Newsletter    September 2017
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are pleased to share in this issue an exciting line-up of fall events and exciting developments here at CIHF, including the announcement of two new Advisory Board members and a new corporate sponsorship!

Welcome Kelly Cook Andress and Sage Senior Living! We are happy to introduce Kelly Cook Andress, President of Sage Senior Living, as a new Advisory Board member and Sage Senior Living as a newly joined Member Organization. Kelly's expertise and deep understanding of the industry lends another exceptional and unique viewpoint within our growing Advisory Board and corporate membership. Learn more about Kelly and Sage Senior Living in this issue.

We are very pleased to welcome Marcello Gasdia to the Advisory Board! Marcello is a manager within Deloitte Services LP's Center for Industry Insights, and is the research lead for Travel, Hospitality, and Services. He leverages primary research experience to study consumer behavior and marketplace trends across several travel sectors-including hotels, airlines, ground transportation, and restaurants. We look forward to featuring Marcello in our next newsletter.

Read about these and other highlights, and for more about CIHF please visit our website!

* CIHF Welcomes Visiting Scholars from South Korea and China: We are pleased to introduce three new visiting scholars. Their offices are in the CIHF Collaboration Lab, 3250A MVR Hall - please stop by to welcome Hae-Ryong Kim, Jiyoung Kim, and Zongwei Li!

* CIHF Proceedings from the Cornell Hospitality, Health & Design Symposium: In Search of a Healthy Future, October 2016, (HHDS2016) is now available online. The Proceedings are a product from the CIHF conference which brought together academic scholars and industry leaders who have an interest in exploring the rapidly evolving dynamics of hospitality, healthcare, and design in many service sectors such as hospitals, home-healthcare, senior living, hotels & resorts, food & dining, wellness & medical tourism, and more. The Proceedings can be found and downloaded from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration website Scholarly Commons: CIHF HHDS2016Proceedings.Scholarship.SHA.Cornell. 
We invite you to become involved in the conversation as we collaborate to build a smarter, kinder, and healthier built-environment for healthy futures.
Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  
Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director / Design and Environmental Analysis / College of Human Ecology
Brooke Hollis, CIHF, Associate Director / Sloan Program in Health Administration / College of Human Ecology 
Innovating Across Health, Hospitality, and Design to Create a Bright Future  
The Mission of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for integrating health, hospitality, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related fields.
IMAGES OF NATURE throughout our publications and materials reflect our mission to integrate the concepts of harmony, peace, and balance with human-centered design for wellness.

CIHF Health, Hospitality, and Design Industry Seminar [DEA/HADM 1155/6055]
This 1 credit-hour speaker series provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from industry leaders with proven success in the emerging industry that combines elements of hospitality and design with health, wellness, and senior living. Enrollment is offered to all students, including freshmen. Students are invited to take the course multiple times for credit to benefit from a new and diverse group of speakers each year. Pre-enrollment begins October 25.

Students in DEA/HADM 1155/6055 have an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights directly from senior executives as they share their views on business, managerial, career, and other critical industry-related issues. As part of the course, students may meet in small groups with the individual speakers. In answer to the considerable demand for college graduates possessing knowledge of the complexities within the emerging industry, this seminar provides students the opportunities to learn first-hand from experienced industry leaders.

Rohit Verma (SHA), Brooke Hollis (PAM), Mardelle Shepley (DEA), representing each of the three integrated perspectives (hospitality, health, design) are co-instructors for the course.

Speakers for Spring 2018 include:
Regina Little, CHE '78, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
Bob Riter, Executive Director (retired), Cancer Resource Center
Dick Argys, CHE '80, CAO, Boston Children's Hospital
David Deininger, Healthcare Facility Master Planning Consultant, 2dplanning

For more information about this seminar visit:
Courses & Seminars: Health, Hospitality, and Design Industry Seminar 

CIHF Welcomes Visiting Scholars Hae Ryong Kim, Jiyoung Kim, and Zhongwei Li
This fall we welcome three researchers from Asia, Hae Ryong Kim and Jiyoung Kim from South Korea, and Zongwei Li from China for a yearlong term as CIHF Visiting Scholars. Our scholars arrived in August and have been eagerly exploring Cornell and our greater community. Please join us in welcoming our scholars! 

