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Dear CIHS Community Members,

We just started Spring quarter. I hope everyone is doing well.
CIHS' April newsletter has a few important announcements: a report from the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC) conference held at CIHS last week, the Yoga Workshop with Paul Grilley on April 22 & 23, and an invitation to our summer conference, Forefront Consciousness and Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field on July 8 and July 9 . Additionally, we have wonderful news to share regarding a generous donation from the Spero Charitable Foundation to support the accreditation effort and maintain other school operations.
CIHS' very popular annual Yoga Workshop is scheduled for April 22 & 23. If you are interested in joining us and attending the workshop, please register online ( ) or feel free to contact me ( ) if you have any questions. Space is limited so please contact us soon. We hope to see you there!

In addition, we invite you to join us at the
Forefront Consciousness and Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field conference, please see the announcement is below. It will be held on campus, Saturday, July 8, and Sunday, July 9, 2016. There is exciting work being done at the forefront of consciousness and healing research. , cutting edge practitioners will visit CIHS to share their findings. We are very excited about this event. Please mark this event in your calendar, and come discover the rich insghts brought forth through our faculty's research investigations.
Besides those annual events, we have on-going community events at CIHS organized by Dr. Ji Hyang Padma. Please see the article below for detailed information "Invitation to CIHS Community Event" or check our event website .
 If you are interested in CIHS or have questions about any of our courses or programs, please visit our website ( or directly contact Dr. Hope Umansky ( ) for any assistance.
Hideki Baba, Ph.D.

Message from the Executive Dean

Dr. Thomas Brophy 

March 29 to April 1, CIHS was honored to host collaboratively the 37th annual conference of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. A section of the American Anthropological Association, SAC is a vibrant forefront academic society exploring topics with much overlap to CIHS' programs and research. As president Bryan Rill says, "SAC is grounded in the anthropological research of consciousness while simultaneously extending the boundaries of academia by integrating multiple disciplines and forms of experience".
Titled Transforming Energy into Action, the conference theme focused on "subtle energy" as fundamental to many of the esoteric principles and spiritual beliefs that have been part of our world's cultures since time immemorial, and the diverse ways in which these subtle energies can be manipulated or transformed and the significance of these practices to the world today (Program Chair, Brian A. Bartelt). A few of the many highlights include the following.
An experiential keynote presentation by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, explored research he is doing at Chapman University, the Fish Interfaith Center, and the Institute of Quantum Studies, advancing theoretical physics as it relates to actual lived experience and psychospiritual growth. Founder of the Kundalini Research Institute, Gurucharan has worked as a transformational consultant in academic, business and spiritual spaces, extensively. Gurucharan has agreed to also present at our CIHS Summer Symposium, July 8,9.
A vibrant opening ceremony by native American spirit-guided musician Gentle Thunder, who will also do opening and closing ceremonies for the CIHS Summer Symposium.
Nurse and academician Eric Bottleberghe presented on the clinical use of entheogens to reduce suffering and promote a peaceful process in hospice care. L.A. City College professor Gabriel Selassie presented Transforming Black Political Consciousness Through The Varieties of Religious Experience: New Thought & the Garvey Movement.
In the "Caves, Cosmos & Consciousness" session I chaired, Ryan Hurd & Beth Duncan presented original research on The Sonic Dreamworld of Paleolithic Painted Caves of Southern France. Experimental neuropsychologist David Miller presented on Syzygy: the great pilgrimage of 2017, anticipating the experience of the solar eclipse that will transect the United States August 21 this summer. And I presented on Archaeoastronomy of Nabta Playa and Ancient Man's Connection to Cosmic Cycles.
El-Sayed El-Aswad, professor and research director at United Arab Emirates University travelled all the way from Dubai to present on Cosmic and Psychic Energies in Islamic Tradition: The soul (ruh) and the Self (nafs).
Bryan Rill presented on The Power of Wheels and subtle energetic aspects in leadership development training contexts. Anatomist and Rolfer Russ Pfeiffer presented Mindfulness, Perception & Embodiement, on the psychology of anatomy and subtle energetic function in the fascia. Gabriel Crane gave an Experiential Workshop: Deeper Understandings of Qi and Its Implications for Individual and Social Change.
Gaetan Chevalier, of PsyTek and CIHS, presented a well received live demonstration and description of the AMI device. Generally, CIHS faculty and students were very well represented among the presenters.
  • CRP Director Ji Hyang Padma presented Mahayana Buddhism: rituals and subtle energy.
  • Faculty Mary Clark & Gaetan Chevalier presented The Effects of Pranic Healing on Subjects in a Community Free Healing Clinic.
  • PhD student Chiara Marrapodi presented Integrative Support for PTSD in Equines.
  • Faculty Roger Cavnaugh presented and experiential workshop: The Shaman as an Agent of Transformation.
  • Faculty Nandini Katre presented Vedic Science & the Alchemy of Transformation.
  • MA student John St. Claire presented an experiential musical healing workshop: The Nature of Sound & Meaning.
  • Faculty Sharon Mijares (who connected the SAC with CIHS) presented Breath: The Atmosphere of Transformation.
  • PhD graduate Arthur Sun presented The Transformative Effects of Ancient Cambodian Healling Practices for Cambodian Refugees.
  • Tamiko Voros, Hideki Baba and Albert Rivera were instrumental in helping with organization.
The SAC members expressed being very pleased to have their conference on CIHS campus, and excited about many good connections being made. President Bryan Rill supported the idea of bringing the SAC back to CIHS in future years, if not next year. We are in discussions with Bryan Rill and Gurucharan, about the possibility of more substantial collaborations with SAC, them and CIHS.
Well done, all CIHS presenters and participants and SAC!

