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Volume 18                Issue #03         March 2024
Chair's Message
Canada needs Canadians more than ever
Hello friends,

Every month, we are faced with challenges and opportunities at the community level, which also affect us as society and country. It is very important that we come together, discuss and debate what is most important to the welfare of our communities and country in order to find amicable solutions. Last month, I had talked about an initiative of promoting a platform where all of us come together under the banner of “WeForCanada.” This is an attempt at building a broader movement where we strive to shed the baggage of the past and work towards building a more harmonious and prosperous Canada, our home. Where we put Canada First before anything else! There are issues which will be specific to ethnic groups, but we need to look at them and find solutions based on how it helps us in Canada. That should be the litmus test for taking up any issues and advocating for them.

While we appreciate the valuable inputs received, we encourage more participation in this urgent community dialogue, especially in light of recent events surrounding the amended citizenship laws in India. The widespread social media campaign aimed at discrediting the India in the Western world is based on false and absurd disinformation regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Contrary to misconceptions, CAA does not affect any Indian citizen of Muslim faith. It is crucial to understand that this law primarily aims to regularize the citizenship status of minority communities from Islamic nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, including Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists. India's historical tradition of welcoming refugees fleeing religious persecution is now formalized into law, offering refuge to those facing discrimination and extinction in neighboring countries. As we reflect on these matters, it's essential to consider their implications, even here in Canada.

The usual suspects however have yet again twisted and misinterpreted the core purpose of the law to turn it into another weapon in their toolkit for India bashing. Unfortunately, much of our mainstream media, do not have the time or the inclination to dig deeper before coming out with negative headlines. These false narratives have negative consequences on our bilateral relationship with India. Because there are elements within our own society that would go to any extent and promote narratives that will act or delay normalization between our two countries. Our wish and efforts will be to persuade more and more independent & rational minded mainstream Canadians who have the core interests of Canada at heart to see through these divisive tactics. Criminal acts such as attacks on places of worship or businesses owned by identifiable sections of society, open propagation of extremist ideas, intolerance and glorification of violence of all kinds need to be condemned and contained in all its manifestations. Taking the easier and politically expedient position of some form of phobia instead of an honest assessment will not lead to an outcome that #WeForCanada demands for the sake of the future peace and harmony of Canada. (Read more)
The Tortoise and The Hare: Asia's Great Race
Gary Comerford
Member CIF Advisory Board
Recently, I was participating in a webinar for the International Insurance Society, (IIS) an American based organization, with the mandate to support the Insurance industry internationally. The topic of discussion for this webinar was “Why do business in India?”. Inevitably, the mandatory question was asked, “Which is the better market, India or China?”.

I have attempted to answer this question more times that I care to imagine. The simple fact is, that China and India are must markets for most international companies, particularly as you look ten and twenty years into the future. I often feel that the answer to this question leaves India being treated as the young sibling with great potential that has not yet been realized. So, I decided to provide an analogy that would get the audiences’ attention.  (Read More)

(Originally published in the CIF Gala Magazine, September 2023)
Upcoming Event
9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament 2024
Past Event
CIF Celebrated International Women's Day
Toronto, Canada - March 2, 2024 - Canada India Foundation (CIF) marked the International Women’s Day 2024 in the presence of a large number of guests, among them some of the most accomplished women from GTA at Holiday Inn, Toronto. The CIF event, since its launch four years ago, has continued to grow in stature and participation with each passing year.