Hae Ryong Kim is a professor of marketing at the College of International Business, Division of Business & Economics at Konkuk University, GLOCAL Campus, in Chungju, Korea. His teaching focus is service marketing, consumer behavior, and marketing communications.

As a visiting scholar, Dr. Kim is researching the impact of environmental practices on consumers' moral emotions, the effects of green practices and the role of corporate responsibility to enhance consumer / employee performance in service industries.
He is especially interested in the effects of green practices on consumers' moral emotions or quality perceptions. Dr. Kim has a Ph.D in Marketing at Yonsei University. Articles by Hae Ryong Kim can be found by clicking here.  
Jiyoung Kim is a professional lecturer of marketing at the School of Business, Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. She teaches marketing management in the MBA Program and courses including Principal of Marketing, Marketing Research, and Consumer Behavior.

As a visiting scholar at CIHF, she is studying the customer value co-creation in healthcare service. She is especially focused on how customers use their own network partners in facilitating co-creation and marketing service sustainability-related issues such as green programs in hospitality.
She received her Ph.D in Marketing at Yonsei University.
Zongwei Li is an assistant professor at Shanghai University of Science and Engineering, in Shanghai, China. He teaches curriculum design and undergraduate courses in data analysis.

As a visiting scholar, Dr. Li's research focuses on 'Hospitality Management under Internet Environment' and e-commerce in China. Dr. Li received a Ph.D. in Management from Tongji University and an M.S. in System Management and Analysis from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Impact on Wellness Explored at Mental & Behavioral Health Design Roundtable
Opening Reception / Meet the Participants
October 15, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Silver Birch Suite, 5th Floor Tower, Statler Hall
October 16, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Silver Birch Suite, 5th Floor Tower, Statler Hall

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is hosting its first roundtable with a specific focus on Mental and Behavioral Health Design. The impact of the physical environment on individuals with mental and behavioral issues has emerged as a point of concern that has environmental designers thinking in new ways to develop a more sensitive approach to spaces that support the needs of these patients. New inpatient and outpatient facilities are being developed, but designers lack the research to inform the design process.

This event will focus on identifying the most pressing concerns associated with improving the quality of health facilities. Clinical practitioners, designers and architects, and design researchers will tackle these topics through discussions and presentations.

Roundtable Chair: Mardelle Shepley, FAIA, Professor and Chair of Design & Environmental Analysis and Associate Director of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Participants and Presenters:
Sheila Bosch, Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Design, University Of Florida
Serene Chen, Department of Emergency Medicine, Alameda Health System
Brian Giebink, Architect, HDR
Samantha Greenberg, Strategic Partnership Manager, Lantern
Jim Hunt, President, Behavioral Health Facility Consulting, LLC
Kayvan Madani-Nejad, Senior Healthcare Architect, Veteran's Administration
Mike McKay, Vice President of Architecture, ERDMAN
Penny S. Mills, Executive Vice President / Chief Executive Officer, American Society of Addiction Medicine 
Samira Pasha, Healthcare Project Architect, Cumming Construction Management
Elisabeth Perreault, Senior Vice President, CannonDesign
Frank Pitts, President, architecture+
Naomi A. Sachs, Postdoctoral Student, DEA, Therapeutic Landscapes Network
Heather Shangold, Local Recovery Coordinator / Psychologist, Veteran's Administration New Jersey Health Care
James H. Spelman, Senior Social Worker, Quincy Center of Arbour Hospital
Mary Tabacchi, Professor Emerita, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
Tammy Thompson, President and Founder, Institute For Patient-Centered Design, Inc. 
Nianne T. VanFleet, Associate Director of Operations, Cornell Health, Cornell University
Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited 
For more information or to register to attend the MBHD roundtable or reception please email:  
CIHF Advisory Board Events

