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Curbside Care Update
After he was raised from the dead, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Each time Peter answered in the affirmative, Jesus challenged him: “Feed my sheep.”

For the past three years, and especially during the pandemic, CHT has been feeding and clothing our neighbors in partnership with the Sunday Love Project. Prior to the pandemic, we were feeding approximately 150 people each week in a restaurant-style setting in our Centennial Room.

The pandemic forced a change on us and also revealed a call to expand this critical work. We moved our meals and clothing service to our Walnut Street sidewalk, offering everything to go. We named this new service, Curbside Care. We still have fellowship and great conversation in this fast-moving setting, but we have found ourselves serving more and more people—up to 4000 meals per week. Additionally, our cooking staff and volunteers have begun to transport meals around the city—as far as Kensington and South Philly.

Read on for more details on how CHT and Sunday Love have teamed up to feed, clothe, and enrich the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters around the city! Thanks be to God!
Feeding our Neighbors
When God does big things through us, sometimes we need bigger equipment. Chef Lauren Hooks had to use a ladder to reach the extra large pot while preparing a Tuesday dinner, Moroccan Chicken and chickpea stew.

We ask you to join us to help cover the significant increase in utility and maintenance costs so that our recently-renovated kitchen can continue to sustain this vital service. To help us keep feeding our neighbors, please click here which will take you directly to the secure donation portal on our church’s website. Then use the drop down menu to go to curbside care.

Thank you for your generosity and your prayers!
Clothing our Neighbors
The CHT/Sunday Love partnership has always emphasized the fundamental dignity of every human being. We convey this dignity in large and small ways, visible and invisible.

Sunday Love needs our help to give some invisible dignity to our guests. We are in need of men’s underwear, size L and XL. Boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs are all accepted. It’s hot outside, and clean underwear is more important than ever.

Donations can be dropped off during our meals: Sundays and Tuesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm, and Mondays 8:30-9:30 am. Or give online to CHT Curbside Care: click here. Use the drop down menu for Curbside Care.
Caring for the Sole
Did you know that, among people experiencing homelessness, the average person walks 10 miles or more every day? So many of our guests are walking on shoes that are poorly fitted, falling apart, or filthy. Our clothing volunteers try to keep up, but we are consistently short of good footwear.

We need sneakers, new or gently used, for men and women. You can drop these off during our mealtimes: Sunday's and Tuesday's 5-6 pm, and Mondays 10-11 am at our Walnut Street entrance.

Help us to walk in the footsteps of Christ by caring for the soles of our neighbors!
Help ensure the safety of our meal guests!
We are holding a mask drive so that we can equip each of our guests with a reusable, washable cloth mask. Many of our guests wear old surgical masks, but these are hard to come by and lose their usefulness after one wearing. If you like to sew, or you know someone who does, you can help!

We are trying to collect as many masks as possible, and we hope you can help. We’ll provide a few sewing patterns, and you can use any clean cloth fabric you have on hand. Masks can be dropped off at the church door on Walnut Street during mealtimes (Sundays and Tuesdays 4-6 pm; Mondays 9 – 11 am). Have fun! We look forward to seeing your masks!

Links to patterns: pattern #1 , pattern #2 , pattern #3 .
Free Library of Philadelphia
The Free Library of Philadelphia is the latest partner in CHT and the Sunday Love Project's care for our neighbors. Every Monday, librarian Erin Hoopes will be offering free books to our guests. Normally, the Free Library would sell their excess books, but the pandemic has prevented that sale. Instead, our guests can feed their minds and improve their quality of life. Click here to give to Curbside Care.
CHT has long been known as a safe and welcoming space for the recovery community. For decades, we have hosted numerous 12-step groups for those dealing with addictions to alcohol, drugs, marijuana, and overeating. Many of these groups elected to stop meeting in person during the pandemic, moving to Zoom for their important work. However, a few groups acknowledged the need for in-person meetings as not to exclude people with no digital access.

With the support of our Bishop and express permission of the governor, these groups continue to meet in our space, (in much smaller numbers), while following strict social distancing, mask wearing, and contact tracing protocols.

The recovery community has expressed much gratitude to us for being one of the few places open to 12-step groups in the city.
Help ensure the dignity of our guests.
Give to curbside care.

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