Monday, Feb. 10, 2020

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Congratulations to Gabe Woody, who signed with Southeastern University this week!
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One of the things I enjoy most about each of these Colonial Connection issues is that they continually bring to the forefront the wide variety of successes so many of our students are experiencing week after week. In this issue alone students have earned scholarships and acceptances to fine universities, others have kept up top grades since school started last August, another group invests time serving others in multiple ways, and still others exhibit great sportsmanship through athletic competition. I share this with you as it did not take me long after arriving as your new principal to realize it truly is "Great To Be A Grenadier!" And while I observe this every school day around both campuses, when these weekly issues run they always deepen my pride for our students, educators, and staff.

Enjoy Black History Spirit Week Grenadiers and please remember that we will be releasing 3rd Quarter Progress Reports on Wednesday.

It's Great To Be A Grenadier!

Dr. Maestre

Colonial High School recognizes the value of our staff, students, and community members as an extra set of eyes and ears and asks for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns. If you see something or hear of something suspicious, please say something. Be aware. Be responsible. Thank you!

Weekly Reminders

Attention to Detail 
While we are constantly reinforcing the importance of meeting graduation requirements as the "big picture," our Grenadiers need to keep up with the details to make this happen.

Students should be regularly checking skyward for grades, missing assignments, and accurate accounting if attendance. They should be checking class Canvas pages to ensure class announcements are read. They should be showing up to club meetings and sports practices consistently and on time, coupled with the responsibilities of monitoring their social media content as if a college admissions counselor from their top choice is following them.

Progress Reports (Feb. 12) 
Third Quarter progress reports will be distributed on February 12th. We encourage all guardians to sit down with your student and ask him or her about the academic progress thus far. If your student is progressing toward academic success this 9 weeks, please celebrate and continue to encourage their effort. If your student has some missing assignments or needs to make up quizzes or a test, we have several options available for our Grenadiers in the way of tutoring. I encourage you to reach out to your student's teachers and take full advantage of tutoring options available.
Monthly PTSA and SAC Meeting (Feb. 13) 
PTSA and SAC will meet on February 13 in the Media Center on Freshman Campus at 6:00pm.
Colonial High School will participate in an online survey until March 13 as one method of reaching all stakeholders. Please submit your survey responses this week to ensure that we get your feedback!
This survey will help us better understand our strengths and areas for improvement. It will only take a few minutes and it is completely anonymous.
The survey is available in Arabic, English, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.  
Thank you in advance for your support and your feedback - your perspective is important and valuable.
Black History Month Spirit Week
Our very own Legacy Club is leading our celebration of Black History!

National School Counselor Appreciation Week

To celebrate National School Counselor Appreciation week, we celebrated our counselors with lunch, donuts, and much love!  Our counselors meet with each student to ensure that scheduling is correct and supports student goals for after high school.  Our counselors organize and facilitate Valencia application help sessions, FAFSA application help sessions, parent information events and so much more!  We are so thankful for the amazing, talented Grenadiers of our Guidance department.

Ms. Martin, Ms. Hudson, Ms. Stuart, Ms. Ferraiuolo, Ms. Wright, Ms. Contreras, and Mr. Thompson (not pictured, but equally loved, are our Freshman Campus Counselors: Ms. Vargas and Mr. Smith).

Freshman Campus
First Semester Honor Roll 
Honor Roll students were recognized for their first semester academic success. Congratulations to the students pictured below who earned all As and Bs during the first semester!

SAT Practice

Please encourage your student(s) to complete at least 30 minutes a week of free SAT practice at Khan Academy is an excellent way for students to get specific practice in their SAT area of need.

Research shows that 30 minutes of week of Khan Academy Official SAT practice, helps to improve SAT scores by an average of 100 points.  Juniors and seniors who participate in Khan Academy and register with College Board Opportunity Scholarship ( make themselves eligible for scholarships, incentives, and higher SAT scores.  If you are having difficulty signing up for this opportunity, please contact Mr. Burley (

Pictured are students who took advantage of an ACT prep course offered during the school day.  Students were able to review test-taking strategies for reading and writing questions on the ACT.

