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The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
During this time of the Coronavirus quarantine Sunday services will be online. The plan for opening is under review by the diocese. The most current information is on the website.

 8:00 a.m. - Spoken Morning Prayer, Rite I
Page 39 in the Book of Common Prayer
Fr. Philip Carr-Jones is inviting you to a scheduled Sunday 8 am Zoom worship. Check the website for the link.

 10:00 a.m. - Morning Prayer - Rite II
Page 76 in the Book of Common Prayer
Fr. Philip Carr-Jones is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom worship at 10 am. Check the website for the link.
Preparing for Sunday ( Lectors & Intercessor )
Find the lessons appointed for Sunday and the litany - here >
Sunday's readings remind us that God not only gives us bread, but also the nourishment of God’s steadfast love. In Genesis (Track 1), after wrestling with a stranger, Jacob is blessed and his name is changed to Israel. Isaiah (Track 2) proclaims that God makes an extravagant offer, bidding us to “come, buy and eat!” Paul tells the Roman community that no earthly or heavenly power can keep God from loving us. In the gospel, Jesus has compassion on those who hunger and feeds them with five loaves and two fish.
Use the lock-box
A lock box has been placed outside the church office for individuals who previously may have used the large mailboxes on the wall by the back door. Those mailboxes have been moved into the office. Since no one is in the office right now, individuals can place their items in the secure lock box.
A Note on Etiquette and Small Group Work at CHS from Father Phil
Generally, the pandemic has everyone short of nerve, and easily annoyed. The stress factor is obviously carried from the personal to group behavior. As pastor, I am asking for additional effort be expended to ensure we establish and maintain a gracious gathering across the many small groups that take place. On top of the COVID factor, there is the challenge of an internet environment under which we exist in small groups which subject us to further risk of disharmony and disaffection. Continue reading >
What's happening at CHS?
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Trivia Night Round Two!
Round Two will be on Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
This isn't hard and it is good, silly fun. Come on and play!
  • Participate as an Individual, Couple, Family, or Group of Friends…
  • Pick a fun Team Name (to protect your identity…???)
  • Answer Multiple Choice trivia questions about a myriad of random topics
  • See Team Rankings change live after each question…
  • Participate from your internet browser or via a mobile app on your phone.
  • We will be using the Crowdpurr again to run our Trivia Night. The following link has been set up for you to test either the web browser interface or mobile view. You can test anytime from Saturday morning through Sunday evening: "Pre-Trivia Night Test”
Crowdpurr URL:
Trivia Game Code: WNHXN
  • Join us on THIS SUNDAY NIGHT at 7:00 PM EDT
“CHS Trivia Night #2”
Crowdpurr URL:
Trivia Game Code: AUMEA
September 6 - Have you marked your calendar?
You don't want to miss Auction Hilarious!
We are looking for donations for the auction to be held on Sunday, September 6 th online. Information for access to the auction will be forthcoming but, in the meantime, we need to have items to auction. Items should be of a service nature such as the pet portrait Vicki is offering or the Cajun Boil from Father Phil or sailing on the Raritan Bay or something homemade by you. Dinners and parties can be held in the future, once we are beyond the quarantine period, so keep an open mind of this type service. Plus we’ll be having some surprise offerings of a zany nature so make sure you tune in!
All donation ideas should be sent to Marge Keller, Eva Lesniak or June Filipski. Find out more >
What's still happening?
"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." - St. Augustine
Thank you for continuing your support!
The Bill Board is back
This pandemic has affected our general finances.
To help with this shortfall, we have resurrected the CHS Bill-Board in virtual form. If you feel called to help cover any of these church bills, please note “Bill-Board” on the Instructions line for your PayPal transaction or the Memo line of your check or giving envelope.