Newsletter    June 2018
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we look back at this academic year, we would like to thank all our members, partners, student workers, and associates who have contributed their time, expertise, and valuable insights to help advance the CIHF mission over this past year. Through the impressive work of these critical thinkers, researchers, and organizers, we have much to look back on and build upon as is evident from recent events, research, and projects. Our corporate membership continues to expand, providing more and varied perspectives on the intersection of hospitality, health, and design.
We are pleased to welcome three new Industry Scholars: Barbara Lang, founder of B. Lang Consulting;Pelin Thorogood, President and Co-founder of Wholistic Research and Education Foundation and Co-founder of Mana Artisan Botanics; and Elizabeth Martyn, SHA '07, MS '18, Principal at Sophos Hospitality Consulting.
Brief profiles about Barbara, Elizabeth, and Pelin can be found in this issue.    

This summer we bid farewell to Hessam Sadatsafavi, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate and lecturer in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis and CIHF's internship and minor coordinator, and researcher. Hessam has made several important contributions to CIHF and has been an invaluable core member of our group. He has led various research projects and worked collaboratively with industry leaders, faculty, and students. Data on his projects including issues such as senior living, socioeconomic determinants of healthcare choices, cost-effectiveness of single-family units for ICU and NICU patients, can be found on the CIHF research site. Hessam has accepted a position as a senior researcher at University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville. He will be greatly missed here at CIHF. We wish him all the best in his new role! 
We also must say goodbye and thank you to our wonderful student workers, Vivian Jiang, MPS '18, and Malvika Majithia, MHA '18, who have made meaningful contributions to CIHF.

Vivian Jiang,
our student graphic designer, has  created compelling and engaging publications and publicity pieces for the past two years. Vivian is a MPS student in Information Science with a concentration in User Experience Design. We wish Vivian all the best in her future endeavors!

Malvika Kaushik
MHA '18 , took a very active role at CIHF during her tenure with us. She acted as our social media coordinator, eagerly volunteered at CIHF events, and helped with numerous projects. At the April mini-symposium, CIHF Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human , Malvika's volunteer efforts and passion for her work parlayed into a job offer from an industry leader who was in attendance. Malvika will begin her position at American Academic Health Systems in Philadelphia as part of a team that optimizes operational efficiencies, focusing on newly acquired institutions - St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and Hahnemann University Hospital. We will miss Malvika here at CIHF and wish her the best of luck! 

Features in this issue include:
- CIHF Executive Director Rohit Verma receives Lifetime Achievement Award
- Research: DEA Hospitality Design Innovations Lab Publishes Research Report
- Alumnae Spotlight: A-Care, MMH '16, Carly Andrews, SHA '16, Halle Farber, DEA '91
- CIHF Summer Course: Making a Difference by Design
- Celebrate Wellness @ Cornell Reunion: CIHF Open House and Passport Activity
We invite you to become involved in the conversation as we collaborate to build a smarter, kinder, and healthier built-environment for healthy futures. Have an enjoyable summer ahead!
Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  
Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director / Design and Environmental Analysis / College of Human Ecology
Brooke Hollis, CIHF, Associate Director / Sloan Program in Health Administration / College of Human Ecology
Alex Susskind, CIHF, Associate Director/ The School of Hotel Administration / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  

  • Participate as a speaker in class and at events
  • Become a mentor to future leaders of the field
  • Interact with highly-motivated students
  • Help shape future activities of the institute
  • Offer internships to students enrolled in the new Health, Hospitality and Design minor
Innovating Across Health, Hospitality, and Design to Create a Bright Future  
The mission of the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for integrating health, hospitality, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related fields.
IMAGES OF NATURE throughout our publications reflect our mission to integrate the concepts of harmony, peace, and balance with human-centered design for wellness.
CIHF Summer Course

Making a Difference by Design (Cornell University Summer Session Credit Course)
July 16 - August 13, 2018

Making a Difference by Design is a course about leadership, creative problem solving, and social change. This class is for designers and non-designers alike, and examines how design affects you personally and globally, and how you can affect design processes to innovate in various fields. 

