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Voting in America
America's Youth on the Road to Adulthood
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Issue: #481

June 26, 2017  

The Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma, a program of the Community Service Council, provides access to data generated from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Voting in America: A Look at the 2016 Presidential Election

Since 1964, the U.S. Census Bureau has fielded the Voting and Registration Supplement to the Current Population Survey every two years. Last month, the Census Bureau released a series of tabulations and data products alongside a public use data file for the November 2016 presidential election.


America's Youth on the Road to Adulthood

America has changed over the years and so have the ways that our nation's youth establish themselves on a path to independence and adulthood. As explained in a recent U.S. Census Bureau publication (The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood from 1975 to 2016), this path has been labelled by social scientists as the "transition to adulthood." It's also been dubbed "emerging adulthood."  This blog explores the changing perception of what it means to be an adult in the U.S.

What Are Paradata? - An Example
What are paradata? Paradata are data collected about interviews and the survey process. Some examples of paradata are how long the interview took to complete, whether the person used records to answer any survey questions, and who responded to the interview. While paradata can be seen as just a part of doing a survey, they can also give us a deeper understanding of patterns in survey data.

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