Newsletter    March - April 2018
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Spring is finally here, and with it comes a fresh line-up of CIHF events and news items to share. We are especially excited to introduce Advisory Board Members Vaibhav Garg and Danielle Pere; Industry Scholars Maggie Hsu, David Deininger, and Asheesh Gupta ; and Visiting Academic Scholar Giovanni Sogari, all of whom recently joined our exceptional and diverse team. We are happy to feature brief profiles in this issue to highlight the unique backgrounds, areas of expertise, and extensive experience that these new members bring to the CIHF mission.  

We are also happy to share
the following announcements of new Cornell appointments:
Alex Susskind, CIHF Associate Director and
associate professor at the School of Hotel Administration, has been named Faculty Director of the new Cornell Institute for Food & Beverage Management.
-Ying Hua, CIHF Faculty Fellow, has been appointed director of Cornell China Center (Cornell Chronicle: March 29). Ying is a member of the graduate fields of both Design & Environmental Analysis and Real Estate. 
We are excited to provide details of our upcoming mini-symposium titled, Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human, scheduled for April 12 - 13. Panelists, session chairs, and breakout discussion leaders will head up an all-day exploration of the highly relevant topic of patient experience in healthcare. This event will bring together industry experts, academic scholars, leaders and students for engagement that will focus on tackling the greatest needs and biggest hurdles in achieving a patient-centric healthcare system. Read more under Upcoming Events.
Other features in this issue include:
- CIHF Research: Albany Times op-ed "That City Park Might Fight Crime"
- CIHF Corporate Membership: American College of Preventive Medicine
- CIHF Summer Course: Making a Difference by Design

We invite you to become involved in the conversation as we collaborate to build a smarter, kinder, and healthier built-environment for healthy futures.
Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  
Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director / Design and Environmental Analysis / College of Human Ecology
Brooke Hollis, CIHF, Associate Director / Sloan Program in Health Administration / College of Human Ecology
Alex Susskind, CIHF, Associate Director/ The School of Hotel Administration / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  

  • Participate as a speaker in class and at events
  • Become a mentor to future leaders of the field
  • Interact with highly-motivated students
  • Help shape future activities of the institute
  • Offer internships to students enrolled in the new Health, Hospitality and Design minor
Innovating Across Health, Hospitality, and Design to Create a Bright Future  
The mission of the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for integrating health, hospitality, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related fields.
IMAGES OF NATURE throughout our publications reflect our mission to integrate the concepts of harmony, peace, and balance with human-centered design for wellness.

Hospitality, Health, Design Industry Seminar (HADM 3055/6055)
Speaker Series Videos Are Now Online 
This speaker series seminar provides students a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders with proven success in the emerging industry that combines hospitality and design with health, wellness, and senior living. With an exceptional variety of guest speakers, students enjoy a semester of unparalleled opportunity to gain insights directly from senior executives. In answer to the considerable demand for college graduates possessing knowledge of the complexities within the emerging industry, this seminar provides students the opportunities to learn from and interact with industry leaders. Videos of the speaker talks are now available on CornellCast.

Fireside Chats
Cornell University Healthy Futures Graduate Chapter (CUHFG ) capitalized on the visits of our speakers by hosting Fireside Chats, a casual forum where students met in small groups with the individual speakers. The most recent Fireside Chat was with Christian Bigsby '91, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities at GSK , who sat down with CUHFG members from   Sloan Program in Health Administration and Cornell School of Hotel Administration to discuss the intersection of environmental design, health, and wellness. Conversations about thinking disruptively, creating flexible environments, and taking transformative approaches to the concept of physical space were punctuated with discussions about shifts in the future of healthcare. Thank you for coming, Christian!
2018 Seminar Speakers included:
Christian Bigsby, CHE '91, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Real Estate & Facilities, GSK,
"Real Estate and Services: Designing an Experience" 
David Deininger, Healthcare Facility Master Planning Consultant, 2dplanning, "Multi-disciplinary
Decision Making" 
Caitlin McKenna, SHA '05, CIHF Advisory Board Member, Senior Director, Strategic Innovation Delivery, Hilton Worldwide , " Innovating Wellbeing in Hospitality"
Bob Riter, Executive Director (retired), Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes , " Cancer and Cancer Care: The Patient's Perspective"
Naomi Sachs, Therapeutic Landscapes Network, Postdoctoral Associate, Design & Environmental Analysis, Cornell University, "Landscapes for Healthcare, Landscapes for Hospitality: A Perfect Match or Strange Bedfellows?"
Nancy Schlichting, MBA '79, retired Chief Executive Officer of Henry Ford Health System (HFHS);
Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives; member of the International Women's Forum; former President of the Sloan Program in Health Administration Alumni Association 
For more information about this seminar: Courses & Seminars: Health, Hospitality & Design Industry Seminar