Classroom Spotlight
In Ms. DeToma's English 2 class, sophomores are using Nearpod to share their analysis of Macbeth with each other.

In Ms. Gonzalez's English 2 class, students are creating written responses based on the plot developments within an excerpt from the Holinshed Chronicles, which was the source of MacBeth.  In both English 2 classes, students are analyzing how Shakespeare transformed the original source material by examining similarities and differences between the texts.

Organization Spotlight
Hispanic Honor Society in the Community 
Our very own Hispanic Honor Society has participated in several service experiences this year. In October, our students volunteered at Clean the World. More recently, students supported the Snow Fest event in Oviedo.

College and Career Center Updates
Valencia College Dual Enrollment (VCDE) is an opportunity for students with 3.0 and higher GPAs to earn FREE COLLEGE CREDIT. The window for VCDE is open January 27th to March 2nd.

Until then, interested students should practice for the PERT - reading, writing, and math tests. A wide variety of practice materials are available online free of charge.
Source: The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 10, 2019) - "The Benefits of Starting College Early - in High School" - Dual-enrollment programs are expanding to a younger and more diverse group of students - Read full article 

College Bound! 
Please join us in congratulating the following students for their acceptances into college! We are so proud of their accomplishments!
* Claudia Alfonso-Alcaide: Florida State University
* Yasmine De Leon: Florida State University
* Rashi Gordon: Valencia College
* Laila Grady: Florida International University
* Anaya Huggins: Florida A&M University
* Malia Joy: Florida State University, Rollins College (pictured below)
* Linh Le: Florida State University
* Andria Lenihan: Stetson University, University of Central Florida
* Alexa Macias: Rollins College
* Josue Maldonado Zelaya: Florida State University, Florida Gulf Coast University
* Alanis Patino: University of Tampa
* Rachel Salmon: Florida State University
* Caleb Sjostedt: Florida State University
* Mikayla Taylor: Florida State University (pictured below)
* Kaitlyn Wilson: Florida State University
The historic James D. Westcott building on the FSU campus in Tallahassee. Nine of the Grenadiers listed above have received acceptance letters FSU! 
Grenadier Athletics
Girls' Basketball 
Our girls' basketball teams played and won against the Winter Park Wildcats to enter the district playoffs. On Wednesday, our girls beat the Oviedo Lions in overtime by a layup on the buzzer! Come out and support the girls as they continue to advance in district competition!

Lady Grenadiers set up on offense

Final score in the victory over Winter Park 
Boys' Wrestling 
Boys' wrestling celebrated Senior Night on Wednesday and won big against University, with a 51-18 point lead!  Come out and cheer on our wrestlers at their next match!

Athletic Events 
Dates/Times are subject to change based on referee availability  
Prom Tickets
Prom will take place on May 9 from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm.   
Students must be in academic good standing to purchase tickets. Purchase now before the price goes up!  The cost of the ticket includes a full meal with appetizers and dessert!

Tutoring - MAIN CAMPUS
If you have a D or an F in any class, you should attend tutoring!  We just want to remind you that tutoring takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Any student with less than a 2.0 GPA is strongly encouraged to attend. Your participation in tutoring will help you bring your grades up.

Tutoring has resumed on Main Campus! See the room numbers below of the teachers who are providing tutoring. Students can grab food from the food line outside of the cafeteria and head to their respective tutoring class.  

Here is the link for students to sign up for tutoring on Main Campus:
You must sign up to get transportation!
Please contact Ms. Hudson ( or Mr. Burley ( if you have any questions!