Instructors for the course are: Rohit Verma, Executive Director, CIHF, Dean of External Relations, SC Johnson College of Business; Brooke Hollis MBA '78 , Associate Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, and Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration; and Gourab Kar, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University.
For information on registration for this course please visit Cornell Summer Session website 

Design & Environmental Analysis - CIHF Research Report Published

Faculty and researchers from Cornell University Health Design Innovations Lab (HDIL) and Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (CIHF) are pleased to announce that a report about design guidance for healthcare delivery has recently been published by Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI). The report, Designing End-of-Life Care Settings to Enhance Quality of Life: Informing the Conversation Among Designers, Users & Stakeholders , is the result of research through the Health Design Innovations Lab, a multidisciplinary collective of faculty, students, practitioners, industry leaders, and community members committed to cutting-edge research on healthcare environments.

The report presents straightforward design guidance for settings in which end-of-life care is delivered. It focuses on accommodating the unique and unfamiliar changes experienced during the end-of-life journey, and the research examined four primary design elements of the built environment that profoundly influence end-of-life care settings. The material in the document can be used to inform conversations among designers, users, and stakeholders to support creation of custom design solutions that support residents, families, and caregivers.
HDIL is part of the Design & Environmental Analysis Department (DEA) in the College of Human Ecology and is affiliated with Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures. As an affiliate, CIHF supports HDIL by providing two students per semester to work with faculty on targeted research projects. Members in the lab engage in applied research on national and international projects with focus on approaches to the planning, design and management of settings that promote human health and well-being.

FGI is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing guidance for the planning, design, and construction of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health, care, and support facilities. Their mission is to promote consensus-based guidelines and publications that are informed through research to advance quality health care.
Click here for information about the authors and researchers. Eshelman, P., Sagha Zadeh, R., Setla, J., & Krieger, A. (2017). Designing End-of-Life Care Setting to Enhance Quality of Life: A Cornell University Report.  Washington, DC: Facility Guidelines Institute. Hard copies of the publication will be available soon through Cornell.
HDIL 2017 Report:
The following publications have been produced with CIHF sponsorship:    
Sagha Zadeh, R., Shepley M. Sadatsafavi, H., & Krieger, A. (2017). Improve safety by design in healthcare work environments. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal. This paper explains ways to improve safety in healthcare settings.   

Sagha Zadeh, R., Eshelman, P., Setla, J., Krieger, A., Hon, E., & Kennedy, L. (2017). Environmental design for end-of-life care: An integrative review on improving quality of life and managing symptoms for patients in institutional settings. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. doi:10.1016/.2017.09.011. This paper explains the role of environment to manage end-of-life symptoms.  

Sagha Zadeh, R., Shepley, M., Owora, A., Waggener, L., Chung, S., & Donnenbaum, M. (2017). Perceptions of healthcare workers regarding effective environmental strategies to improve their health and performance. Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.This paper explains how productivity needs of healthcare workers in inpatient-outpatient and mental health facilities could be met. 
Celebrate Wellness @ Cornell Reunion: CIHF Open House and Passport Activity

Friday, June 8 

Wellness Matters! Cornell Institute for Health Futures is partnering with Cornell Wellness to host an Open House in the CIHF suite at 3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall (MVR) as part of Cornell's Reunion Weekend festivities.

CIHF is inviting visitors and their families to join us for a free, family-friendly Wellness Passport Activity. Guests will be welcomed into the CIHF suite to learn about the institute and the many ways our research contributes to global wellness. They will be provided a map for a nature walk around Beebe Lake to participate in our Passport Activity. 

Winners Announced! CIHF Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge 

CIHF is proud to announce the top three winners of a challenge-based project designed to engage students in developing a creative, sustainable model for healthcare delivery that focuses on some aspect of "healing the whole human" and patient-centered care. T he poster competition was presented at a reception in conjunction with CIHF's Advisory Board Meeting and mini-symposium, Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human.