Videos of Speaker Talks:
CIHF Summer Course

Making a Difference by Design (Cornell University Summer Session Credit Course)
July 16 - August 13, 2018

Making a Difference by Design is a course about leadership, creative problem solving, and social change. This class is for designers and non-designers alike, and examines how design affects you personally and globally, and how you can affect design processes to innovate in various fields. 

Instructors for the course are: Rohit Verma, Executive Director, CIHF, Dean of External Relations, SC Johnson College of Business; Brooke Hollis MBA '78 , Associate Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, and Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration; and Gourab Kar, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University.
For information on registration for this course please visit Cornell Summer Session website 

National Poll of Community Social and Physical Environment

Albany Times Union recently published, "That city park may be fighting crime," an op-ed piece written by Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director and Chair of the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell in collaboration with CIHF fellow Naomi Sachs and CIHF Postdoctoral Associate Hessam Sadatsafavi. Professor Shepley led the team of Cornell researchers to study the social and behavioral affects that accessible greenspace may have on a community. The findings validated a long-held understanding of Shepley's that the presence of parks and other greenspace positively impacts neighborhoods and may reduce urban crime.

"While people may not think of the physical environment as playing a role in mitigating negative social behaviors, evidence strongly suggests that it does," Shepley states. " In this study researchers found that two-thirds of the respondents who have attractive nature sights in their vicinity also perceived their neighborhood to be a place where people look out for one another. This outcome speaks to the strong relationship between greenspace and social cohesiveness."

Crime prevention strategies mostly focus on surveillance and penalties for breaking the law. However, physical and social context in communities can facilitate or mitigate criminal activities. The purpose of the study was to investigate how the built environment and socioeconomic characteristics of communities are associated with mental health concerns and crime.
The research team for this study includes Dr. Mardelle Shepley ; Dr. Naomi Sachs, Postdoctoral Associate, Design and Environmental Analysis; and Dr. Hessam Sadatsafavi, Postdoctoral Associate, CIHF.
Click for a visualization of results in the ongoing study: National Poll Community Social & Physical Environment
Photograph by Aniek Kempeneers
CIHF Mini-Symposium: 
Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human
April 12 - 13, 2018
Statler Hotel, Cornell University
The fourth Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures mini-symposium is aimed at the timely and relevant topic of patient experience in healthcare. Health policy and a general trend toward consumerization has shifted the power from a more paternalistic dynamic to one in which the consumer is slowly taking center stage. Hospitality, wellness, facilities and service design, food and nutrition, and other unique needs of patients are increasingly becoming important considerations in healthcare delivery during the era of rising costs and complexities surrounding health insurance and government regulations.  

The intention of this event, which is purposely designed as a smaller forum, is to bring industry experts, academic scholars, faculty, and students together to identify the areas of greatest needs for providing whole patient care, and to tackle issues for achieving a more patient-centric healthcare system. By bringing together members of academia and industry and harnessing the energy and talents of these symposium participants, we begin the work of making real change as pioneers in this new era of healthcare delivery.

Interactive panel sessions will be organized to not only provide overview of "the state of patient experience" including the political environment and health policy influences, but to also address current trends and frameworks, innovations, major challenges and other considerations for the path forward.