ELA  Gonzalez  4-125 6022125 
ELA  Clarke  4-107 6022107 
ESOL  Fernandez  4-122 6022822
Math  Blackerbery  4-260 6022260  
Math  Miller  4-265 6022265 
Math  Rodeghier  4-267 6022267 
Math  Smaldino  4-275  6022275 
Math (Algebra 1 & Pre Calculus)  Raines  27-115  6022259 
Math  Zimmerman  4-277  6022277 
Math  Sobol  4-276  6022276
Social Studies  Kaminski  27-108  6022708 
Social Studies  S Sanders  27-110  6022710  
Science  DiSalvo  4-136  6022136 
Science  Jones  4-145  6022145 
Science  Settle  4-236  6022236 
Science  Puentes  4-147  6022147 
CTE  Cosme, Watson, Vasquez  17-301  6022818 
Credit Recovery  Short  2-215  6022825 
ELA  Espinet  4-178  6022537 
Freshman Grenadiers:  If you have a D or an F in any class, you should attend tutoring! 
We just want to remind you that tutoring takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Any student with less than a 2.0 GPA is strongly encouraged to attend.  Your participation  in tutoring will help you bring your grades up.

Please sign up with your school laptop at: 

Monday's Motivational Moment!
In that Colonial's Legacy Club is leading Black History Month Spirit Week beginning Monday morning, we thought a powerful news story from the U.S. Navy would be just perfect for the week ahead!  
U.S. Navy photo from their January 2020 press announcement
On the morning of December 7, 1941 Doris "Dorie" Miller, who was serving as a mess attendant 2nd class at the time, was collecting laundry on the battleship USS West Virginia when it was torpedoed by a Japanese plane. He had just finished serving breakfast prior to that.

In December 1941, all African Americans in the Navy were assigned as cooks or other similar support jobs and he was simply going about his Sunday morning while the ship was at anchor in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. However, on the morning of the Japanese air raid, Miller was then ordered up from below to the bridge to aid the captain who was severely wounded. He provided help to the captain and then jumped on a .50 caliber machine gun to fire back at the attacking Japanese planes. This was a weapon he was not trained on - he simply figured it out and took personal action. After manning the gun, he helped his shipmates get off the burning ship and onto safety.
USS West Virginia sunk at her moorings on Dec. 7, 1941 (Oahu, HI)
Picture of Dorie Miller on the postage stamp made in his honor.
Picture of Dorie Miller on the postage stamp printed in his honor. 
Trailing the events of December 7th, members of Congress and the black press contacted the White House. President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the Secretary of the Navy to release Dorie Miller's name and to give him an award for bravery in action. He received the Navy Cross for his heroism - the first African American sailor to earn it. Sadly, Dorie Miller was killed in action two years later. In 1943, his ship (U.S.S. Liscombe Bay) was attacked and sunk by a Japanese submarine during the invasion of Makin island. Miller was declared missing in action after the attack and reclassified killed in action one year later. His body was never found.

Last month the U.S. Navy went further in remembering this African American hero of World War II. They have announced that the very next Ford-class aircraft carrier to come on line will be named in his honor. The USS Doris Miller (CVN-81) will be the fourth Ford-class aircraft carrier, following USS Ford, USS John F. Kennedy, and USS Enterprise. The Navy will buy about eleven Ford class carriers, replacing the older Nimitz-class carriers throughout the 2020-2050 time frame.

USS Miller, like the other ships in the Ford-class of aircraft carriers, will be one of the largest warships ever built. Miller will carry nearly 80 warplanes and will be manned by 6,000 sailors. Miller is scheduled to be delivered to the U.S. Navy in 2032, a fitting tribute for a sailor that gave everything. And without him really knowing, Dorie Miller actually was a part of the Civil Rights movement because he changed the thinking in the Navy!

Colonial High community footnote: As of January 2019, approximately 65,000 African Americans were serving in the Navy while the number over the lifetime of the service almost certainly reaches well into the millions!

Have a wonderful week and Happy Valentine's Day! 
Dr. Maestre, Principal 
Colonial High School 
Sunday, February 9, 2020
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