Luncheon with Faculty Fellows & Students
Thursday, October 5
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Room 423 ILR Conference Center, King-Shaw Hall
Advisory Board Meeting
Thursday, October 5
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Room 229 ILR Conference Center, King-Shaw Hall
Cornell Hospitality Research Summit 2017: Opportunities In the Era Of Disruption
October 5 - 7
SHA, Statler Hall

Co-chaired by Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director and Christopher Anderson, Academic Director of the Center for Hospitality Research, the research summit will feature keynote addresses from industry and academia, in-depth presentations from scholars and practitioners, and the "Hospitality Exemplary Practice" award ceremony.

Additional information about this conference can be found by
clicking here.  
CIHF Supports Cancer Resource Center's Annual Walkathon & 5k Run

October 21, 10:00 a.m.
Cass Park, Ithaca, NY

The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes is hosting its 23rd annual Walkathon and 5K run to raise funds and awareness in its continued support for people living with or affected by cancer.

CIHF is proud to help promote this annual fundraiser that helps CRC provide programs, information resources, events, support groups, and wellness activities, along with fellowship and community.   

Visit the
Cancer Resource Center 2017 Walk & 5K Run registration site and help CRC reach its fundraising goal by entering as a participant, directly donating, or supporting a walker/runner!

Click here for Walkathon & 5K Information and Registration
CIHF Photo Competition "Healing through photography"
Call for Submissions

CIHF is sponsoring its second annual photography competition, drawing upon the artistic creativity of Cornell undergraduate and graduate students. The winning submissions will be assumed into CIHF's art collection, displayed in the institute's suite in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, and used in CIHF's outreach materials, website, and social media. Monetary awards will be presented to the top three finalists.

Photo Criteria:
- May invoke a sense of healing

- May "bring the outside in" through nature
- May provide a vision of the integration of hospitality, health, and design
- May capture healthy built environments and people

Submissions emailed by: October 27, 3:00 p.m.
Judging and decisions: November 3, 2017

Email your submission to Elizabeth Hays, CIHF Program Manager,
October 9-11: CIHF@Global Wellness Summit. Palm Beach, FL 
October 12-14: CIHF@Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Click here for more upcoming events for 2017-18
Click here for highlights of past events

Kelly Cook Andress
President of Sage Senior Living

We are pleased to welcome Kelly Cook Andress, Founder and President of Sage Senior Living, to the CIHF Advisory Board. Dedicated to providing customized services that enhance and support senior living and care options, Sage Senior Living is an industry leader in the evolution of senior housing. Kelly's vision for Sage Senior Living was to redefine and redesign senior living communities. By providing flexibility and customized building communities to accommodate the desires and needs of residents, Sage Senior Living is ahead of the curve for supporting quality senior life.

Kelly embarked on her career in senior housing in 1989 at
Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. where she was Vice President for Development and Finance. She has been closely involved in the development of more than 20 communities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and has been involved with developing, acquiring, and operating senior communities at all levels of independence and care. In conjunction with Kelly joining the CIHF Advisory Board is the corporate membership of Sage Senior Living. We are very happy to welcome Kelly and Sage Senior Living as new and valued members to our team! 

  • Participate as a speaker in class and at events
  • Become a mentor to future leaders of the field
  • Interact with highly-motivated students
  • Help shape future activities of the institute
CONTACT Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming an Advisory Board Member: 607.255.1078, 
Cornell Healthcare Club Symposium: October 20

The Johnson Healthcare Club,
a student-run organization focused on developing careers in healthcare, will host Cornell's premier healthcare and business event, the 2017 Cornell Healthcare Club Symposium on the Cornell campus . The Johnson Healthcare Club's mission is to educate students on the industry, provide professional networking opportunities, and guide members through recruitment. Members of the club include students, clinicians, and professionals who have successfully built careers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, healthcare administration, investment banking, payers, and consulting. 

