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Why Study the Old Testament by Clancy Nixon
Shepherd's Retreat by Dean Schultz -9/15
Family Fun Fest by Sara Johnson - 9/16
Barktoberfest by John Nuzum -10/6
Women's Ministry Report by Amy Farley
C-VBS Report by Ginger Nixon
How to Attract (and Repel) First Time Guests by Dan Reiland
Missions Giving Update by Amy Farley
Backpack Buddies by Cindy Bloomingdale
Many Nations represented at CHS
Cartoon - Apostle Paul's mom
List of Events for Fall 2018
Why Study the Old Testament?
by Pastor Clancy Nixon

Very soon, we will begin at the beginning - our sermons and Sunday school lessons for all ages will focus on going through the book of Genesis. Not only that, my plan is to spend the next 3 years going through the highlights of the whole Bible using the suggested readings of Lifeway's Gospel Project . I've heard someone ask, "Why will we spend so much time in the Old Testament?" Great question! Here are some answers. 
The Old Testament ("OT") was Jesus' Bible, and Jesus believes it to be true. In response to critics, Jesus often replied by quoting the OT: "It is written ...," which for Him, settled the matter. The OT is the inspired, trustworthy, infallible Word of God, and it teaches us many things that we would not otherwise know from the New Testament ("NT") alone. The NT was written by Jews, and assumes an understanding of the OT in every reference. It is impossible to fully understand either who Jesus is, or what Jesus and his apostles taught, without a basic knowledge of the OT.
 The NT teaches that many of God's promises made in the OT - about the coming Messiah King, the suffering servant, the Prophet like Moses, etc., were fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said he came to fulfill the Law of Moses and the writings of the Prophets, not to abolish them (Matthew 5:17).
Spiritual principles taught in the OT still guide us in our daily living - particularly the Ten Commandments. And what great stories it tells for our learning - the escape from Egypt by a million slaves through walls of water; Jonah fleeing God's call, then swallowed by a fish, then preaching revival, then despondent; even Elisha sending a bear to maul mocking teenagers.
 The NT tells us that Christ and His Church represent a continuation of God's covenant people in the OT. The Jews are our spiritual ancestors. Israel is God's first vineyard; we Gentiles were grafted in to them later (Romans 11:11-24). Since Christians are the heirs of a better covenant, founded on better promises (Hebrews 8:6), gratitude ought to lead us to search out how and why that is so.
  I'm asking each of us at Church of the Holy Spirit to read, every day for a week, the assigned Scripture that will be preached in the upcoming Sunday message (for a schedule of upcoming readings, look below, or go to our website). I'd also love it if you discussed your reading in adult Sunday School or in a home group that is following our schedule. In our media-saturated culture, we're so overloaded with different messages each day, that it can be difficult to remember any of them. Read the Old Testament by following the assigned readings and discuss them with friends; and you will go deeper with God as you learn about him and yourself.+

Preaching and Study Calendar for Fall 2018 
Sept 16 - Genesis 1:1-13- Creation; "God's Good world"
Sept 23 - Genesis 1:26-2:25 - Adam and Eve; "God's good people"
Sept 30 - Genesis 3:1-4:8 - The Fall of Man;   "Sin and God's good news"
Oct 7 - Genesis 6:5-22, 9:1,14,15 Noah and the Flood; "Sin and God's grace"
Oct 14 - Genesis 11:1-9. Babel;- "Sin and God's Authority"
Oct 21 - Stewardship #1
Oct 28 - Stewardship #2
Nov 4 - Job 1:6-22, 9:14-16,32-35, 42:1-6 - "Suffering and God's presence"
Nov 11 -Genesis 12:1-4, 15:1-6, 17:1-10 Call of Abraham; "God makes a Promise"
Nov 18 -Genesis 22:1-14 Isaac; God foreshadows his promise 2#2
Nov 25 - Genesis 24:1-27. 63-67 Rebekah; "God provides for his promise"
Dec 2 -First Sunday in Advent
Dec 9 - Genesis 25:21-26:6 Jacob and Esau; "God renews his promise"
Dec 16 - Genesis 27:1-28:15 Isaac stealing the blessing;   "Mercy to a deceiver"
Dec 23 - Christmas theme -
Dec. 24 - Christmas Pageant -
Dec. 24 - Candlelight Christmas -
Dec 30 - Genesis 29:13-35 Jacob, Rachel and Leah; "Gift of Love"
Jan. 6 - Genesis 32:24-32; 35:9-15 Epiphany Sunday "New Name for Jacob"

Would You Like to Spend Some Quality Time With Our Good Shepherd?  9/15
A Special Invitation from Pastor Dean Schultz 

One of the joys of the Christian life is being able to say "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want!" Not only does our Good Shepherd provide daily pastoral care for us as the sheep of his pasture, but also calls us to co-labor with Him by providing pastoral care for our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and CHS church family.

