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Volume 5| Fall 2021
CHWA CESU Newsletter
Fall 2021
Volume 5, Issue 1
Research Coordinator's Corner

This time around Dan is discussing leadership changes at the Chesapeake Watershed CESU (CHWA CESU) Host Institution, the recent 2021 CHWA CESU renewal, plans for the Experts Database, including a request for feedback on the database via a survey, and more. Be sure to check out the Corner for these latest updates from the CHWA CESU Research Coordinator's desk.

CHWA CESU Network Updates
CHWA CESU Renewal 2021
The CHWA CESU 2021 renewal was approved by the Federal CESU Council in spring 2021, and the new agreement was sent to partners for signature in late summer 2021. Feedback on the renewal application was overwhelmingly positive and recommendations for future activities from partners and federal managers include the need for a new strategic plan to guide the CHWA CESU and a desire for additional networking and meeting opportunities to engage partners.

The full renewal application package, including the self-assessment report, federal managers' report and external reviews, can be found by using the "Read More" link below.

Once again, thank you to all of our partners for making this renewal possible!

2021 Annual Meeting
The 2021 Annual Partners Meeting was held virtually via Zoom on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Over fifty participants attended the meeting, which included updates on the 2021 renewal and Experts Database, as well as a presentation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which joined the CHWA CESU in 2018. To view the meeting recording, click on the image on the right or use the link below to visit our meeting page, which hosts presentation slides and other materials from the meeting.

CHWA CESU Host Spotlight
Get to know Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick, CHWA CESU Director
In summer 2021, the Appalachian Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) welcomed a new leadership team. As part of this transition, Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick became the new CHWA CESU Director. We posed a few "getting to know you" questions to Dr. Fitzpatrick. Read his responses via the "Read More" link.

CHWA CESU Project Spotlight
USACE and NPS funds Native SAV Restoration Projects in CHWA CESU
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) plays a number of critical roles in marine, estuarine, and freshwater ecosystems. For example, SAV provides food and habitat for various species of waterfowl and fish, helps stop erosion, and allows sediment to settle for cleaner water. Learn more about two different but complementary projects taking place on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers that seek to restore vallisneria Americana, a native SAV, to regions of the rivers in the Washington DC area.

Vallisneria Americana. Photo courtesy of Dr. Katia Engelhardt.
American University Student Film Showcase
The Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University recently hosted a virtual showcase of videos created by their students for the National Park Service. This showcase includes videos funded through CHWA CESU agreements, including those done by Robert Boyd and Marissa Woods as part of the National Parks in the History of Science series, a project that focuses on landmark studies in science conducted in the parks. View the event recording on the right or use the "Read More" link to view a playlist of the videos presented in the showcase.

CEF Presents: The National Park Service Student Video Showcase recording, Courtesy of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University