Newsletter    August 2017
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are looking forward to the fast-approaching fall season, students returning to our beautiful campus, and an exciting schedule of upcoming events and happenings at CIHF. In this newsletter we offer a glimpse of things to come including a select sample of projects completed this summer we are excited to share. Read on for a few highlights, and find out more on our website!
* CIHF Annual Report 2017 released : Browse our comprehensive report for a summary on the vast and varied happenings over 2016 - 2017 including highlights from the Hospitality, Health, and Design (HHDS2016) Symposium ; 2017 list of CIHF Faculty Fellow Scholarship; the many visits by industry leaders and speakers, and much more.

* CIHF has its own channel on eCornell WebSeries: Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living!
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CIHF Publication Series: Healthy Futures Volume 2 Number 1 is available online and provides insights and discussion points from our 2017 Senior Living Roundtable Innovating across Senior Living and Care.
We invite you to become involved in the conversation as we collaborate to build a smarter, kinder, and healthier built-environment for healthy futures.
Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  
Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director / Design and Environmental Analysis / College of Human Ecology
Brooke Hollis, CIHF, Associate Director / Sloan Program in Health Administration / College of Human Ecology 
Innovating Across Health, Hospitality, and Design to Create a Bright Future  
The Mission of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for integrating health, hospitality, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related fields.
IMAGES OF NATURE throughout our publications and materials reflect our mission to integrate the concepts of harmony, peace, and balance with human-centered design for wellness.

Students Provide a Fresh Choice in Anabel Taylor Hall: Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship  
We all know we should eat our greens! But, when time and access to fresh produce is limited, students (and faculty and staff alike) find themselves scrambling to eat healthy. However, in early May 2017, that changed on west campus with a soft launch of a student-run grocery store located in Anabel Taylor Hall. Students from across the university participated in a practicum-based social entrepreneurship course (AEM 4940 Fall 2016 & Spring 2017), taught by CIHF Faculty Fellow Anke Wessels, that focused on the launch of Anabel's Grocery. The small market provides the Cornell community nutritious and affordable fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome food, and provides its customers with the inside scoop on food literacy.

"Center for Transformative Action is pleased to welcome Anabel's Grocery as a new project. We are especially impressed by its innovative approach to addressing the stigma associated with food insecurity on campus," says Anke Wessels, CIHF Faculty Fellow, Executive Director of Center for Transformative Action (CTA), and Visiting Lecturer in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. "Anabel's Grocery also provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to operate a nonprofit venture that is financially sustainable and has social impact, while benefiting from the safety and support of CTA's legal and fiduciary oversight."

CIHF Faculty Fellows Scholarship Papers and Presentations
CIHF Faculty Fellows published research papers focused on specific issues pertaining to the cross-disciplinary fields of hospitality, health, and design. Researchers embarked on projects such as an exploratory survey on noise and autism spectrum disorder in children, implications for adaptive aging, the effectiveness of environmental qualities as perceived by staff at mental and behavioral settings, and strategies to improve quality of life at the end of life, among many others. 

Faculty Fellows in Scholarship offered presentations at conferences across the country as well as a workshop on NHS quality at the University of Oxford. Fellows shared research advancement insights on issues including the impact that design has on senior living, why volunteerism matters, how to manage volunteer programs and model them to reach their fullest potential, as well as other evidence-based work. 
Click here for a list of publications as reference to the broad range of research conducted by CIHF collaborators.
Environmental Impact on Wellness Explored at Mental and Behavioral Health Design Roundtable
Opening Reception / Meet the Participants
October 15, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Silver Birch Suite, 5th Floor Tower, Statler Hall

October 16, 7:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Silver Birch Suite, 5th Floor Tower, Statler Hall

CIHF is hosting a roundtable with specific focus on mental and behavioral health design. The impact of the physical environment on individuals with mental and behavioral issues has emerged as a topic of concern that has environmental designers thinking in new ways to develop a more sensitive approach to spaces that support the needs of these patients. New inpatient and outpatient facilities are being developed, but designers lack the research to inform the design process.