The Cornell Healthcare Symposium, hosted by the Johnson Healthcare Club, is an unique and intimate opportunity for our students to network beyond the constraints of traditional MBA recruitment.  Although formal, the symposium offers a low-pressure forum for our members to learn, engage, and foster relationships with a wide range of healthcare subject matter experts, practitioners, and experienced leaders," says Victoria Wilmarth, MBA '18, Symposium Chair.

Speakers and presentations will dominate the symposium agenda and group activities and networking reception will cap the day's events. Symposium attendees will include MBA candidates from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Masters in Health Administration candidates from the Cornell Sloan Program in Health Administration, and members of the broader Cornell community. Speakers for the symposium will be announced through the Johnson Healthcare Club website.

The primary purpose of the annual symposium is three-fold:
- Connect: Build a community of Cornell alumni, students, faculty, and staff committed to knowledge leadership in the healthcare sector
- Educate: Articulate the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare sector through insightful presentations by alumni working in the sector
- Energize: Create a dynamic event where alumni can share their industry experience and inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders

For more information please contact Symposium Chair Victoria (Tori) Wilmarth,
MBA '18, Park Leadership Fellow, Cornell Johnson College of Business, Cornell University: 

CIHF in the News 
The last few years have illustrated a significant change in how health services are delivered. This is due to a shift toward a patient-centered model and the rise of consumerism in the healthcare market. Patients now demand to be much more involved in their care decisions and more importantly,expect more convenient and responsive care from

To find out more about New York residents' attitudes,behaviors,and preferences about theirown healthcare, CIHF embarked on a survey polling 800 individuals from specific demographics in our population to take the pulse of New Yorkers in regards to their needs and expectations. The 2016 Empire State Healthcare Survey, conducted between February and April of 2016 by CIHF through Cornell University's Survey Research Institute (SRI), was led by Hessam Sadatsafavi, CIHF post-doctoral associate with the assistance of doctoral candidate Lu Kong, MS '13.

CIHF eCornell Webinar: New Approaches to Shaping Employee Experiences and Engagement  

In this September 9 webinar, Christopher Collins, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Director of CAHRS in the ILR School at Cornell University, focuses on the human experience of how using technology, new business models, and product / service user feedback has created new expectations by employees within the workplace. Read more here.

Available through subscription to the eCornell Channel: Innovations in Health, Hospitality, Design, and Senior Living, one-hour monthly WebCasts provide viewers access to the most recent discussions and investigations on topics related to health, hospitality, and design. Conferences and webinars with experts from Cornell's School of Hospitality Management, College of Human Ecology, and Sloan Program in Health Administration will be streamed live for participants to partake with Q&A sessions and audience exercises.
Anticipated topics may include: 
  • Entrepreneurship in health, hospitality, and design
  • Innovations in senior living design and care
  • Service excellence in home health care
  • Behavioral health environments
  • Wellness and medical tourism, including hotel design and operations

3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850
Rohit Verma, Executive Director,
Mardelle Shepley, Associate Director,
Brooke Hollis, Associate Director, 

Melissa Carlisle, Assistant Director, External Relations, 
Pamela Lafayette, Program Assistant, 
Hessam Sadatsafavi, Postdoctoral Associate, 

The Institute functions through a network of corporate members to provide perspective across diverse fields of study. Through these relationships, we help facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to help shape the next generation of thinkers and builders. Through shared experience and knowledge we further develop ideas and best practices within this emerging field that combines health, hospitality, and design. 

With the contributions from our Corporate Members, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is on the forefront to help advance service excellence. Becoming a Corporate Member is an excellent way to contribute towards this goal and help make a difference. 
See our growing list of members

Contact Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations for information on becoming a Corporate Member: 607.255.1078,

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