May 2017

Health Care Reform 2.0 - Opinions Abound On New Health Care Proposal

Everyone has an opinion about the efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare". Republicans once again proposed another version of the Affordable Health Care Act, which did not have enough votes. Read more...

New Law Protects Stop-Loss Insurance 

The advocacy group for SIIA (Self-Insured Institute of America) successfully lobbied for protection of self-insured plans. Under the new law, federal regulators aren't allowed to redefine stop-loss insurance as health insurance. Read more...

Cyber-Security News
Hard to Detect Phishing/Spoofing Hack 

Hackers have developed a sophisticated phishing/spoofing hack that can trick even the most savvy computer users. The hack spoofs legitimate web sites such as Google and Apple to steal logins, password and financial information from users.  Read more.. .

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