This event will focus on identifying the most pressing issues associated with improving the quality of health facilities. Clinical practitioners, designers and architects, and design researchers will tackle these issues through discussions and presentations.

Roundtable Chair: Mardelle Shepley, FAIA, Professor and Chair of Design & Environmental Analysis and Associate Director of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Participants and Presenters:
Sheila Bosch, Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Design, University Of Florida
Serene Chen, Department of Emergency Medicine, Alameda Health System
Bethany Friedow, Researcher, HDR
Brian Giebink, Architect, HDR
Samantha Greenberg, Strategic Partnership Manager, Lantern
Jim Hunt, President, Behavioral Health Facility Consulting, LLC
Kayvan Madani-Nejad, Senior Healthcare Architect, Veteran's Administration
Mike McKay, Vice President of Architecture, Erdman 
Penny S. Mills, Executive Vice President / Chief Executive Officer, American Society of Addiction Medicine 
Samira Pasha, Healthcare Project Architect, Cumming Construction Management
Elisabeth Perreault, Senior Vice President, Cannondesign
Frank Pitts, President, Architecture+
Heather Shangold, Local Recovery Coordinator / Psychologist, Veteran's Administration New Jersey Health Care
James H. Spelman, Senior Social Worker, Quincy Center of Arbour Hospital
Mary Tabacchi, Associate Professor Emerita, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
Tammy Thompson, President and Founder, Institute For Patient-Centered Design, Inc. 
Nianne T. VanFleet, Associate Director of Operations, Cornell Health, Cornell University
Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited 
For more information on the MBHD roundtable please email: 
CIHF Research Poster on Healthcare Perceptions to be Presented at Festival of Scholarship: The Inauguration of Martha E. Pollack as 14th President of Cornell University

August 24, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.  Physical Sciences Building Atrium

CIHF researchers Lu Kong, Hessam Sadatsafavi, and Rohit Verma will present their research poster "Healthcare Perceptions of New York State Residents the Impact of Technology, Outpatient Choices, and Perceived Issues" at the Festival of Scholarship: The Inauguration of Martha E. Pollack as 14th President of Cornell University.

The festival provides guests the opportunity to learn about student scholarship at Cornell and to interact with
undergraduate, graduate, and professional students as they come together and share their academic projects. A public event for the inauguration of Cornell's fourteenth president, the Festival of Scholarship demonstrates President Pollack's commitment to cultivating a cross-pollination of ideas and community among Cornell's researchers and scholars.

Cornell Chronicle: Plans take shape for Pollack inauguration

Mary Leary, CHE '78
CEO and President of Mather LifeWays 
We are pleased to highlight in this issue, Advisory Board Member
Mary Leary, CEO and President of Mather LifeWays. 
Mather LifeWays is a not-for-profit organization d ed ica t ed to p rovidi ng a con tin uum of senior l iv i ng and c are op t io ns and, community initiatives for older adults. Through Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging (MLIA), identification, implementation, and sharing of wellness and workforce "next" practices are provided. 
Leary's vision has resulted in Mather LifeWays receiving national recognition through numerous awards and articles, including the New York Times. She was recently one of 25 prominent senior living leaders profiled by Senior Housing News in a Leadership Series.
In addition to providing internship opportunities to College of Human Ecology students, Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging looks to Cornell for future research studies and collaboration opportunities with specific focus on the next generation of emerging leaders in senior living and the growing number of graduates investing in this service field. About her involvement at Cornell, Leary says, "The CIHF Advisory Board has created a truly unique forum in which experts across a variety of fields and industries - hospitality, healthcare, design, and senior living, can come together.  I've appreciated being a part of this effort, working with others to identify ways in which, together, we can innovate."   
We appreciate Mary Leary's involvement and valuable contributions toward CIHF's mission!

