Monday, Jan. 13, 2020

Pictured very top:

Mrs. Robinson starts the third quarter strong with a review from previous math lessons. This helps refresh the memory of students and to have the information last longer. Students are excited to have her back and are ready to be prepared for the upcoming exams. Credit: Han Nguyen (student)

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Welcome back, Grenadiers!

After a busy first week of the second semester, we are rocking and rolling with plenty of academic, artistic, and athletic events - and everything in between. As you will see below, the month of January is packed with a number of special events and opportunities that apply to students and community members alike. Please make sure to mark down anything that might benefit you, your student, or your household.

As a reminder, next week will be a short school week due to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday, January 20. Classes will resume the following day as usual.

Best wishes for a successful week ahead and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

It's Great To Be A Grenadier!

Dr. Maestre

Colonial High School recognizes the value of our staff, students, and community members as an extra set of eyes and ears and asks for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns. If you see something or hear of something suspicious, please say something. Be aware. Be responsible. Thank you!

New Feature for 2020!
With the New Year, we are starting a new tradition of recognizing our amazing teachers! This paast week, one teacher on each campus, Main and Freshman, was "Grenad-EARed!" This special recognition will continue each week, as faculty and staff take a moment to shout out each other!

Mr. Hoeth 
Pictured to the right with Dr. Maestre is Zach Hoeth. He is in his first year of teaching at Colonial High School and is already making big strides. Before becoming part of the Grenadier family, he served as an Americorps member for City Year Orlando at Jones High School. There he devoted over 1,700 service hours to tutor and mentor struggling students in a Title I school within the OCPS network.

During his short time here, he has become certified in the following Digital Design programs: Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator. Inclasses that he teaches on both the freshman campus and the main campus, 75 of his students have already earned industry certifications in either Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator!

In his spare time, Mr. Hoeth has been assisting with the Colonial High School boys basketball program.

Ms. Stokes 
Pictured left with Dr. Maestre is Ms. Stokes who started with us last year and has been working diligently with juniors who need the reading graduation requirement. Sometimes, these students are less than thrilled to be in a reading class, but Ms. Stokes brings just the right blend of subtle sarcasm and encouraging optimism to lead students to reach short term reading goals.  
Ms. Stokes is constantly refining her instructional practice, including using activities such as four corners to help students think through reading analysis or having students justify their reasoning with a shoulder partner. Ms. Stokes provides small group instruction to her students so she can focus on individual student thinking and improvement.  
Most days after teaching 7 periods a day, Ms. Stokes then heads to the PAC after school. She works with our theater department to support our Improvisation Troupe
Congratulations, Ms. Stokes!
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (Jan. 9, 2020)
Highlights from this past Thursday on both campuses . . .

Above and just below:
On main campus, Deputy Dyshuk and Deputy Barrick are always available to chat with students. Their presence on our campus makes our students and staff feel safe each day.

And on freshman campus, Deputy Chattick ensures that we have a safe dismissal each day!  In addition to helping us maintain a safe and secure campus, Deputy Chattick interacts with our freshman each day during lunches and in between classes, checking on their progress and well being.

All three of our School Resource Officers (SROs) enjoyed a special lunch on January 9, to celebrate National Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day.  We are so thankful for our SROs!

Reminders . . .
Student tardiness decreased significantly throughout this past week as a result of our tardy system. Students know that when they have five (5) unexcused tardies, the consequences will start with a lunch detention and then continue to increase in severity. After one (1) unexcused tardy, parents will receive a phone call from the school as a reminder of the expectation for students to be on time.

Tardy consequences will continue throughout the year. The one-minute warning bell provides a noisy reminder that you need to get moving. One strategy to be on time to class includes ending your conversation a minute earlier so both you and your friends can make it.

Remember Grenadiers: If you are late, you are missing something great!  

Parent Survey Opens Wednesday 
Our annual Parent Survey will be open for responses starting on January 15. We need your feedback regarding what's working and what might need improvement!  Please make sure you submit your response! More details and the link will be provided in the next Colonial Connection.

ESOL College Forum for Parents and Students This Thursday 
ESOL College Forum for ESOL Parents and Students takes place on January 16 from 6 pm to 8 pm in the Media Center on Main Campus.

Spotlight on Art
Grenadier art to go on public display this week through March
Colonial art students will have their artwork on display at the Orlando Museum of Art for "The Best of" exhibit. The exhibition will be in the Peggy Crosby Student Gallery at the Orlando Museum of Art from January 14 to March 29.

Ms. Krieger evaluates a student's ink drawing to teach her skills she can use for her paintings.

Grenadier Athletics
At the latest wrestling match, our Grenadier is throwing their opponent!
Credit: Skyler Call (student)


College and Career Resource Center

January 21, 2020: PAF Student Scholarship - High school athletes who plan to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or university. Please see your counselor for the application.

January 31, 2020: onePULSE Foundation Legacy Scholarships. Amount: up to $10,000 - Financial need - Track record of leadership, community involvement and/or work experience - Working for the betterment of the community - Strong academic or self-improvement interest

January 24, 2020:  Bridges to Success Application (Help Session on January 15)

The Opportunity Scholarship is still available to all juniors! Please contact Mr. Burley ( if you have any questions.


College Visits
January 14: Life University
January 17: Florida International University; Florida Gulf Coast University
January 24: Florida Atlantic University
January 28: University of South Alabama

Guidance Important Dates
Valencia Dual Enrollment Application opens on January 27.  See Mr. Thompson or your guidance counselor for more details!  Application help sessions will take place soon!

Course selection forms will be distributed to Sophomores and Juniors starting January 13 and are due to your guidance counselor by January 17.  Counselors will start meeting with students individually on January 21.

Giving Back to Our Grenadiers
The Marinas Foundation is sponsoring a mentoring opportunity for any community member who would like to positively impact a Grenadier's life!
OCPS Events
Parent Academy (Jan. 25)

OCPS Parent and Family Engagement will host a Parent Academy, "Together, Towards Tomorrow" at Edgewater High School on Jan. 25. This academy, primarily for secondary students and families, will include a mini magnet school and college fair in collaboration with other district offices.  
* Free lunch will be provided for each attending family, in addition to translation services and free child care for all students ages 4-18.
OCPS Foundation - 13th Annual Day of Beauty (Feb. 8) 
No Early Release Wednesdays (Mar. 4, Apr. 1, May 6) 
Community Meeting
Grenadier Health & Safety in 2020
Monday's Motivational Moment

Many studies have shown that a negative event or emotion usually has at least three times the impact of a comparable positive one. So to come out ahead, the "Rule Of Four" comes into play: it takes four good things to overcome one bad thing.

This is not a rule of thumb or a law of nature. It does not apply to every person in every situation, but it is a useful gauge of well-being and progress. For example, if you have one quiz or test with a score that does not really reflect your potential, strive to have at least four that show what you are truly capable of. If you have four good days at work or school from Monday to Thursday, that is usually enough to make up for one bad Friday.

You can also keep this ratio in mind when dealing with others. For example, if you slip up and say or do something hurtful, don't expect to atone for it with one bit of goodwill. Plan on at least four compliments to make up for one bit of criticism.

Dr. Maestre, Principal
Colonial High School
Monday, January 13, 2020
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