CHV launches virtual " Coronavirus Hub"

Everything you need to stay informed, healthy and connected to your community is now a click away.

In an effort to keep information streamlined, and limit mass emails, CHV has launched an online " Coronavirus Hub ," where we will post both office and community health related updates. Check back frequently for Village and DC related updates.

Currently, no members, volunteers, staff or other community partners have reported exposure or positive testing for COVID-19.

If you have reason to suspect you have been exposed, please follow the DC Department of Health guidelines below (click here to view in your browser).
Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe

Practice good hand hygiene.
Wash your hands frequently. Spend at least 20 seconds rubbing hands together with soap and water.
Keep your sneeze to your self.
Cover your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze and cough.

Be mindful of personal space.
Maintain "social distance" of a few feet near people who show symptoms.

Hands off.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Get help.
Seek immediate medical attention if you are sick or symptomatic. Call ahead before you go to see your health care provider.
Stay calm.
Right now, the regular old flu is much more of a concern. If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it's not too late . Local drugstores and supermarkets are still offering it. 

Check out the Capitol Hill Village Coronavirus hub on our website for more prevention tips, resources, and care options.