Teams were formed to identify a major pain point in the healthcare delivery system and design an innovative patient experience solution that takes into consideration the crossover between healthcare, hospitality, and design.

Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers listed here respectively: 
1. Max Feng and Derek So, "Atropos: Optimization of Canadian MRI Wait Times" (MRI Scheduling)
2. Mingzhu Lu, Nixon Cheung, and Shujia Chen "A Small Endeavour to Prevent from Postpartum Complications and Maternity Death" (Postpartum Education)
3. Y Pham and Xin Wen "An Innovation in Transforming the Healing Environment" (Projection Mapping) 
CIHF Mini-Symposium: 
Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human
Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures hosted its fourth roundtable/mini-symposium on April 13, this one focused on the patient experience in healthcare. The event brought together industry experts, academic scholars, faculty, and students to identify the areas of greatest needs for providing whole patient care, and to tackle issues for achieving a more patient-centric healthcare system.

Interactive panel sessions provided an overview of "the state of patient experience" including the political environment and health policy influences and shed light on current trends and frameworks, innovations, major challenges, and other considerations for the path forward.

The mini-symposium was attended by over 100 guests and participants. CIHF's publication, Healthy Futures, Vol. 3, No. 1: Healing the Whole Human will be made available soon. 

For more information please visit: Patient Experience Rx 
CIHF Advisory Board Meeting 

CIHF welcomed Advisory Board members to the Spring 2018 meeting at the Statler Hotel in April. CIHF Executive Director Rohit Verma thanked them for the support and insight they have generous extended this academic year. Rohit shared a brief history of the formation of CIHF which was initiated by an expressed desire from students and faculty to encompass multi-interests and the inter-relations among hospitality, healthcare, and design (HHD). Within three years, CIHF has answered the call to provide opportunities and connections for students to study, interface, and become integrated into the industries and modalities to make real change, in addition to developing a multi-tiered platform as outlined in the following summaries. 
Education and curriculum opportunities through CIHF were introduced by Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director, Hessam Sadatsafavi, postdoctoral associate, and Alexis Strong, Ph.D. candidate. Each touched upon areas where CIHF has embarked in ambitious academic offerings to students. For information about curriculum, course offerings, and the CIHF minor, click here. 

Research projects were presented by Lu Kong, MS '13, Ph.D. candidate, and Alex Susskind, Associate Director, CIHF, and Associate Professor of Food and Beverage Management in the School of Hotel Administration:
NYS and National Poll Survey
The Impact of Restaurant Menu Labeling on Food Choic e
Alexis Strong, Ph.D. candidate, provided an overview of the objectives for the Patient Experience Mini-Symposium, and Rana Zadeh, Assistant Professor in Design & Environmental Analysis, gave a report on the Health Design Innovation Lab (HDIL) including guidelines, online programs, products, and CIHF-supported student work in the lab. See more about Rana's report in this issue under Research Spotlight. 
Joseph De Los Santos, a graduate student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration, provided a summary of accomplishments by Cornell University Healthy Futures Graduate Club (CUHFG) including Fireside Chats with industry speakers from the HHD Seminar Course, a Case Competition at Cornell Tech, Community service with Engaged Cornell, networking with executives and experts, and roundtable discussions with diverse academic emphases.
Student Competition Winner Announced
CIHF collaborated with the School of Hotel Administration's Management Communication subarea for the 2018 Models of Excellence in Business Presentations Competition in May.

Six finalists from among 142 students participated in the competition, each delivering persuasive presentations to support the theme: Innovative Hospitality, Health, and Design Solutions
. Rohit Verma, Dean of External Relations, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, and CIHF Executive Director, acted as a judge for the competition. 
Congratulations the finalists and to Amanda Friedman '19, who took first place for her projected titled, "Pep Peds - Creating Happiness in Pediatric Care ." Amanda will pitch her innovative idea to Cohen Children's Medical Center/Northwell Health.

Designed to provide collaboration opportunities for colleagues from non-educational organizations, the program is a diverse, yet cohesive learning community that helps build a multi-disciplinary knowledge-base, develop educational programs, and create academic-industry partnerships to explore innovations across hospitality, health and design.  