A student competition will be held in association with the symposium, entitled the Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge. Students will identify a major pain point in the healthcare delivery system and design an innovative patient experience solution that takes into consideration the crossover between healthcare, hospitality and design. Finalists will present to industry judges.

Reception: Welcome Participants and CIHF Advisory Board Members
Thursday, April 12, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Carrier Ballroom, Statler Hotel
Mini-Symposium Sessions
Friday, April 13, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Ampitheatre, Statler Hall 
  • 7:30 a.m. Registration and Networking Breakfast
  • 8:00 a. m. Welcome and Participant Introductions
  • Session #1: Current State of Patient Experience & Biggest Problem to be Solved
    A brief overview of "the state of patient experience" and the biggest challenges we face from the perspectives of four veterans in the industries of health, hospitality, senior living, and design.
  • Session #2: Redefining "Health," "Care" & "Experience"
    This session will explore the idea of broadening our definition of "health," "care," and "experience" in order to identify the complexities of "healing the whole human" and creating experiences that drive sustainable health outcomes. We will explore the impact of stress on healing, the notion of segmentation by psycho-social motivations, and the impact that has on human-centered service design at the patient level.
  • Luncheon Breakout Sessions
    Industry leaders will guide discussions on three basic patient care topics.
  • Session #3 Discussion: Care Delivery of the Future
    This session focuses on the question of how to begin tackling issues of designing and executing on new care delivery models.
    PART 1:
    Technology and Innovation 
    PART 2:
    People and Process
  • Wrap Up Session & Announcement of Student Poster Challenge Winners  
  • 4:00 p.m. Closing Reception
For a list of speakers and more details please visit: Patient Experience Rx 
CIHF Panel at Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration: Hospitality, Health, and the Nexus of Entrepreneurship
The Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration is an annual event that draws over 700 students, alumni, faculty, industry, and community members across multiple colleges and programs and provides various presentation formats by innovators and emerging entrepreneurs. Included in the format is a symposium with topic-centric panels, eLab demonstrations, a Shark Tank session, business idea competition finals, new business and tech showcase, and various networking opportunities.    

Cornell institute for Healthy Futures will present a panel titled
Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Nexus of Hospitality, Health and Design , moderated by CIHF Associate Director Brooke Hollis.The primary objective of this panel is to provide perspectives on some of the many areas where hospitality, healthcare, and design (HHD) are beginning to intersect more frequently, providing collaborative business opportunities for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Panelists will specifically focus on the aspects of hospitality, food, and nutrition and the impact these have on health and wellness. Drawing on their unique perspectives, they will share their thoughts for future opportunities for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, and will illustrate how clients/partners have successfully applied some of these ideas.
CIHF Panel: Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Nexus of Hospitality, Health and Design
Friday, April 20, 9:00 - 9:50 a.m., Statler Hall

Brooke Hollis MBA '78 , Associate Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, and Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration and Department of Policy Analysis Management, College of Human Ecology
Pelin Thorogood , President and Co-Founder, Wholistic Research and Education Foundation , Co-Founder, Mana Artisan Botanics
Alex Susskind , Associate Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, and Associate Professor Cornell School of Hotel Administration
Jacky Falkenberg , SHA '17, Owner, Nikki Green Restaurant , Ithaca, NY
Co-hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell, College of Engineering, Computer & Info Science, and the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures with support from Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and National Science Foundation.

Click here to visit the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2018 website for the event's full agenda
CIHF Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge
CIHF has created a challenge-based project designed to engage students in developing a creative, sustainable model for healthcare delivery that focuses on some aspect of "healing the whole human" and patient-centered care. Students in teams of 2-3 will identify a major pain point in the healthcare delivery system and design an innovative patient experience solution that takes into consideration the crossover between healthcare, hospitality, and design.
Given the shift in the healthcare climate, teams will focus on needs broader than HCAHPS scores, with an eye toward all elements of the healthcare system that contribute to the patient's experience of care and elements that contribute to getting well and staying well.
Teams will choose a specific line of service and a specific patient population, identify a major pain point for this population, and design an innovative patient experience solution within the challenge criteria.

