast oncology research and clinical care. Since then, Komen has continued to drive the discussion to catalyze data science collaborations focused on breast cancer in efforts to drive progress toward its Bold Goal of reducing the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026.

The Susan G. Komen-CHOT partnership seeks to advance discoveries in breast cancer research that are translational in nature and have a high impact in reducing and eliminating deaths associated with diseases such as breast cancer.
Komen Team Leader

Jerome Jourquin joined Susan G. Komen in January 2011. He currently oversees the Komen Scholars, a group of breast cancer research and advocacy leaders, and co-leads Komen's Big Data for Breast Cancer (BD4BC) Initiative.

Prior to joining Komen, Jourquin completed a master's degree in bioinformatics at Vanderbilt University in 2010, where he developed GLAD4U, a web service designed to build prioritized gene lists based on user queries. With a particular interest in data mining and data sharing, Jourquin was also part of a multidisciplinary team of experimentalists, mathematicians, engineers, and bioinformaticists studying breast cancer invasion at Vanderbilt. Jourquin, a French native, earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Aix-Marseilles (2003) and a master's degree in cell biology and animal physiology from the University of Paris 7 - Denis Diderot (1997).

Jourquin looks forward to contributing to the Susan G. Komen-CHOT partnership and to providing the unique perspective of a patient advocacy organization like Komen to the broader CHOT membership.
2018/2019 CHOT Research Projects
The Penn State Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) is pleased to announce the industry-guided projects for the 2018/2019 academic year. Penn State CHOT will work closely with other CHOT university sites and industry members to advance the aims and objectives of the 2018/2019 CHOT projects, with Penn State taking the lead role in a subset of them, as indicated below. Penn State CHOT is a multidisciplinary center that includes active participation from Penn State's Colleges of Engineering, Medicine, Information Science and Technology, Health and Human Development, Nursing, and Business.

1. Comprehensive Analysis on Impact of Social Determinants to Improve Care Across Populations

2. Participating in a Community Health Improvement Network

3. The Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Combating Opioid Crisis (led by Penn State)

4. Measuring Patient Experience and the Effects of Community Factors on Value-based Reimbursement across the Continuum of Care

5. Developing a Risk Prediction Model for Hospital Acquired Clostridium Difficile Infection

6. HIE Project for Chronic Disease and Workflow Management

7. Leveraging Technology to Enhance Communication in Health Care

8. Data-driven Analytics and Machine Learning for Improving Health Care Outcomes 
(led by Penn State)

9. Care Coordination Activities for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

10. Embedding Routine, Informal Family Caregiver Assessment of Delirium Superimposed on Dementia into Acute Care (led by Penn State)

11. Telemedicine in Primary Care and in the Management of Chronic Conditions: Exploring Patient & Provider Perspectives (led by Penn State)

12. A Home Health Intervention to Address Health Literacy Barriers, Increase Patient Engagement, and Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes
2018 CHOT Research Publication
Rick Huang, assistant professor of industrial engineering at Penn State Behrend, graduate research assistant Linlin Ma, and two undergraduate students, Luke Sablija and Zachary Puhala, worked on investigating the development of sustainable community paramedicine programs in Pennsylvania.

The community paramedicine (CP) model was designed to increase access to basic services and care through the use of specially-trained emergency medicine services (EMS) personnel in an expanded role to provide health care support such as performing medical procedures, physical/mental assessments, follow-up post discharge, and conducting disease prevention and education. CP models have been applied across rural and urban communities in support of health care delivery systems for nearly two decades. However, there is still insufficient information regarding the development of sustainable CP programs. This study explores the strategies used by active CP programs and investigates their operational statuses, community demographics, financial models and challenges for program development. The study attempted to use the operational strategies of the four programs to demonstrate a practical roadmap for a CP program development plan. This CHOT supported study recently was published in Emergency Medicine Journal.
Introducing Our 2018/2019 CHOT Scholars
Farhad Imani - Ph.D. Candidate 
(College of Engineering)
Farhad Imani received a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from the University of Science and Culture in Tehran, Iran, and a master's degree in industrial engineering from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He is currently working toward a dual-title Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering and operation research at Penn State.

His research focuses on sensor-based modeling and analysis of the complex system for process monitoring, quality control, and reliability improvement, with applications in health care and manufacturing. His recent projects include image-guided quality control to improve build quality and reduce costs in additive manufacturing, as well as high-dimensional tensor modeling to tackle the data uncertainty and incompleteness problem in the health care domain.

  Research Adviser:   Dr. Hui Yang
Rajeev Bhatt - M.S. Student 
(College of Engineering)
Rajeev Bhatt is a second-year M.S student in electrical engineering at Penn State. Previously, he graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 2015 where he got introduced to artificial neural networks and their applications. Since then, he has had a keen interest in making a difference in medical and mobile applications using these techniques. His interests include deep learning applications to computer vision and natural language processing. Rajeev has been collaborating with Dr. Prasenjit Mitra and will be working as a graduate research assistant in fall 2018 on a related CHOT project.

Research Adviser:   Dr. Prasenjit Mitra
July 2018 CHOT scholars highlighted above will be joining the CHOT scholars that we announced in the June CHOT newsletter.
2017/2018 CHOT Scholars can be found in the CHOT June Newsletter  here .
Upcoming Event
Fall 2018 IAB Meeting
Hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT)

Date: Thurs., October 11, 2018 and Fri., October 12, 2018
Location: MITRE Building, 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102

More information about the event can be found here.