Thomas Brophy, Executive Dean CIHS
The SAC conference brochure cover art was the painting "Theologue" by Alex Grey (1984)


Charitable Foundation Supports CIHS

From the Spero Charitable Foundation 

On behalf of the entire CIHS community, we offer our deep gratitude to the Spero Charitable Foundation, whose generous donation of $2500 will support the accreditation effort. Thank you to the trustees of the Spero Foundation: your generosity makes our educational mission possible, as we continue to fulfill our vision and mission of integrating science and spirituality within higher education. 


Request for Proposals
Forefront Consciousness and Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field

The California Institute for Human Science's annual Summer Symposium 2017 will be
Forefront Consciousness and Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field, July 8 and July 9,
on our beautiful Encinitas Campus. CIHS welcomes your participation in our community of scholars. There is exciting work being done at the forefront of consciousness and healing research. This includes studies that explore subtle energy healing and intentionality, research into altered states of consciousness, in-depth research into ancient and contemporary healing practices, models of the subtle body, chi energy measuring devices research, and reflections on the ways these insights and praxis may serve to create a more healthful, peaceful, and just society

This conference seeks to investigate the relationship between the practice of subtle healing methods and their research.
 How might the practice of these methods be guided by what has been discovered through scientific research? How might subtle energy healing practices inform new ways of doing research? 
We invite presentation proposals on all subjects of consciousness and healing research that include both theory and practice. All proposals are to be sent to
The deadline for proposals is May 1st.
  • Professionals from all levels of higher education, including faculty, graduate students, alumni, staff, and administrators, are invited to submit proposals for consideration.
  • Professional practitioners of holistic healing modalities are also invited to submit proposals for consideration.
  • Proposals must indicate a session type: thematic, practice, interactive, or poster.
  • Proposal length 150 to 250 words, plus a bio up to 150 words.
  • Indicate whether you would like to participate also in a panel discussion overview of the Symposium general theme.
  • The submission deadline is Monday, May 1st, 2017 at midnight PDT (07:00 UTC).
  • The conference committee will begin reviewing proposals after May 1st. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the end of May.
  • Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the conference committee.
  • Up to four outstanding proposals will be granted free admission to the conference.
$560 including for 2 units academic credit. [$450 for grandfathered students.]
$430 Audit and general public.

Invitation to CIHS Community Event
Toning Ceremony
with Gentle Thuder 

Wednesday, April 12th at 7pm
Due to our community's enthusiastic response to the Toning Ceremony offered in April, we will be offering Gentle Thunder's sound healings on a monthly basis. We are proud to say that this world- class musician and ceremonialist will be an integral element within our community programs. 
 California Institute for Human Science invites ALL to take a journey back in time, into the future, and back into the present.  Through Native American drumming, and sound frequency toning.  You will be guided into a deep meditation of self healing, self discovery, self love, recalibration of cellular structure, and DNA/Karma clearing.  Bring a mat, blanket, pillow  and water.  Please arrive a little early as we WILL start ON TIME!   A $20 donation/exchange is suggested.
Gentle Thunder is known by her peers as an Earth Healer, Water Protector, and Humanitarian.  She allows herself to be guided by Spirit in all avenues of her work.  She is also available for private sessions.  Visit her website to learn more about her offerings:
For more information, contact:  Dr. Ji Hyang Padma, 760.634.1771,

A Yoga Workshop with Paul Grilley
Theory and Pracitice of the Chakras

April 22 & 23
9am to 5pm

In this workshop we will introduce the basic techniques of chakra meditation, per the classic text, "Theories of the Chakras" by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. that outlines both ancient and modern theories of chakra location; demonstrates the relationship between the nadis and pranas of yoga, with the meridians and chi of acupuncture theory; and outlines asana, pranayama and bandha practices used to awaken the
  • Registration fee for outside community members: $375
  • For CIHS graduate students: Two unit academic course credit fee: Registration due date: March 24th.
Please click here for the flyer.

Support CIHS Accreditation
and Other Endeavors!

Dear CIHS Community,

Everyone associated with CIHS community plays an integral role in the adventure of higher learning and research that is CIHS. It is in this spirit that we write to you in this season of giving. CIHS is more committed than ever to providing a future generation of therapists, healers, researchers, scientists, educators, writers, and thought-leaders with an unparalleled education that integrates science and spirit along with academic rigor. Since Dr. Motoyama's passing in September 2015, our dedication to his mission has only strengthened.

CIHS has embarked on a critically important new venture: the accreditation process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the most renown accrediting body in the world, and CIHS is now independently governed.
WASC accreditation will re-categorize CIHS from a vocational school to a recognized forefront institute of higher education, which is more accurate to what CIHS is, and greatly enhances the perceived value of CIHS degrees. CIHS has successfully passed Phase I, Eligibility, and we are diligently working on Phase II. As you can imagine, the tasks of institutional improvements, educational initiatives, administrative restructuring, experiential improvements for students and professors, and other projects initiated from this process are massive. CIHS has a great opportunity to improve its educational experience, process, and product -- the graduate who goes out into the world to lead and improve our global humanity within Dr. Motoyama's vision of psychospiritual growth. It is in this spirit that we ask you to consider CIHS, a 501c3 non-profit organization, in your annual giving plan.
Your support will serve to strengthen Dr. Motoyama's and CIHS' legacy, and enhance the reflection of your association with CIHS. Your gift, at whatever level you are able, will be an enormous boost to this initiation of CIHS' newly invigorated endowment building effort. Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions or recommendations.
Gifts can be sent to CIHS, 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA 92024, or you can kindly go to our website donation page. An in kind donation letter will be provided to you for your taxes. Our website donation page is here:
Hope Umansky  
CEO, Dean of Acacemic Affairs 
Thomas Brophy
Executive Dean