The New Testament refers to these groupings of relationships as our "OIKOS", a Greek word which means household  (or extended household). If you study how this word in the New Testament you will find it used in the context of precious lives believing on our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 8:39, Luke 19:9, John 4:53, Acts 10:2, 24, 18:8, 1 Cor 1:16).   In fact, missiologists tell us that the majority of people who enter the sheepfold of Christ's Church do so because someone in their "OIKOS" provided the pastoral care needed to encourage them in their lives.
So what does this pastoral care look like in our 21ST century world?
In order to explore this question I would like to invite you to join me for a Time with the Shepherd Retreat Day that will be held in the picturesque country setting of the Davlin Sheep Farm, locarted at 37890 Hughesville Rd., Purcellville, VA, on Sat., Sept 15, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this unique worship encounter you will:

  • Be equipped with insights on how to grow in your relationship with our Good Shepherd
  • Discover what God's Word has to teach us about how shepherds care for their sheep
  • Meet an ancient breed of sheep who have much to teach us about the dynamics of pastoral care
  • Be refreshed through times of praise accompanied by the Davidic instruments of the Psalms
  • Be introduced to valuable ministry resources to help you care for those you love
  • Enjoy some great fellowship with fellow believers over some tasty food
There is no registration fee for this retreat. A freewill offering will be received to cover the costs of food, materials and other expenses.   Please note that this retreat is limited to 25 retreatants. In order to reserve your place please send an email with "Yes, I/We Would like to Attend" along with your contact information to: You will receive an email confirmation. A continnental breakfast and lunch will be provided.
May you be greatly blessed as we gather to enjoy this special time with our Good Shepherd!

Sign up for Family Fun Fest! 9/16
By Sara Johnson

Dear CHS Family,
We have the awesome privilege of blessing our Leesburg community again this year at our Family FunFest.  On September 16 from 2:00-4:00, we will be at Balls Bluff Elementary School with moon bounces, games, food and fun!  We need EVERYONE to help!  We need donations of food and drinks, and we also need lots of help to run our games and activities.  Please consi der signing up for both  a 2:00 and  a 3:00 slot for our games.  However, if serving for one hour is more manageable for you, then that is great, too!  Also, please consider signing up for multiple food items.  Everything can be purchased at Costco - however, equivalent food can be
purchased anywhere.  Food should be brought to CHS or my house ( 411 Tudor Ct, Leesburg 20176 ) BEFORE September 16.  The games are already assembled - so if you sign up for a game you simply need to run the game - all supplies and prizes will be provided.  Last year we had a great turnout from the neighborhood and we hope to build on that success!  Below is a link to the sign up for the event.  Please take a moment to sign up and be a part of this opportunity to love our neighbors.    We're using (the leading online signup and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming activity. 

Please sign up for Family FunFest! 
Here's how it works in 3 easy steps: 
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on  sign up here 
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on 
3. Sign up! Choose your spots - will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy! 

Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually (
Sara Johnson

By Pastor John Nuzum

Mark your calendar to participate in BARKTOBERFEST 2018, held annually at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds (17558 Dry Mill Road Leesburg), on Saturday, October 6th, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.
We need your help to engage with, and pray for the furry ones, their owners, and vendors; to help setup at 9:30 am; and to teardown at 5:00 pm. Any amount of time you can give will be much appreciated - whether it's a couple hours, ½ a day or a full day. Most activity is between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. So, join us for a time of fun and ministry at BARKTOBERFEST 2018.  Or just come with your dog to enojy! 

This year's Friends of Homeless Animals is partnering with NOVADog to present BARKTOBERFEST by Day and GlowDOGGlow by night.