Presentations will be made to a panel of industry judges On April 12, 5:00 p.m., in conjunction with the CIHF Mini-Symposium, Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human.
Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers.   
Judging Criteria:
  • Whole Human: Does the solution consider elements of care for "the whole human," including physical, psychological, and social needs across the continuum of care? 
  • OperationalDoes the proposal address how to operationalize the solution including what departments to partner with or which community organizations need to be involved?
  • Financials & MetricsDoes the proposal address who will pay for the model and what metrics should measure its success or failure (for the business and the community)?
CIHF Advisory Board Meeting 
April 12, 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Statler Hall, 5th Floor Tower, Cornell University 
HIMSS Student Case Competition Winners
Congratulations to the BIG RED TEAM from the Sloan Program in Health Administration and members of the Cornell University Health Futures Graduate Chapter for its First Place Win at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Student Case Competition !
The competition provided opportunities for interdisciplinary teams comprised of undergraduate, graduate, residents, or Fellows to demonstrate proficiency in understanding of the vast body of knowledge that comprises health information and technology. The winning groups were able to successfully create a response to a future state of the HIMSS-supplied case study, create a slide deck that supported their findings, present the future state and field questions about their work.

Team members for the first place case recommendation are
Cornell University Health Futures Graduate Chapter members Freddy V. Terrazas and Joseph De Los Santos, and Cornell Sloan Program in Health Administration student Vishruti Vaikundan . The recommendation by the team focused on a patient-centered tech solution for the client health system.

The competition was established with a generous donation honoring former HIMSS employee Marc Holland. Though his life was unexpectedly cut short, Marc was fully engaged in his life's work and displayed the same passion for health information and technology that the judging panel sought to discover in the winning student case competition participants.

HIMSS Big Red Team Sloan Program in Health Administration  
2018 Cornell Global Health Case Competition
The Global Health Case Competition is now underway, offering students a unique opportunity to collaborate with others from multiple disciplines to creatively address a real-world global health challenge in a competitive environment.

Cornell students from any academic major will be given the opportunity to explore global health through the diverse disciplinary perspectives related to topics such as public health, business, and public policy. Winners of the Cornell competition may compete at the 2018 International Emory Global Health Case Competition in the spring.  

Vaibhav Garg
Director of Talent & Culture - The Maldives , Ac corHotels and Executive Assistant Manager, Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort 
Vaibhav Garg is responsible for implementing talent and cultural activities and at all its operating and pre-opening resorts in the Maldives. His key role is to promote Values and HR Group Strategy, acting as an AccorHotels "ambassador" in the Maldives.

Vaibhav holds a dual appointment as an Executive Assistant Manager at Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort , overlooking hotel operations and administration while anchoring the community development projects with the United Nations Development Programme in the Maldives. He has worked with various international resort companies in the Maldives since 2010 and in his hospitality career of over 16 years. He is active in the areas of hospitality service research and academics and has presented his research papers at renowned international universities, business schools, and hotel associations from Maldives, Asia, Europe, China and United States. 
Well-established at Cornell, Vaibhav presented a talk a t the 2016 CIHF Symposium In Search of a Healthy Future 2016, titled "New Definition of Luxury and Lifestyle."
On April 14, he will lead a discussion during a breakout session at CIHF Mini-Symposium: Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human. See more about this event in this newsletter issue under Upcoming Events.
We are very happy to welcome Vaibhav as a new member of our growing team!
Danielle Pere     
Associate Executive Director 
American College of Preventive Medicine

Danielle Pere is the Associate Executive Director of Programs and Operations at the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) and has over the 16 years of health care policy experience relating to Health Systems Transformation, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, and the Affordable Care Act. At ACPM she is responsible for providing oversight, management, and program development for federal grants, leads strategic initiatives around Lifestyle Medicine and health systems transformation, and develops and advances ACPM's strategic business lines relating to certification.

