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In this issue CIHS is highlighting our Integral Noetic Sciences Programs, and their innovative intersection of philosophy, consciousness, and science. We also are honored to introduce you to CIHS research faculty, Tamara Goldsby, and the groundbreaking research she is doing on sound healing. Mark your calendars for a very special CIHS 30 Year Anniversary event with friend of CIHS, Jeffrey Mishlove! CIHS President, Dr. Thomas Brophy, and CIHS Trustee Joseph Subbiondo are published in BIRE, and CHI is hosting a Healing Summit, beginning 2/28. Lots of news to catch up on below! As always, thank you for your support in our mission to provide mind-body-spirit inspired higher education!
The CIHS Integral Noetic Sciences Program Explores the Intersection of Philosophy, Consciousness, and Science

We are proud to offer students a Master of Arts and Ph.D. program in Integral Noetic Sciences. This innovative program uses scientific tools and methods to study the dynamic relationship between the mind-body-spirit and integrative human sciences. It excels at exploring philosophical, contemplative and esoteric insights into the nature of reality.

The Master of Arts program includes the historical study of consciousness, the philosophy of mind, contemplative and esoteric traditions, subtle energy anatomy, and an in-depth examination of our current historical moment and how noetic sciences can serve humanity in various applications. The M.A. program can be completed as a stand-alone program or used as preparation for the institute’s Ph.D. program. 

Students in either the M.A. or Ph.D. track can choose from two optional concentrations: 
Wisdom Design or Anomalous StudiesWisdom Design prepares graduates to design “wisdom systems” that serve the whole person within complex situations by applying principles of wellbeing economics, multicapital social impact, and wellness design to businesses and organizations as well as to social innovation and large-scale design projects.
Anomalous Studies prepares graduates to research the transformative potential and philosophical implications of anomalous realities (e.g., paranormal, multidimensional, cryptozoological, UFO and ET encounters, and psychedelic). 

“As a university and research center, our mission is to illuminate humanity through research-informed programs that emphasize the importance of mind-body consciousness as a vital pillar within health and science education.” Dr. Thomas Brophy, President of CIHS, said. “Students who complete these scholarly pursuits are equipped with an invaluable education and the skills necessary to serve humanity better.” says Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Dean of Integral Education and Integral Noetic Sciences Program Director. Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens is hosting an informational zoom meeting about these programs on Monday, March 7th, 5-6:30pm PST/ 8-9:30pm EST.
CIHS in action out in the world.....
Our alumni, faculty, staff, and friends are doing inspiring work that enhances life with their consciousness studies involving the
mind-body-spirit connection!
CIHS Research Faculty, Tamara Goldsby, PhD

Dr. Tamara Goldsby is part of the research faculty at CIHS, and also a UCSD clinical research psychologist in integrative medicine with a passion for, and focus on, sound healing research. Her goal is to bring sound healing to the public on a large scale through research, such as the ground-breaking study she and her colleagues published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine. You can also read her latest academic article on sound healing here, as well as on sound healing & integrative medicine in Integrative Medicine Journal here.
Join CIHS for a Special 30 Year Anniversary Fundraising Event with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove!
Wednesday, March 16th, 6pm
Featuring Jeffrey Mishlove

Dr. Mishlolve is the recent 1st prize laureate of the prestigious Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies contest for best essay on evidence for survival of consciousness beyond death.
Dr. Mishlove is host and producer of the popular and highly regarded New Thinking Allowed youtube channel, and was host of the PBS broadcast television series Thinking Allowed (1987 – 2002).
Please support CIHS’s ability to present educational events and programs of this type with your tax-deductible donation for registration for this event…Your donation supports CIHS in our endeavor to provide unique mind-body-spirit education and research, and also gives you admission to the event and prizes to go with it! 
CIHS President and CIHS Trustee published in the Beijing International Review of Education

The Beijing International Review of Education (BIRE) special issue The Promise of Integral Education and Integral Drama Based Pedagogy has been published.
It contains articles by CIHS President Thomas Brophy The Foundations of Hiroshi Motoyama’s Integral Education, and a Foreword to the Special Issue and and an article by CIHS Trustee Joseph L. Subbiondo and co-author Beijing Normal University Professor Liwen Ma.
In an Editorial the Editors-in-Chief Zhu and Peters, describe the issue is, “based on East-West perspectives and philosophies of self-cultivation with its theoretical underpinnings in Wang Yangming, Sri Aurobindo, Hiroshi Motoyama, Carl Rogers, Huineng and Ken Wilber. These theoretical approaches all point in the same direction toward holistic education of the whole person with an accent on the integration of physical, cognitive, emotional, moral and spiritual dimensions.”
As an Open Access journal, the articles are accessible HERE. These essays will also be part of a volume on Integral Education to be published later this year by Brill.

Trustee Paul Mills and Friend of CIHS Shamini Jain co-host The Science of Healing Summit

February 28th- March 4th

CHI (Consciousness and Healing Initiative) is launching a free, epic Science of Healing Summit!
CHI founder, Shamani Jain and CHI BOD member, Dr. Paul Mills are hosting more than 40 of today’s highly sought-after scientists, healers, physicians, researchers, and inspiring spiritual teachers — including Deepak Chopra, MD, Cyndi Dale, Dr. Sheila Patel, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Dawson Church, MD, Dr. Maya Shetreat, Dr. Mario Martinez, and Charles Eisenstein — exploring evidence-based breakthroughs in: Biofield science, Energy medicine, Psychedelics-assisted therapy, Quantum science, Sound healing, Emerging mental health therapies, And more…

This is a rare opportunity to not only understand the future of holistic healing from an intellectual perspective, but also from an experiential embodied place. Guided by leaders from around the globe, you’ll be able to integrate the latest proven techniques into your daily life.

During this groundbreaking 5-day event, you’ll discover:
  • How your heart rhythms can synchronize with others and the resonant frequencies in the Earth’s magnetic fields 
  • The nature of the biofield and how to best feed and care for it
  • Groundbreaking plant medicine studies that could help in treating modern diseases
  • How neuroplasticity, intention, and specific acupuncture points can work together to reduce the effects of stress
  • The evidence behind the science of channeling
  • How energy psychology is a tool for healing during catastrophic events
  • How the use of sound and intention are able to shift patterns of thoughts and behaviors
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Upcoming Events at the Center for Lifelong Learning:

Introduction to Ayurveda - Certificate of Completion
Tuesdays in March 5:45-7pm PST
Evidence for Survival after Death - Jeffrey Mishlove
Wednesday, March 16th 6-7:30pm
Foundations in Shamanism - Certificate of Completion
Wednesdays in April 6-8pm PST