The whole family is invited to hear live music, to play games for kids and dogs, shop from a variety of vendors, eat and drink some great food and beverages,  watch canine demonstrations, participate in the GlowDOGGlow Walk and Race and much more.
  Church of the Holy Spirit has helped sponsor Barktoberfest for the last 5 or 6 years. Our purpose in participating is to minister to both pets and pet owners, as well as to help raise much needed funds to allow Friends Of Homeless Animals (FOHA) to continue its mission of rescuing and finding "forever" homes for homeless animals. 
Please fill out a BARKTOBER information sheet at Church on a Sunday and give it to Pastor John or turn it in at the church office to let us know you are going to help.

Community Vacation Bible School Report
by Ginger Nixon

Game on! was a Home Run!

During the week of July 23-27, about 16 children and as many adults and teens met at two locations in Ashburn for Community VBS (C-VBS.) We saw Jesus love our neighbors through the ministry of some "Sporty Saints." Terry Johnson was the official Coach at the Paquin's and the Nixon's as the children and helpers gathered each day. Sara Johnson and her "Made for VBS Time Players" (Julia, Annie and Leah) led joyful, playful, worship- hand motions and all. (Don't tell anyone, but the truth is, some of the adults were seen having as much fun singing and dancing as the children.) 

Renee Keener at the Paquin's, and Cindy Bloomingdale at the Nixon's, taught Bible lessons on just how much Jesus cares for us, gives hope to us, and helps us believe! We scored with our craft- a handmade pillow in the shape of a football, baseball, or basketball! The kids present at our home all professed Jesus as their savior. But as you may expect, perhaps the highlight of the day was our GAME TIME. I have never seen so many creative, hilarious sports and games -ones that everyone enjoyed and all were able to play. Just ask someone about balloon volleyball, sock pairing relays, and shaving-cream, cheese-puff toss. None of these would have been possible without our referees, who kept us within the boundaries and cheered us on. Many thanks go to Jess Roberts, Ronda Link, Tim Millman, Camille and Benjamin Ocasio, and Shawn and Leah Parks.
We are grateful for our "craft" helpers, Joanne Milrod, Cristina Ocasio and Carol Whitmer and all of the behind-the-scenes workers, especially our many intercessors! We had a fabulous time; rain and shine.
At the end of the week, my takeaway was this. Why haven't I been doing this every year? It was a great outreach to our neighbors. Most parents came and hung out afterwards. One neighbor made cupcakes for all, another made cookies, another brought out his remote control car and loved showing it to the kids. Of course they loved it too! Most importantly we got to know the children around us.
This is all about passing the baton to the next generation. Let's multiply our scores and have 10 times more locations next year. It's easy, it's fun and a Homerun for everyone. Especially Jesus!

Women's Ministry Update 
by Amy Farley

This year has provided CHS ladies with a variety of opportunities to hear testimonies, teachings and visit homes. We also spent a day touring the George C. Marshall home, known as Dodona Manor, in Leesburg, followed by a lovely tea at Aylesbury Tea Room just across the street.
Amy Farley hosted a breakfast gathering at her home in Sterling, with Kacey DeBerry giving her testimony entitled "Beauty for Ashes," encouraging us to see the hand of God in all the events of our lives, even in hard times or sorrow. Special worship was provided by Megan Thomas.
Joanne Milrod hosted another breakfast and testimony gathering at her lovely home in March. Glorianne Schultz provided worship and Amy Farley spoke on "Trusting God in the Ordinary;" how to walk with God in our daily lives.
In April, our ladies joined ladies from 10 Loudoun churches for the "Multi-church Ladies Gathering." Dondie McNickle represented Holy Spirit as one of the 6 panel speakers and gave a moving testimony on how God refined her as she walked through a fiery trial. Glorianne Schultz and LaTraia Scott led worship and our Holy Spirit healing prayer team provided intercession for the event.
Most recently, the tour of Dodona Manor was informative and provided an interesting view of General Marshall's private life, as well as his public career. The tea was great fun as we enjoyed wonderful food and passed around an assortment of teas and tea pots.
Finally, this summer, Patricia Phillips has graciously provided an informative study on the reliability of Scripture. We met during the Sunday school hour every other Sunday. It was for the congregation, not just women, this time!
If you have not been able to participate in these events, please join us for our Fall offering which is currently in the works. Please pray for our Women's ministry, especially Ginger Nixon, as she leads the team.