The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures has recently been invited by ACPM to become a Gold Member of the ACPM Corporate Roundtable, a group of highly-regarded private sector organizations dedicated to promoting and influencing health for individuals and populations. As a year-long swap of corporate membership, Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director, will sit on the ACPM Corporate Roundtable and Danielle Pere will serve on the CIHF Advisory Board.

Danielle holds a Certificate in Project Management and Development from the University of Delaware and a Certificate in Program Design and Assessment form the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Master's Degree in Public Policy Management from Georgetown University.   

David H. Deininger, AIA, LEED AP, EMHL
Healthcare Facility Master Planning Consultant 

Designed to provide collaboration opportunities for colleagues from non-educational organization, the CIHF Industry Scholars Program is a
diverse, yet cohesive learning community that helps build a multi-disciplinary knowledge-base, develop educational programs, and create academic-industry partnerships to explore innovations across hospitality, health, and design.

David Deininger is an architect and healthcare facility m aster planning consultant who established his own practice, 2dplanning in 2011. As a national thought leader he has been on the leading edge of healthcare planning professionals advocating for a multidisciplinary approach which integrates strategy, facilities, operations, and finance.

On February 23, 2018, David visited Cornell to present a talk titled, "Multi-disciplinary Decision Making," as part of CIHF's Industry Seminar Series, Health, Hospitality and Design (HADM/DEA 3055/6055). In attendance were over 50 undergraduate and graduate students in the seminar who benefited from David's insights and transformational work. You can view his talk by visiting CornellCast. 

David is a 2016 Baldrige Executive Fellow, a regular guest speaker at the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program at Brown University, the Healthcare Administration program at Suffolk University, and the Design & Environmental Analysis program at Cornell University, a visiting architectural critic at Wentworth College, and has contributed a chapter entitled "The Integrated Facility Master Planning Process" for the book, Leading Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation published in 2016.

Prior to founding 2dplanning, Mr. Deininger was a Partner and Board member for 25 years at TRO, an architectural and engineering firm in Boston specializing in healthcare. While at TRO, he established and built a successful national and international master planning service line, created an integrated multidisciplinary master planning process, and directed the firm's positioning/branding strategy.

Mr. Deininger holds an EMHL from the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program at Brown University, a BArch from the Boston Architectural College, and a BA in American History from Ohio Wesleyan University. 
Maggie Hsu
Business Development, AirSwap  

Maggie Hsu heads up the Department of Business Development for AirSwap, a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Prior to her position at AirSwap, Maggie was Chief of Staff to Tony Hsieh, CEO of
In October 2016, she visited Cornell and presented "Beyond Return on Investment: Tracking Return on Community and Wellness" as a keynote presentation at CIHF's Cornell Symposium for Hospitality, Health, & Design. The talk underscored the commitment to health and wellness programs at's new headquarters in Las Vegas. Her talk can be seen on CornellCast .

Maggie was Vice President and Chief of Staff at
Downtown Project which is dedicated to aiding in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, and prior to that she was Director of Strategy for Brands & Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide and a consultant at McKinsey & Company in New York.

Ms Hsu co-founded
Mochi Magazine , an online magazine for young Asian American women, and she is also a member of the World Economic Forum 's Global Shapers community. Maggie holds undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard University.

We look forward to collaborations with Maggie and welcome her to CIHF!
Asheesh Gupta
Founder & Chief Care Officer, Samarth Community
Pro Vice-Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University

Asheesh Gupta is co-founder of Samarth Community whose mission is helping the elderly enjoy a quality, independent life in Indian cities. Samarth runs one of the largest community of senior citizens across India helping them interact and engage with each other and access curated services and products. Samarth Community is a leading advocate for the elderly in India, offering professionally managed services to bring them family-quality care through a combination of tech and touch.

Asked about his role as Industry Scholar at CIHF, Asheesh said,
"In recent years I have tried to focus my efforts towards thinking and working towards supporting a happier and healthier life for elderly in India and find the mission of the Institute very inspiring. I hope to contribute towards the vision of the Institute in some small way in time to come and look forward to your guidance for the same."

