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Journal Watch Reviews of
January 2021 Manuscripts
The CHiP Network's Journal Watch provides easy access to abstracts and editorial reviews of relevant publications for Pediatric Cardiac and Congenital Heart care professionals.
Congenital Heart Anesthesia and Critical Care in Conjunction with the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society (CCAS)


You can now explore current and previous articles all in one place and access the information via seven different categories at
The CHIP Network Journal Watch Team
Varun Aggarwal
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Congenital Heart Interventions
Dr. Damien Cullington 
Liverpool UK
Cardio Obstetrics
Dr Blanche Cupido
Cape Town, South Africa
Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Dr. Manoj Gupta
New York City, NY, USA
Pediatric and Fetal Cardiology
Dr. Jared Hershenson 
Greater Washington, DC, USA
Pediatric and Fetal Cardiology
Dr. Frederic Jacques
Quebec, Canada
Congenital Heart Surgery
Dr. Yasuhiro Kotani
Okayama, Japan
Congenital Heart Surgery
Dr. Jeremy P. Moore
Los Angeles, California, USA
Congenital Heart and Pediatric Electrophysiology
Dr. Mehul Patel
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Adult Congenital and Structural Heart Disease
Dr. Luis Quinonez
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Congenital Heart Surgery
Dr Timothy Roberts
Melbourne, Australia; 
Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Dr. Arash Salavitabar, MD, FACC
Ann Arbor, Michigan , USA
Pediatric Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Gary D. Webb
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
About the Congenital Heart and Pediatric Cardiac Journal Watch
Congenital heart and pediatric cardiac Journal Watch was designed to make it easier for congenital heart and pediatric cardiac professionals to keep up with the literature in 7 subsections with abstracts made available and featured commentary on a monthly or regular basis: pediatric cardiology; congenital heart surgery; congenital heart interventions; congenital/pediatric electrophysiology; fetal cardiology; congenital heart anesthesia and intensive care; and adult congenital heart disease.

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Dr. Gary Webb, MD
Dr. Mehul Patel 
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