Barbara Lang, '78, MPS '04
B. Lang Consulting     

We are pleased to welcome Barbara Lang to the CIHF Industry Scholars Program. During 35 years in the hospitality industry, Barbara served as a faculty member and career advisor at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, Napa Valley winery culinary director, restaurant owner, schooner chef, food entrepreneur, and author. She is a public speaker, food entrepreneurship consultant, and etiquette coach,
restaurateur, lecturer and advisor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, and advisor to U.S. and international not-for-profit organizations.

Barbara founded B. Lang Consulting with a focus on offering lessons in life skills and to foster "A Hospitality Mindset"™, a term she created attributing to how personal and career success is rooted in the relationships we create and nurture, day by day, moment to moment, and meal to meal. B. Lang Consulting serves a wide range of audiences, including patients and professionals in healthcare, the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Barbara often weaves her experiences as a cancer patient into her presentations, emphasizing how small acts of kindness provide huge healing moments. Her own experiences were expressed in Cancer Unplugged, a monthly newspaper column Barbara authored during her diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy.
Barbara is Advisory Chair for EGBOK, a nonprofit hospitality school in Cambodia, and she works extensively with underserved populations as a coach in learning and using these same life skills. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University and is currently an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the School of Hotel Administration in the S.C. Johnson College of Business.
We are very pleased to welcome Barbara to the Industry Scholars Program!

Elizabeth Martyn, SHA '07, MS '18
Sophos Hospitality Consulting

Elizabeth is passionate about customer experience and has an extensive background in the luxury travel and guest services industry including guest relations, operations execution, brand positioning, and marketing and digital engagement.
Her expertise lies in streamlining operations, building effective service delivery systems to ensure consistency in the guest experience, and understanding performance through metric measurements and data analytics. She has been able to apply her knowledge to non-traditional service industries including healthcare and recently co-developed an elective on patient experience and the role of hospitality in healthcare for Cornell University.
Elizabeth consults for a range of clients through her firm, Sophos Hospitality Consulting.  She w as an interim undergraduate instructor at the School of Hotel Administration (SHA), and currently develops online training content in collaboration with SHA and eCornell. She was an active participant at various CIHF events, and she is the author of the online Cornell University Service Excellence On-Demand Training. Elizabeth holds both a bachelor's degree and a Master of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University. Welcome back to the CIHF team, Elizabeth!
Pelin Thorogood, '90, MEng '91, MBA '94 
President & Co-founder, Wholistic Research and Education Foundation
Mana Artisan Botanics

Pelin Thorogood is a tech executive and entrepreneur who has made a career out of being at the forefront of emerging business trends and technologies. The potential for CBD-rich therapeutics to deliver significant health benefits has recently led Pelin to co-found
Wholistic Research and Education Foundation and Mana Artisan Botanics .

Previously she was CEO of Anametrix, the award-winning multi-channel marketing analytics platform (acquired by Ensighten 2014). Her career as a technology executive also includes serving as CMO of WebSideStory, the pioneer in web analytics (IPO 2004, acquired by Omniture/Adobe 2008). 

Pelin holds a B.S. in Operations Research, Masters in Engineering and MBA degrees, all from Cornell University. She serves as Virtual Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management.   

Pelin was the Keynote Speaker for the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2018 on April 19, and participated as a panelist the following day at CIHF's panel, "Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Nexus of Hospitality, Health & Design." Pelin presented a talk titled "Aligning Purpose and Opportunity," which focused on the intersection of healthcare, wellness, and hospitality industries and the exploding market for organic, farm-to-table CBD (cannabidiol) product lines. She touched on research underscoring the medicinal benefits of CBD, and she provided staggering statistics for entrepreneurial opportunities within this rapidly growing sector.

