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Special Edition Stats for Stories: Hurricane Maria
America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers
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Issue: #495

October 2, 2017  

The Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma, a program of the  provides access to data generated from the U.S. Census Bureau.

U sing Census Bureau Data for Emergency Response and Recovery
From: U.S. Census Bureau

When hurricanes strike, timely information is key in guiding effective operations for emergency response, mitigation and recovery. The U.S. Census Bureau has publicly available statistics and free tools, including:
  •  American Community Survey (ACS) The only reliable and timely source of comprehensive social, economic, housing and demographic characteristics of the U.S. population at the community level.
  • American FactFinder A detailed data tool that allows you to access over 11 billion statistics from the ACS every year on topics such as language, disability status, vehicle availability and much more.
  • OnTheMap for Emergency Management An intuitive, web-based data tool that allows you to access detailed workforce, population and housing characteristics for the hurricane areas in real time.

Key Stats: OnTheMap for Emergency Management  provides real-time access to a range of detailed U.S. Census Bureau data about the people living and working in in federal disaster declaration areas and areas being affected by hurricanes, floods, wildfires and winter storms. 

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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers
From: U.S. Census Bureau

At the U.S. Census Bureau,
we are committed to serving as the leading source of data for America's people and economy. 
That's why we're excited to announce the official launch of America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers.  This means that starting now, you can find Census Bureau content in one place.
America Counts features stories about topics that matter to the Census community, including housing, employment, and population. So what are you waiting for? Click below to visit the portal and discover what America Counts is all about.
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Leapfrogging Toward Success in Education
From: Stanford Social Innovation Review

T oday, people and ideas are flowing across borders faster than ever before in human history. Technology is omnipresent. The gig economy is on the rise. And while not every child today lives in a community where this is the case, the pace of change is so rapid that these new ways of life may soon be universal.

Because of this fast-paced social and economic change, it is not clear exactly what skills children will need to thrive and become constructive citizens in the future world of work. 
We do know that children will need to be well equipped with a range of skills to face this uncertainty. 
Until Next Week,

Melanie Poulter
Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma

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