  • Participate as a speaker in class and at events
  • Become a mentor to future leaders of the field
  • Interact with highly-motivated students
  • Help shape future activities of the institute
CONTACT Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming an Advisory Board Member: 607.255.1078, 
Hessam Sadatsafavi  Researcher, Internship and Minor Coordinator

Postdoctoral associate and lecturer in the department of Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA), Hessam Sadatsafavi is a key contributor to CIHF's intellectual platform for research. Employing his educational background in architectural design and construction engineering, Sadatsafavi lends his perspective, experience, and broad knowledge to expand upon the integrated field of health, hospitality, and design. Through collaborations with designers and health policy experts Hessam is integral to fulfilling CIHF's research agenda.

This month, Hessam completes his first year at CIHF. In just one short year, he has compiled a solid body of work that is still growing. As well as conducting research in collaboration with Cornell faculty, CIHF Faculty Fellows, and industry partners, he teaches an undergraduate class on research methods in DEA. In the spring he will coordinate the proposed university-wide minor in Health, Hospitality, and Design (HHD Minor).

Sadatsafavi's research and professional expertise is management science applications in design and construction projects for improving human health and safety and enhancing organizational efficiency. In addition to studying the rate of improvement in such outcomes, he evaluates the long-term financial return of such improvements. He has authored and co-authored 16 articles published in peer-reviewed journals of various fields including medicine, sustainable architecture, environmental psychology, healthcare management, and engineering management.
Hessam Sadatsafavi is currently working on the following projects:
* Workplace Design for Enhancing Workforce Wellbeing and Performance: Collaborative partnership with CIHF Corporate Partner Delos to perform the first longitudinal field evaluation to measure the impact of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) on building occupants' health, productivity, perceived wellbeing, and prosocial behaviors

* Healthcare Preferences and Living Environment for New York State Residents 
* Strategies to Improve Quality of Life at the End of Life: Interdisciplinary Team Perspectives   
* Financial Return of Single-Family Neonatal Intensive Care Rooms  
* A Web-Based Benchmarking Tool for Healthcare Facility Operation and Maintenance Costs 

CIHF events can now be viewed by subscribers through the Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living channel, a new Webseries developed by e-Cornell. The monthly, one-hour WebCasts will provide viewers access to the most recent discussions and investigations on topics related to health, hospitality, and design. Experts from Cornell's School of Hospitality Management, College of Human Ecology, and Sloan Program in Health Administration, will stream conferences and seminars live for participants to partake with Q&A sessions and audience exercises. 
"By the numbers, senior living, healthcare, and wellness are industries poised for growth. But those numbers are people, and good business means serving people well in all settings and throughout their life. These WebCasts explore how CIHF is collaborating across disciplines to uncover breakthrough solutions for all stakeholders," said Rohit Verma, CIHF executive director.
Anticipated topics may include: 
  • Entrepreneurship in health, hospitality, and design
  • Innovations in senior living design and care
  • Service excellence in home health care
  • Behavioral health environments
  • Wellness and medical tourism, including hotel design and operations

3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850
Rohit Verma, Executive Director,
Mardelle Shepley, Associate Director,
Brooke Hollis, Associate Director, 

Melissa Carlisle, Assistant Director, External Relations, 
Pamela Lafayette, Program Assistant, 
Hessam Sadatsafavi, Postdoctoral Associate, 

The Institute functions through a network of corporate members to provide perspective across diverse fields of study. Through these relationships, we help facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to help shape the next generation of thinkers and builders. Through shared experience and knowledge we further develop ideas and best practices within this emerging field that combines health, hospitality, and design. 

With the contributions from our Corporate Members, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is on the forefront to help advance service excellence. Becoming a Corporate Member is an excellent way to contribute towards this goal and help make a difference.

CONTACT Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming a Corporate Member: 607.255.1078,
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