"Inspired by my career in analytics that enabled data-driven decision making for countless companies, I am excited to bring that same mindset to the explosive hemp industry. Parallel to the mission of CIHF, my new companies offer a multi-disciplinary platform to exploring the truth
about the myriad of health benefits of this ancient plant. Our goal is simple- educate consumers and healthcare professionals with research-driven data, and drive the broad availability of hemp supplements that are both pure and potent, said Thorogood." We are very happy to welcome Pelin as a new member of our team! 

CIHF is making a difference! As we celebrate Cornell University's Reunion Weekend this June, we are proud to highlight exceptional work by CIHF-affiliated alumnae that embodies the mission and vision of CIHF.

Strategy and Business Development Manager
Jin Wellbeing County

Khongchanok Paepipatmongkol (known as A-Care), MMH '16, was a very active and innovative student worker in our CIHF offices during the early days of CIHF's founding. She worked on an independent research study and wrote a paper on medical tourism and senior living in Thailand. A-Care's immersion at CIHF and understanding of the fast-emerging field that integrates hospitality, health, and design helped provide her with the foundation to pursue her goals to make a difference in senior living.

A-Care recently transitioned from a position in a luxury hotel company and is currently working as a strategy and business development manager for
Jin Wellbeing County , a senior living community in Thailand. A-Care was recently part of a team project that received Honorable Mention for The Prestige Award from the Environments for Aging (EFA) Design Showcase 2018. The project was recognized for its innovative approach to blending hospitality, health-care, and real estate together under the criteria of innovation, collaboration, aesthetics, and operations.

"With status quo and Thai culture, it is still a big challenge for the project to overcome negative images of nursing home in Thailand and to position itself well as a redefined experience for retirement. However, the project has stirred up the market, and other players are now very interested to get into the industry," said A-Care.

A-Care is also a member of the CHS Thailand Executive Committee Board working towards building a more active alumni community in Bangkok. "I always hope to be able to contribute something back to Cornell and share anything that might be useful to other students and alumni. As for her success and career trajectory, A-Care noted, "Actually the credit should go to professor Verma and CIHF to make me realize my passion and follow it today." 

Carly Andrews, SHA '16
Operations Associate
Erickson Living

Carly Andrews started her Cornell career with a focus on food and beverage operations, an obvious extension from a career working for bakeries in the wedding cake business. Carly's passion shifted to the senior living industry after a dining internship with Brookdale Senior Living in the summer of 2015. She minored in Gerontology through the College of Human Ecology and was actively involved in CIHF as both the social media manager and an undergraduate researcher. She was also the co-president of the Cornell University Healthy Futures Student Organization (CUHF).

"CIHF helped me realize the potential of cross-disciplinary problem solving, and how different industries can help each other grow. It solidified my belief that a Hotel School student could make a positive impact in the lives of seniors and aging nationwide. Being able to participate in CIHF events throughout my college career also introduced me to so many intelligent, innovative, and inspiring leaders in the healthcare space and I couldn't be more grateful."

As Operations Associate at Erickson Living, Carly has rotated between departments of General Services, Finance, Dining, and Resident Life. Some of her projects include working with Lyft to pilot "Lyft Concierge" in the Erickson community, opening a new fast-casual dining venue, implementing and teaching residents how to use a community app, and growing business and efficiency in the Home Support Services department.

Carly plans to continue to work to improve the lives of older adults, and to one day develop a financially viable middle income senior living model. We are very excited for Carly's early successes and proud that her CIHF background and influence have helped her to affect change in senior living! 

Halle Farber, DEA '91
Owner, Chief Executive Officer
Medical Accessibility LLC

As a student in Design and Environmental Analysis, Halle Farber learned that design cannot be detached from human experience. As a result, she is now inspired by universal design and the challenge of creating human-centered spaces that address the needs of multiple end-users. Halle shared how her education at DEA influenced and prepared her for her entrepreneurial career path that combines design, healthcare, and hospitality.