How to Welcome - And Repel - First Time Guests
by: Dan Reiland

Every new guest is a sign that you are doing something right, and an opportunity to change a life.  Each new guest represents an opportunity to influence their life toward Jesus, and by His power, they can be transformed. But they need to come back for greater opportunity to impact their life.
The return rate of your guests is more important than the actual number of your guests. Of course, it's always better to have more guests, but let me explain what I mean.

For example, it's better to have 10 guests a week with 5 returning, than 15 guests a week with 3 returning. We often get more excited about the more significant numbers, but guest engagement will always beat out guest attraction over the long haul.
The truth is that it's easier to attract a guest than to engage a guest.   Every time someone in your church invites a guest, they are taking a risk that the staff, volunteers and regular attenders will treat each one with honor, kindness, hospitality, and respect. The better your teams are trained and prepared, the lower the risk.   It's always disappointing when you invite someone, and they won't come; but it's devastating when someone does come, but because of their experience won't come back.
4 Worst Phrases:
These are the most common things ushers, greeters, staff and key leaders say that repel rather than engage your church guests.
1) "You must be a first-time guest."
This infers that something about them doesn't fit. For example, perhaps they are dressed up, and your church is casual. Or they arrive halfway through the service because they didn't know what time it started. Instead, say something like "I'm so glad you are here!"
2) "I don't know." This often translates in your guest's mind and heart as, "I don't care." If you don't know the answer, that's okay, but instead say something like: "Let me find the answer for you."
3) "You look tired." Please avoid and refrain from any subjective comments about a guest's demeanor or appearance even if your intent is kindness or compassion. This kind of commentary infers that you are evaluating them. Instead, say a simple "Good morning!" which is always appropriate.
4) "That seat is saved."   That's close to "We don't really want you here." Instead, offer to give up your seat, or tap a committed volunteer on the shoulder who you know would love to give up their seat for a guest.

It is said that "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." There is a lot of truth in that, but I don't fully agree with that statement. I think it's what you say AND how you say it.
Two of the things that can make or break your church on a Sunday morning are:
  • Your choice of words. (Action)
  • Your heart behind those words. (Attitude)
6 Best Phrases:
1) "May I help you?"
Your guest may be fumbling with an umbrella or negotiating a stroller through the front door, or a family is arriving with several kids. Offering to help is a fantastic way to engage a new guest.
2) "I'll walk with you."
Never point, always offer to go with the person. It may only be a 30-second walk, but in that 30 seconds, you have an amazing opportunity to connect with that person.
3) "My name is Dan, what's yours?"
Offer your name and ask for theirs. A person's name is deeply personal to them. If you make an effort to ask for their name, it shows you value and care about them as a person.
4) "Can I get you a cup of coffee?"
Don't worry about whether or not they drink coffee, or might turn down your offer. The gesture matters. The important thing is that if they say yes, you are genuinely happy to get them a cup and make it just like they like it! Serving someone is a powerful form of engagement.
5) "Let me introduce you to my friend 'David.'"
Helping a guest meet a person or two is a fantastic way to increase engagement. Don't be pushy, keep it real and natural. But as the opportunities arise, make the introduction. Keep it short and simple.
6) "Is there anything I can do for you?"
This might sound like a summary or catch-all phrase, but it's an important way to establish early on that you want them to enjoy the best experience possible and that you will go out of your way to be helpful; this is endearing and engaging.

Backpack Buddies is Gearing Up!

By Cindy Bloomingdale
Hello, CHS family! Soon the school buses will be rolling and thousands of local students will be back in the classroom. Unfortunately, many of our local students are "food insecure" and do not always have enough food in their home. For these students, various Backpack Buddy groups across the county provide bags of food each weekend to assist these students and their families. According to an August 9th article in Loudoun Now, 80 schools and about 3,000 students will receive these weekly bags.

