Dear Name:

We regret that you were not able to participate in the live CII fall conference held a few weeks ago. It was our first virtual conference, and we were so grateful to have hosted over 500 attendees. The agenda included lively happy hours with more than 80 attendees, creative and energetic breaks featuring some fantastic artists and performers and member-hosted sessions on topics ranging from virtual shareholder meetings to the pandemic’s impact on ESG issues to ways that investors can combat inequality.

While we can not send you a lively virtual happy hour or links to view the private member-hosted sessions, we would like to provide you with links to all of the CII plenary sessions as part of the basic benefits of your annual CII membership:

  1. How Business Should Change After Covid-19
  2. Diversity and Inclusion in Asset Management
  3. Smart Financial Regulation
  4. Capital Allocation: A CFO Perspective
  5. CIOs Speak: Navigating Challenging Markets
  6. Fostering Long-Termism
  7. WeWork - Takeaways from Its Rise and Fall
  8. What’s Next for the SEC
  9. International Governance Committee Plenary Session
  10. Shareholder Advocacy Committee Plenary Session and Lightning Round

CII's conferences, webinars, research and publications are exclusive membership benefits. Please feel free to share these links with employees but we respectfully ask that you do not share these recordings outside of your organization.

Thank you again for your support of CII and we hope to see you for the spring conference, set for March 8-11, 2021 in Washington, D.C.


The CII Team