June 2020

We want your input!
We want your input!
Community Voice

CIE has a vision for a healthier community where systemic forces no longer define the health and well-being of an individual. We are committed to exposing and actively addressing all forms of inequality.
W e  know  that  this is an  important  time to take action and create  opportunities to talk about our experiences with our clients, colleagues, and other CIE partners as well as have difficult conversations to  do better as a community.
We  are interested in bringing  the  voice  of our community members  to  lead the changes we would like to see please encourage people to register below Community members  will have the opportunity to provide feedback, insight, and experience into how we  can better  support the community.
For questions about Community Voice, please connect with Tanissha Harrell a tharrell@211sandiego.org
CIE Impact During COVID-19 Response
While COVID activity has slowed down, the utilization of the CIE platform is still higher than in previous months.

Our  CIE Network now has 85 partners, meeting the fiscal year goal​. In addition, 349 services offer direct referrals in CIE facilitating access to services for thousands of callers.

Partners in CIE receive a personalized utilization report on a monthly basis. To request a report, please connect with the CIE team at  ciepartners@211sandiego.org .
Client Stories During COVID-19
Vinny is 54-year-old. He lives in a six-person household and is the main breadwinner. Vinny lost one of his two jobs due to COVID 19, and the second job cut his hours. He has three minor children in the home, one child suffers from juvenile arthritis and he is finding ways to make ends meet. He has already started to apply for services to help during this time.

On March 27, 2020, Vinny called 2-1-1 calling for food assistance. 2-1-1 completed a Food Nutrition Assessment and referred him to four different services.

Because Vinny opted in to participate in CIE, 2-1-1 was able to send a direct referral to North County Health Services’ Food Distribution program.

A representative from North County Health Services was able to follow-up with Vinny within 3 business days and provided him with information on their food pantries to pick up food.
Ramona is 37-year old and lives in a 5-person household. She currently has one child in the home that is experiencing some behavior issues. She is a patient of San Ysidro Health Center’s (SYHC) Patient Navigation Program. 

A Patient Navigator at SYHC that was currently working with Ramona helped her opt her into CIE on April 8, 2020. Using CIE, she was able to complete a Health Management assessment and refer her to their own Behavioral Health Services program for personal and family counseling. The SYHC Patient Navigator was not only able to look-up referral and track the referral, she was also able to track the enrollment and outcome of the referrals.

SYHC confirmed that on April 21, 2020, the patient attended her appointment via telehealth services and was given information for mobile health services for parenting classes. She also scheduled a future appointment. The patient is aware parenting classes will resume after pandemic and orientation is a telehealth appointment. 
Opportunities with CIE
Essential Goods Delivery Program
211 San Diego/CIE has partnered with United Way Worldwide and Door Dash to facilitate the delivery of meals, groceries, and essential items to clients.

How will this program work?
Clients can receive the goods free of charge from the local partner and do not pay delivery charges.

How long will this program last?
This program provides at least 8 weeks of food/goods delivery (at least two 8 week cycles).
Who is eligible to apply?

Food Service providers:
  • Food Pantries
  • Suppliers of food boxes
  • Suppliers of goodie bags

Essential Goods providers:
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Diapers
  • Household or individual goods

Program Considerations: Deliveries must be within 10 miles of your pantry location, food items should be shelf-life/stable (not require refrigeration), and individual food/good packages should weigh no more than 25 pounds.

For questions or more information please contact Roxanne Suarez, Partner Integration Manager at  rsuarez@211sandiego.org

The first week of deliveries will begin June 29, 2020!
Please complete the survey ASAP to get started.

In response to COVID-19 health precautions, we have redesigned the 2020 CIE Summit, August 12-14, 2020, to be entirely virtual.

With many health care and community-based organizations directly responding to the pandemic and the changing landscape around social distancing and gatherings, we believe this is the best approach to providing an educational, interactive, and information-filled event.

We also launched a  CIE Premium Membership Benefit  that is now included with the cost of your registration. Our  Premium Membership  allows members to attend the CIE Virtual Summit and also receive: 

  • A virtual demo of San Diego’s CIE system  
  • Priority registration for breakout sessions   
  • Invitation to a special CIE Summit pre-session   
  • Opportunity to participate in small group discussions with speakers and leaders in the field     

Premium Registrants will also receive a one-year CIE Ambassador Membership which includes the following benefits:    
  • Broad recognition as a CIE Ambassador on our website and in our communications materials   
  • Priority registration and discounted rates for CIE Summit 2021   
  • Access to quarterly CIE Networking activities and new resources   
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the CIE National Team on policy efforts and joint funding opportunities   
  • Invitation to join a Community Advisory Committee as part of a new CIE National Advisory   
  • One-hour mentorship for organizations with three or more Summit registrant

To learn more visit:  www.ciesandiego.org/cie-summit-2020
Upcoming Meeting and Events
Monthly CIE Partner Network Meeting - June 25 ,2020 from 9:00 am-10:30 am via Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting :

Meeting ID:  964 2049 3897     Password:  717049
One tap mobile:  +16699009128

CIE Network Partners
Any questions? Contact us: cie@211sandiego.org
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