NOVEMBER 24, 2020
Encouraging and Equipping Families for a Successful
Homeschool Journey Since 2000

You may never know, in this lifetime, how your generous gifts have blessed other homeschooling families.
Dear Homeschooling Families and Friends of Covenant Home School Resource Center,
2020 seems to be the year of change and change is coming for CHSRC!

Covenant Home School Resource Center (CHSRC) of Phoenix, Arizona, is moving to a new and improved location within Central Phoenix. Our target moving date is by June 1, 2021. We will continue to provide ongoing and upgraded services to Arizona homeschool families so that they continue to have the best possible resources for homeschooling their children. We anticipate landing between the SR-51 and I-17 with the goal of remaining as centrally located as possible.

For the last 20 years we have been hosted by Phoenix Reformed Presbyterian Church. PRPC will be relocating and selling their property by the end of this school year. We are in awe of God’s graciousness to CHSRC and the homeschooling community. We will always be thankful to PRPC’s generosity and pray for God’s purposes as they move also.

As you may know, the rate of new homeschool families in Maricopa County nearly quadrupled between August and October, 2020, compared to 2019 (3,774 in 2020 compared to 971 in 2019). CHSRC has served 3000+ families annually for several years with projections of 4000+ in 2020, most of whom are brand new. These parents express fear and stress related to the current education challenges and earnestly desire to maintain high educational and social standards for their children. They view homeschooling as the best solution on many levels.

Due to this unprecedented expansion joined with an impending sale of our host property and a long-standing vision for a more appropriate facility, CHSRC has the opportunity to find a new venue to better accommodate the needs of our rapidly growing homeschool community.

We are considering three options:
·        Share space with another church or ministry
·        Lease a storefront
·        Purchase our own building

We have been so blessed to serve the homeschooling community and desire to continue blessing you! There are several ways you can be involved, and we are excited to have you stand with us in this grand adventure! We are setting up several teams to accomplish this:
·        Prayer team
·        Search team
·        Fundraising team (individual year-end or ongoing donations)
·        Packing, moving, and unpacking teams (for May!)
·        Move-in prep team (for May)
·        Grand Opening Party team (to culminate in June)

Our current goal is to raise $50,000 to cover immediate needs for the relocation.

Our website will keep you informed about details and new developments along the way. If you want to participate in any of these teams, make a donation, or pass along a location that might work, please visit God is at work, and we are excited to see what He has for our next 20 years!
Please watch our video announcement!
CHSRC does not necessarily endorse or recommend any activities by any 3rd party mentioned in this newsletter. Please research on your own before proceeding.