The event commenced with a welcome address from CIF Chair, Mr. Ritesh Malik, who expressed delight at the evolution and impact of the celebration over the years. He emphasized the importance of fostering quality discussions, which have been a hallmark of CIF’s International Women’s Day events. (Read more)
CIF Global Indian Award winner, Sudha Murty, Nominated to Rajya Sabha
Entrepreneur, educationist, author, and philanthropist, Ms. Sudha Murty, has been nominated as a member of India’s upper house, Rajya Sabha, by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s government. Murty is the most recent recipient of the Global Indian Award presented by the Canada India Foundation. (Read more.)
India’s Manned Space Mission Set for 2025
India moved closer to its dream of sending astronauts into space when it named four Air Force officers as likely candidates for the mission, scheduled for 2025. ISRO showed a glimpse of Vyommitra - Sanskrit word for "space friend" - the female humanoid that will be sent into space later this year as trial run before the final flight. (Read more.)
India Prepares to Become a Serious Semiconductor Player
In a bold and ambitious foray into the highly challenging field of semiconductor manufacturing, the government of India recently approved three projects with an expected C$20 billion in incentives. The overall vision for the sector is a total outlay of C$ 200 billion over the next twenty years. (Read more.)
A Hundred Rupee Pill Being Hailed as a Cancer Stopper
The cancer specialists and patients alike are excited about the recent announcement of a breakthrough drug developed by the Tata Cancer Research Institute based in Mumbai. The tablet is claimed to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment therapy by about 50 per cent and is about 30 per cent effective in preventing cancer. When made available to patients in the future, it will be offered at an incredibly low price of hundred rupees each. (Read more.)
100% Foreign Ownership Allowed in Space Sector
India is offering foreign players 100% ownership in satellite and satellite component manufacturing in the country. This move will likely attract private players like SpaceX and Blue Origin to build a $50 billion industry by 2032. (Read more.)
European Bloc Commits US$100 Billion Investment in India
India and the four-nation European bloc, EFTA, signed a free trade agreement under which New Delhi has received an investment commitment of USD 100 billion over the next 15 years to facilitate the creation of one million jobs. EFTA members are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. (Read more.)
Female Scientists Drive India’s Missile Technology
The prowess of India’s female space scientists continues to ignite the cutting-edge technological achievements in Indian space sector. The latest to join this elite list is Sheena Rani who led the project that resulted in the successful test of Agni 5 missile capable of carrying multiple warheads. (Read more.)
India Aims to Become Global Hub for Scientific Learning
Science and scientific learning will be centre stage in India’s efforts to become a global hub for knowledge workers and students, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the government has also implemented far-reaching reforms in the education sector to instill a scientific temperament among the youth as well as promote inquiry-based learning. (Read more.)
India Enters Critical Stage 2 in Fast Breeder Reactor Program
India announced the fuel-loading at 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu marking Stage 2 in its decades-old development program. Scientists hope that someday this technology will bring an abundance of clean energy to benefit the world. (Read more.) 
Pushpak Viman Reborn!
It is India's futuristic Reusable Launch Vehicle, where the most expensive part, the upper stage, which houses all the expensive electronics, is made reusable by bringing it safely back to Earth. Pushpak Viman is India's legendary spaceship named in the Ramayan, known to be the vehicle of the Lord of Wealth, Kuber. (Read more.)
Dr. Lakshmanan, OC, honoured with Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa by University of Guelph
Dr. V. I. Lakshmanan, OC, Chairman of Process Research Ortech and Past Chair of CIF, has been recommended to receive the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, by the University of Guelph. This esteemed recognition is in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to technology, entrepreneurship, public policy, philanthropy, and community welfare. As an engineer, Dr. Lakshmanan has actively promoted intellectual collaboration for community development, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of people both in Canada and around the world. His efforts have aimed at creating a more equitable, affordable, and sustainable world.

The honorary degree will be conferred during the University of Guelph's convocation ceremony, scheduled for either June or October.
People's Choice Poll
India had launched the “Dekho Apna Desh – People’s Choice 2024” Campaign on 07 March 2024. The Campaign seeks public feedback on the best tourist attractions in India across various categories. Click here
Community Event
CIF Urges Community Members to Donate Blood
Canada India Foundation continued its efforts to help create awareness in the community to donate to the Canadian Blood Services. Blood is always a critical element in healthcare with the power to save lives. CIF is encouraging members of the Indo Canadian community to be proactive and help in this crucial program. 

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