A Letter From CIADA CEO David Cardella

I come to you with some exciting news.


In case you haven’t heard, CIADA – your independent dealers association – has entered into a partnership with SmartGroups™: 20 Groups Reimagined to provide education and training opportunities for CIADA’s member dealers.


But there’s more to it than that.


In collaboration with SmartGroups, CIADA can now offer you an innovative new concept that puts the advantages of 20 Group membership within reach of virtually every dealer

Introducing SmartGroups Lite, the most affordable 20 Group program ever offered to independent retail dealers in Colorado.


Lite groups are designed to reduce the time requirements and cost of travel, accommodations and meeting expenses to help give dealers with smaller operations – who have the most to gain from membership – access to the many advantages and benefits of 20 Groups.


Dealers who are members of a 20 Group will tell you it is the best business decision they’ve ever made. The group gives you a built-in network of peers to share ideas, opportunities, challenges and experiences with. It provides a measuring stick for your financial and operational performance, as well as a virtual board of directors to hold you accountable.


SmartGroups Lite allows you to get all that at a lower cost and with less time away from the dealership than traditional 20 Groups. Lite groups will include primarily Colorado dealers, and all meetings will be held within the state on an accelerated two-day schedule. They’ll be at non-traditional venues, allowing you to control your own costs and eliminating high prorate fees for hotels, meals and other expenses.


You’ll still get the industry’s best moderators/consultants and best meeting content, topics and speakers, but in less time and at lower cost.


We are always working diligently to develop relationships with members and vendors to continuously better the industry. We encourage you to take advantage of the educational opportunities created by this partnership with SmartGroups.


By the way, if you’re in a nearby state that does not offer SmartGroups Lite, you can still be part of a Colorado group. Just contact SmartGroups director Howard Bullock at howard@arcdealers.com – and ask your state association’s executive director about getting involved with the program.


For more information or to join a group, visit smart20groups.com/colorado.




David Cardella, CIADA CEO