"The DEA program allowed me to develop my technical design skills while exploring environmental psychology and ergonomics. Working on my senior project, an adult day care center for people with dementia, helped sow the seeds for my later design work in the healthcare field as an Americans with Disabilities Act expert."
Halle's design philosophy is governed by principles of universal and patient-centered design. She has applied her design background to create medical products that provide solutions that make a difference in the lives of people with mobility issues, those who use wheelchairs, the elderly, and healthcare professionals. Her company, Medical Accessibility LLC, introduced The Upscale, an adjustable-height exam table with a built-in weight scale that allows wheelchair-bound patients or mobility challenged patients to transfer from the wheelchair onto the exam table.

"As a designer, it's immensely satisfying to help remove physical barriers and to know that I'm improving the exam room experience for both patients and staff," says Farber.Halle's design was driven by her work within the field combined with conversations with stakeholders and disability advocates about their patient and provider care and safety needs. Halle noted that the development of The UpScale was also driven by the medical facilities' needs to ensure they are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Visit Halle's website to learn more!

CIHF Industry Relevance Award

Rohit Verma, Ph.D., Dean of External Relations, Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, and Executive Director of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Production and Operations Management Service (POMS), College of Service Operations.

POMS has only given six Lifetime Achievement Awards three of which have gone to Cornell University faculty from The School of Hotel Administration. In addition to Rohit Verma, Gary Thompson and Sheryl Kimes were awarded this distinction in 2011 and 2010 respectively.
Student Receives Internship through CIHF Connection
Mingzhu Lu
Johnson Graduate School of Management
MBA Exchange Student with ESSEC Business School

The CIHF Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge provided a networking opportunity for Mingzhu when her team's innovative solution to healthcare delivery piqued the interest of a visiting industry leader. Mingzhu presented the poster design
on April 12, among 20 other student team submissions at a reception for CIHF Advisory Board Members and Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human mini-symposium participants. Mingzhu's team included Nixon Cheung and Shujia Chen and was titled, "A Small Endeavor to Prevent from Postpartum Complications and Maternity Death " and was submitted within the category of Postpartum Education.

Mingzhu's design solution netted her and her teammates 2nd place in the poster challenge and an internship offer at Lilly France of the Eli Lilly Group, in Paris in the role of Market Research Intern to work in
market research to support business units including bio-medicine, diabetes, and oncology. We are very pleased that this CIHF event provided her with this opportunity!   
CIHF eCornell Channel: Webinar Series 
 Visit the CIHF Webinar Series Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living eCornell Channel for webcasts that give viewers access to the most recent discussions and investigations on topics related to health, hospitality, and design to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Conferences and webinars with experts from Cornell's School of Hospitality Management, College of Human Ecology, and Sloan Program in Health Administration are streamed live for participants to partake with Q&A sessions and audience exercises. Learn from experts at the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, the first academic center in the country dedicated to integrating hospitality, health management/policy, and design thinking to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries.  

The Webinar Series is available through subscription to the
eCornell WebSeries channel.
  Anticipated topics may include: 
-Entrepreneurship in health, hospitality, and design
-Innovations in senior living design and care
-Service excellence in home health care
-Behavioral health environments
-Wellness and medical tourism, including hotel design and operations     

Sharing Ideas, Inviting Yours

We look forward to sharing news features, articles, and updates each month to keep you informed and connected with CIHF. Watch for our next issue!

Be well,

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850
Rohit Verma, Executive Director,
Mardelle Shepley, Associate Director,
Brooke Hollis, Associate Director,
Alex Susskind, Associate Director,
Melissa Carlisle, Assistant Director, External Relations, 
Pamela Lafayette, Program Assistant, 
Hessam Sadatsafavi, Postdoctoral Associate, 

The Institute functions through a network of corporate members to provide perspective across diverse fields of study. Through these relationships, we help facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to help shape the next generation of thinkers and builders. Through shared experience and knowledge we further develop ideas and best practices within this emerging field that combines health, hospitality, and design. 

With the contributions from our Corporate Members, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is on the forefront to help advance service excellence. Becoming a Corporate Member is an excellent way to contribute towards this goal and help make a difference. 

Contact Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming a Corporate Member: 607.255.1078,
See our growing list of members

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