Asheesh worked with McKinsey and Company, the world leading global consulting Firm; was President of Hero Mindmine , the private education venture of the Hero Group; and was also a member of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's task force on IT Enabled Services. As Director and co-founder of 9.9 Mediaworx, Asheesh co-leads the Education practice and has directed the work at several Institutions. Recently, he established and led the McKinsey Capability Center in India.

Asheesh received a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

The Academic Scholars Program is designed to provide collaborative opportunities for faculty members at universities other than Cornell in developing or enhancing their research, curriculum, and industry-related activities that link hospitality, health, and design. The knowledge and insights from these collaborations are invaluable as we develop long-term priorities and pursue the mission of the institute.
Giovanni Sogari
Visiting Fellow, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and
SC Johnson College of Business

We are pleased to welcome Giovanni Sogari as our newest Academic Scholar. Giovanni is a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University for a two-year stint under the guidance of Professor Miguel Gomez , Associate Professor at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management; and Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director and Dean of External Relations at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Giovanni is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Research Fellow and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Parma where he will apply his 12 month return phase of the fellowship under the supervision of Professor Cristina Mora .
The objective of his project " CONSUMEHealth - Using consumer science to improve healthy eating habits ," is to understand what drives consumers to make healthier food choices and provide evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers.
Giovanni's other main research interests are in consumers behavior about healthy diet, fruit, and vegetable consumption, Geographical Indications, GMOs, wine market, sustainability in the fish industry, novel food, and edible insects.
Giovanni delivered a Keynote Address, "An Overview of Geographical Indications in the Wine and Food Sector" at the Agricultural and Food Business Outlook Conference at Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, on January 22, 2018.

Sogari received a
Ph.D. in Agriculture Economics from Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Piacenza, Italy; and a MSc in Food Science at the University of Parma, Italy.

CIHF eCornell Webinar Series - Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living eCornell Channel 

New Video Available!

March 15, 2018
Stephani Robson, Senior Lecturer. Properties Development and Management at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, "Stand-Out Design: Hotel Rooms to Delight 21st Century Travelers."  Live discussion with Stephani Robson, expert in restaurant and hotel facilities design, to learn how hotels are rethinking design and revamping their rooms for 21st century travelers.
Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living eCornell Channel provides WebCasts giving viewers access to the most recent discussions and investigations on topics related to health, hospitality, and design to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Learn from experts at the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, the first academic center in the country dedicated to integrating hospitality, health management/policy, and design thinking to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries. The Webinar Series is available through subscription to the eCornell WebSeries channel.  
Conferences and webinars with experts from Cornell's School of Hospitality Management, College of Human Ecology, and Sloan Program in Health Administration are streamed live for participants to partake with Q&A sessions and audience exercises.
Anticipated topics may include: 
-Entrepreneurship in health, hospitality, and design
-Innovations in senior living design and care
-Service excellence in home health care
-Behavioral health environments
-Wellness and medical tourism, including hotel design and operations   

Sharing Ideas, Inviting Yours

We look forward to sharing news features, articles, and updates each month to keep you informed and connected with CIHF. Watch for our next issue!

Be well,

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850
Rohit Verma, Executive Director,
Mardelle Shepley, Associate Director,
Brooke Hollis, Associate Director,
Alex Susskind, Associate Director,
Melissa Carlisle, Assistant Director, External Relations, 
Pamela Lafayette, Program Assistant, 
Hessam Sadatsafavi, Postdoctoral Associate, 

The Institute functions through a network of corporate members to provide perspective across diverse fields of study. Through these relationships, we help facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to help shape the next generation of thinkers and builders. Through shared experience and knowledge we further develop ideas and best practices within this emerging field that combines health, hospitality, and design. 

With the contributions from our Corporate Members, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is on the forefront to help advance service excellence. Becoming a Corporate Member is an excellent way to contribute towards this goal and help make a difference. 

Contact Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming a Corporate Member: 607.255.1078,
See our growing list of members

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