I first became aware of the need and the program from my former neighbor, a teacher at Ball's Bluff Elementary. She spoke of teachers buying snacks and stuffing them in the backpacks of students who they knew did not have enough food at home. I was overwhelmed by the compassion these teachers showed for their students.
For the past six years, CHS has partnered with Ball's Bluff Elementary in Leesburg to provide Backpack Buddy bags. Kris Benitez and John Nuzum established the program, and I took over in 2014. Each year we provide bags for somewhere between 45 and 65 students. Each bag usually contains a milk, juice, two breakfast items, two snacks, and four meal items (see picture).
I am very thankful for the many CHS members who support this program through donations. For example, Kristy and Donna Achterof and their SC family save (and neatly fold) over a thousand grocery bags each year for me to use to pack the food each week. The easiest way to help is to make a donation to the "Backpack Buddy Fund" at CHS. I use these funds for weekly Costco shopping trips where I fill a flat orange cart full of food. You can only imagine the looks I receive when I load my cart with 60 boxes of macaroni and cheese! It takes about $200-300 dollars per week to fill the bags.
This past spring, CHS was fortunate to receive a grant from the Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun, Inc. ( for $3,000 to help cover the costs at the end of the school year and provide a reserve for the start of this school year.  This is great, but it does not cover al our costs.  Thank for all you do to help ensure that local needy children can eat. 
Who can name this missions outreach from September 2014?           
Missions Update
By Amy Farley

The Missions Committee would like to thank you for your partnership with us in support of our missionaries.  Our priorities in funding requests involve supporting ministry partners who are now, or have recently been, involved at CHS or have long term relationships with our Pastors.
This year we have already spent the majority of our budget and have contributed support to the following:  Forget-me-not Ministries, lead by Jacqueline and Tanie Guy, who are now primarily working with our new plant, Church of the Ascension, in West Virginia.  Their ministry, along with helping out at the church plant, encourages missionaries, leads retreats for pastors and provides healing prayer ministry.
This year we helped to send the team lead by Pastor Clancy to Uganda.  We annually support a Haiti mission trip lead by John Nuzum. In 2017 we began to support the Kairos ministry lead by Dave and Carole Prosser, as well as Muintearas House, run by Bart and Kaia Murnion. Most recently we added, Mosaic Pregnancy Center with Marilyn Heigl as our contact and support for Aleona Isakova's vision for ministry in the fashion industry.  
Outside CHS ministries supported include The Car Ministry which provides reasonably priced vehicles to ministers and missionaries, as Larry Gordon shared when he visited last summer. SHADE Tanzania, the orphanage run by Claire  and Mike Fidele who recently announced their transition back to the States after completing the land purchase for a new orphanage and the transition to new local leadership. We also annually support Bishop Balya Seminary in Uganda that trains up pastors and lay leaders.  We continue to provide support to David Meeks in his outreach to unreached people groups in Turkey.
Please pray for these ministries and their leaders.  Please consider providing financial support to one, or more, of these ministries directly or through a donation to the Mission committee.  

The first person to text Ginger Nixon (703-980-8365) the correct missions event for the picture above will get a surprise gift. Be sure to include your name in the text!   
Did you know that Church of the Holy Spirit now has members who are originally from at least 13 countries?  We are a multi-national, multi-ethnic church!  

United States

If we missed your country of origin, please let Ginger Nixon know. 
Mark Your Calendars

CHS has a number of events scheduled for this year, and next year, already. Please go to to see all of them. 

Here are our upcoming events!

Sept. 9:       Two services resume 9:00 and 11:00am
Sept. 10-11: Exponential Conference, Theme: Hero Making.  Chantilly
Sept. 8         Healing Service - Heal the Soul, Heal the Body: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Sept. 11:      Inner Healing Training Module begins, Multipurpose Room, 6:30
Sept. 15:      Shepherd Retreat Day with Pastor Dean, Sheep Farm, Purcellville, VA
Sept. 16:      Family Fun Fest:  Balls Bluff Elementary, Leesburg
Sept. 16:      Young Adult Ministry, Fire House, begins - CHS 6:30
Oct. 6:          Barktoberfest:  Loudoun County Fairground, Leesburg
Oct 6:           Healing Service - How to Pray for Healing: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Oct. 18-21:   Men's Retreat:  Big Meadows Campground, Stanley, VA
Nov. 9:         Healing Service with Mike Flynn: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Nov. 9-10:    Mike Flynn Conference at CHS: Drawing Near to God
Nov. 16-17   DOMA Synod: All Saints Woodbridge
Nov. 25:       Advent Make and Take
Dec. 1:          Healing Service - Healing of Infertility: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Dec. 24:      Christmas Pageant 2:00pm
Dec. 24:      Christmas Eve Candlelight Service  

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